Video Adapters

IBM SVGA Chipset
MCGA - Multi-Color Graphics Array

Auxiliary Video Extension (AVE)
Auxiliary Video Extension and VESA Media Channel musings
IBM Display Cable Connections (DE9, 13W3, HDD15, DDC/DDC2 Pinouts)
Video Terminator Pinout (Used with planar video and auxiliary video adapters)

Monitor Timing Calculations for Linux ModeLine
Monitor Timing Calculator (by Peter)

VGA Video Modes "Complete control of IBM's VGA system" (BYTE)
VESA VGA BIOS Extensions "A software standard for Super VGA" (Dr. Dobb's Journal)
PS/2 Video Programming (VGA and MCGA, BYTE)
The PC Graphics Handbook (Minnesota State University)
Programmer's Guide to PC & PS/2 Video Systems (Microsoft Press; EGA, VGA, HGC & MCGA)
Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book Special Edition (HTML)

Finn Thogersen's VGADOC - (S)VGA programming, vendor-specific info (archived website)
VGADOC3.ZIP version 3 (18 Jan 1994) (readme)
VGADOC4B.ZIP version 4b (04 Oct 1995)

IBM Peripherals

Monitors and Displays
6091-019 Monitor
9504 Monochrome
9507 LCD Monitor

3151 ASCII Terminal

Video Monitoring on Personal Computers (F-Coupler and PS/2 TV on Token Ring)

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