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Auxiliary Video Connector
Auxiliary Video Block Diagram
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Source: PS/2 Hardware Interface Technical Reference May 1988 (Pages 487-490 physical)

Auxiliary Video Connector (AVE)

The auxiliary video connector is a 20-pin connector located in-line with one of the channel connectors on the system board. (Ed. The 8580-Axx planar and many older PS/55 planars have *two* AVE slots.) This connector allows video data to be passed to and from an adapter. The video buffers can be turned off, and video output from the adapter can be sent through the video DAC to the display connector. The full channel is available for use by the adapter. Video output can be passed in only one direction at a time. The 'dot clock' signal cannot drive both EXTCLK to the VGA and PCLK to the DAC.

Auxiliary Video Block Diagram

Related Registers

Miscellaneous Output Register - Hex 03CC/03C2 (Page 432 physical)

Bits 3, 2: These two bits select the clock source. The external clock is driven through the auxiliary video extension. The input clock should be kept between 14.3 MHz and 28.4 MHz.

00Selects 25.175 MHz clock for 640/320 Horizontal PELs
01Selects 28.322 MHz clock for 720/360 Horizontal PELs
10Selects External Clock

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