IBM Systems

Personal System/2 (PS/2) [Types 85xx and 95xx]

PC Server Family [Types 86xx] Server 195/295, 320/520, 500 & 720
EduQuest Systems [Types 96xx] Educational computers
IBM 5550 Multistation [Types 55xx] Pre-PS/55 55xx systems
Personal System/55 (PS/55) [Types 55xx] Japanese PS/2
PC/XT/AT Family [Types 51xx and 4860] (incl. PC Convertible)
RT PC Family [Types 615x]
PC Series 700 [Types 68xx] PC 720 & 730/750, PCI/MCA or PCI/ISA
Personal Typing System [Type 6900]
RISC System/6000 (RS/6000) Family [Types 70xx, 72xx]
Industrial Computers [Types 75xx] (incl. Gearbox and SBC)
Executive Workstation [Type 7496]
Clinical Workstation [Type 7690]
Personal Science Laboratory [Type 7694]
ThinkPad Family [Types 9552 and 252x]
Point of Sale Systems (POS) [Types 46xx]
Remote Control Unit [Type 5494]
Interconnect Controller [Type 3172]
External Enclosures and Expansion Units [Types 35xx]

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