IBM PS/2 Family

Reference Material & Links

PS/2 PDF Documents (HMM, TR, HITR, schematics, brochures, etc.)
IBM INF Books (ServerGuide, IBM PC Assistant and other), Online INF Reader
PS/2 BOO Books (HMR, HMS, RETAIN tips, etc.)
PS/2 Technical Specifications (Specs and options, by model/sub-model, HTML)
Patents PS/2 and MCA related patents
IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletins List and preview links only
Other PS/2 Documents (PS/2 FAQ, PS/2 Ref., IBM FTP PCCBBS Contents)
Magazine Articles (Scans of articles from PC Mag, InfoWorld, and other mags, JPEGs)
Personal Systems Magazine (Scans of the PS magazine)
Technical Information Catalog (PS/2 and other PC products, list only, no files)
Processor Documentation (Intel, AMD, Cyrix, IBM, IDT, etc., 8086 - Super7)

Electronic Pocket Reference Manual ("EPRM" - parts lists, FRU P/Ns, etc.)

External Links (PS/2 and MCA oriented sites, etc.)
Media Links (Photos, YouTube videos, etc.)
Link Graveyard (Dead but possibly still useful links, archive links)

Software & Drivers

PS/2 Reference, Diagnostic & Option Disks
Reply Files
Kingston Files

IBM PS/2 System ROM Images (POST & BIOS)

Utilities and Drivers (DOS/Windows Drivers, Disk image tools, MCA utilities, etc.)
   Win9X/NT Drivers for XGA/XGA-2, Spock, and Adaptec by Unal Z
   HIMEM Update for Windows 95 systems with >16 MB
   QBMCA & IDMCA Identifies MCA cards in your system.
   System Information Tool ("SIT") Info about system hardware and software

IBM Systems

Personal System/2 (PS/2) Family [Types 85xx, 95xx]

PC Servers [Types 86xx] Server 195/295, 320, 500 & 720
EduQuest Systems [Types 96xx] Computers for education
Multistation Family [Types 55xx] Pre-PS/55 55xx systems
Personal System/55 (PS/55) Family [Types 55xx] Japanese PS/2
PC/XT/AT Family [Types 51xx and 4860]
RT PC Systems [Types 615x]
PC Series 700 [Types 68xx] PC 720/730/750, PCI/MCA or PCI/ISA
Personal Typing System [Type 6900]
RISC System/6000 (RS/6000) Family [Types 70xx, 72xx]
Industrial Computers [Types 7541/7542, 7546, 7561/7562, 7552/7568] (incl. Gearbox)
   IBM 586 SBC [Types 7563, 7581, 7587, 7588]
Personal Science Laboratory [Type 7694]
ThinkPad Family [Types 9552 & 252x]
Point of Sale Systems (POS) [Types 46xx]
Remote Control Unit [Type 5494]
External Enclosures and Expansion Units [Types 35xx]

MCA Adapters

Adapter Description Files (ADF files necessary to setup/install your MCA adapters) [!]
Adapter Picture Collection (low-res, requires Javascript, by Peter H. Wendt)

Video Adapters (Video output and capture cards)
Sound Cards (Digital audio, FM synthesis, Voice, etc.)
Storage Adapters (SCSI, ESDI, Tape, Floppy, Optical, etc.)
Network Adapters (Token Ring, Ethernet, FDDI and other MCA NICs)
Communication Adapters (Async/Serial, Parallel, Multiport, Modem, Twinax, etc.)
Memory Expansion Adapters
Processor Cards (Upgrades, coprocessors, accelerators, etc.)
Miscellaneous Adapters (Printer & Scanner, Game, PCMCIA, Server Guard, POS, etc.)

Don't see your adapter? Let Us Know! Wanna contribute pictures or files? Learn How!

Parts & Technology

System Components (CPU, memory, storage, video, sound, keyboard, RTC, ports)

Processor Complex Identification (outlines)
Processor Complex Index

Micro Channel Architecture (MCA slots, pinouts, features, transfer modes, SCB, etc.)
Technical Background (CMOS, BIOS, Int 4Bh, etc.)

Networking Index

Setup & Configuration

Setup and Configuration (Reference disk and partition, ADFs, IML, etc.)
Troubleshooting (Diagnostics, Error codes, CP codes aka "checkpoints", etc.)
How to clear Power On Password (POP, "Key Symbol")

AIX for PS/2 (version 1.3.x)
Linux & MCA (by Christian Hansen, missing files)

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