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SuperVinx's Online Museum Hi-res photos of IBM PS/2 hardware and more...

UMMR - museum of history of microprocessor systems by Paolo Cuzzit (Italian)
   Vintage Pentium CPUs and cards Type 4-Q complex, NCR processor boards etc.
   Vintage IBM technology! Various complexes, MCA adapters etc.
   IBM PS/2 MCA motherboards Various PS/2 and RS/6000 planars
   IBM... volume 2 MCA adapters etc.
   Short photo tour of UMMR MCA adapters etc.
   Interesting cards MCA adapters etc.
   Miscellaneous interesting chips & cards (1) NCR MCA adapters etc.
   Unusual/interesting 386/486 systems MCMaster, NCR processor board etc.
   IBM PS/2 70 - 486 (8570-121)
   IBM PS/2 90 XP486 (9590 - OLA)


The Computer Chronicles (YouTube,
   IBM Personal System 2 (PS/2) (1987)
   BUS Wars (1988) ISA, MCA, EISA, NuBus; Features Chet Heath from IBM
   Computer Video (1992) IBM PS/2 TV, ActionMedia II (starts at 19:53)
   Comdex (1988) early MCA clones from mitac and KCI (starts at 4:21)
   Christmas Buyer's Guide (1986) "Random Access" - "IBM PC2" (starts at 22:32)

IBM Museum YouTube channel
   David's channel about vintage hardware, software, and various other things

uxwbill's YouTube channel Plenty of PS/2 related videos!
   IBM PS/2 Portables Part 1 (P70, P75, 7186)
   IBM PS/2 Portables Part 2 (L40SX, 5800 Portable Service Platform 1).
   IBM PS/2 Model 53 486SLC2 Computer Overview and Demonstration
   IBM PS/2 "E" (9533)
   The Good, the Bad and the Less Than Totally Inspired (IBM PS/2 Model 50Z)
   I Finally Got An IBM PS/2 9585 K/N System!
   New In Box IBM PS/2 Model 25
   IBM PS/2 Model 50Z Resurrection
   IBM PS/2 Road Trip
   PS/2 Model 80 with Core International 700MB ESDI HDDs
   IBM PS/2 Server 95 "A" Project Sneak Peek
   IBM PS/2 Server 95 SCSI Hard Disk Installation
   Recycling Rescue: IBM PS/2 Model 57 486 SLC2 Overview
   IBM PS/2 L40SX "Convertible" Pointing Device
   The PS/2 Haul (bringing more PS/2s home...)
   IBM PS/2 Model 50 and the IBM Network Bridge Program
   IBM PS/2 Ultimedia DV M57
   IBM PS/2 Ultimedia Lacuna Demonstration
   IBM PS/2 Breakdown (9585 "X")
   Wood Cased IBM PS/2 Model 55SX
   AOX/Kingston MicroMaster Processor Upgrade Card Part 1
   AOX/Kingston MicroMaster Processor Upgrade Card Part 2
   Unique IBM Hard Drive Operating Sounds
   IBM 6152 Academic System Needs YOUR Help (desperately!)
   IBM PS/2 Model 85 X plays two MP3 files
   An IBM PS/2 Model 95 wishes you a Happy New Year!
   Fun things to do with the PS/2 Model 95 LED Info Panel

VWestlife's YouTube Channel
   IBM PS/2 Model 57 486SLC2 hardware overview
   Oddware: IBM M-ACPA microchannel PS/2 sound card
   IBM PS/2 Model 56 with 486SLC3 upgrade
   1990 IBM Personal System/2 Model 30 286
   IBM PS/2 Model 56 SLC update

Clint's LGR YouTube Channel
   LGR - Restoring a 1987 IBM PS/2 Model 30
   LGR - IBM PS/2 Model 60 Lives Again!
   $17,000 PC from 1990: IBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 486
   LGR - IBM PS/2 Computer Motherlode
   1987 IBM PS/2 Model 25 + Model M SSK Unboxing & Setup

uniservo's Channel
   IBM 3511 PS/2 SCSI Expansion Box
   IBM Gearbox
   IBM 7960 Clinical Workstation

Major Tom's Channel
   Type 4 "N" Complex - Op Panel and Diag LEDs
   Type 4 "Y" Complex - Op Panel and Diag LEDs
   Introducing... IBM Personal System/2 - Solutions

The IBM PS/2 30-286 and PS/2 70: As seen in Tezza's classic computer collection

Why an IBM PS/2 is a Bad Idea for Vintage Computing

IBM Personal System 2 PS/2 Computer Commercial (1989)

IBM PS/2 9595-B20 Model 95 XP 486 Pentium 60 MHz FDIV-Bug Test by AzrethK9

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