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This page contains utilities, drivers, hotfixes, and other useful files for various operating systems including DOS, Windows, and OS/2.

Disk Image Utilities
MCA Utilities
Official IBM Utilities
DOS Utilities and Drivers
OS/2 Utilities and Drivers
Windows Utilities, Drivers, Updates & Fixes
Linux Utilities and Drivers

Disk Image Utilities

IBM Disk Image Utilities (DOS, 16/32-bit Windows, OS/2)

LOADDSKF (Readme) Write *.DSK image to a floppy.
SAVEDSKF (Readme) Create *.DSK image from a floppy.

Note: For later Windows systems to be able to consistently access the *.DSK, you MUST use the /D /A switches. /D omits the 1 sector leader and inhibits data compression. /A saves all sectors of the disk. Example:

SAVEDSKF a: C:\temp\refdisk.dsk /D /A

GNU Disk Image Utilities (Windows, 64-bit compatible)

RAWRITE Write an image file to a floppy.
RAWREAD Create an image file from a floppy.

TELEDISK Image Utility (.TG0 extension)

TELEGET Write .TG0 image to a floppy.
TGCONFIG Configuration utility for TELEGET.
TG0 ZIP archive containing TELEGET and TGCONGIG utilities.

EMT Image Utility

EMT4DOS Pack/unpack EMT (and some other) images.

MCA Utilities

QBMCA Info and Download Identifies adapters in your system

IDMCA (Info) Identifies cards in each slot of an MCA system
REFSTAMP (Info) Adds byte-stamp to create refdisk
POS (Info) Reads info about a system from its POS registers
SYSPART (Info) Diskette for maintenance of the hidden partition

SPCOPY Copy a System/Convenience Partition to other drives than ID 6 (for those which support IML Scan) or delete a pre-existing bad/incompatible one. Only Models 90/95/500 are supported. (by Tim Clarke)

Official IBM Utilities


Customizer Customizes IBM PS/2 Refdisks using option files (no readme yet).

System Information Tool (SIT) (discovered by David Beem) [P]

Provides information about system hardware and software. Menu/dialog driven.

SIT v1.10 Official version
SIT v1.10C (04 Apr 2021) Unofficial patch by Major Tom.
   (release notes are included in the ZIP archive)

Recognized Machines, Adapters, and Processors.

QCONFIG (shipped with IBM PC DOS)

Provides information about system hardware and software.
An alternative to Microsoft's "MSD". Command line only, no menu interface.

QCONFIG_2000 Build from PC DOS 2000 (24 Dec 1996)
QCONFIG_J70V_C Build from PC DOS J7.0/V update C (24 Oct 1997)

Recognized Machines, Planars, and Adapters.


PCINFO is an IBM Internal Use Only tool, distributed world-wide. PSINFO is a Canadian Authorized Dealers' version of PCINFO.

THE NEW PCINFO 21 May 1996, Version 11.93A (from os2site.com, thanks Ian) [P]

Contains 4 programs (and a bunch of data files):

  • PCINFO.EXE - model info, PC/PS parts, printers & parts, OEM parts, ECA's, option-to-machine xref, technical bulletins, PC and token ring errors, ISA adapter settings, and more.
  • SWITCHES.EXE - used for setting PC & PC AT system board switches
  • ERRORS.EXE - used to troubleshoot PC & PC AT memory errors
  • OEMERROR.EXE - called by ERRORS.EXE; do not run directly

DOS Utilities and Drivers

XGA2UTIL.ZIP XGA Utilities, System info, DOS
QSPOCK.ZIP (Info) Query Spock for DOS
QUMC155.ZIP (Info) QUMC for DOS, Unofficial Rel. 01.55
QMCD113.ZIP (Info) QUMC for DOS, Rel. 01.13
WLD009.ZIP (Info) WriteLED for DOS Rel. 00.09

DLITEDOS.ZIP (Info) DOS device driver for HD activity indicator on Model 95 LED Panel.

SNOOP344.ZIP Snooper 3.44 by Vias and Associates. System information/benchmarking utility, capable of detecting 1,100 MCA cards. (archived website)

OS/2 Utilities and Drivers

PANEL (Info) OS/2 device driver for Model 95 LED Panel.

Windows Utilities, Drivers, Updates & Fixes

XGA208.ZIP (Info) XGA208 Driver for Windows 95/98
XGA206.ZIP (Info) XGA206 Driver for Windows 95/98
SPOCK206.ZIP (Info) SPOCK206 Driver for Windows 95/98
AHA206.ZIP (Info) AHA206 Driver for Windows 95/98

XGA208NTB.ZIP (Info) XGA208 Miniport Driver Rel. B for Windows NT
SPOCK2NT.ZIP (Info) SPOCK206 Driver for Windows NT
MCPNT009.ZIP (Info) MCPOS, QUMC, and WriteLED Rel. 00.09

TCP32B.EXE WfW 3.11 TCP/IP stack update.
CTL3D.DLL Version 2.05 for SCSIBENCH and NT maybe 9x as well...
QEMM5060 QEMM 50-60 for memory expansion adapters
HIMEMUPD.EXE Use if you can't see >16 MB under W95

Adaptec WinASPI Windows NT4/98 (4.71a2)
Adaptec ASPI32 ASPI Layer for Windows 95/NT
Adaptec ASPICHK Display version and status of ASPI Layer

Ultimedia NT Packet Driver (driver info HERE)

FORCEDOS (internal Windows NT/2000/XP utility).
Some MS-DOS programs are not recognized by Windows NT as MS-DOS programs. The forcedos command allows you to start these programs.

RootKitRevealer (v1.7) Last version to support NT4 1.7.1. Supports W2K and up
   (thanks to Dave Ress for finding it)

Linux Utilities and Drivers

Linux SCSI Driver by Michael Lang
lsmca List the POS values and their meaning (sources only)


Exploring The IBM PS/2 Models 50-80 - DSK | IMG

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