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PS/2 FAQ (by Christopher "Alkemyst" Feeny)

Modified Version 5.6+ (HTML, based on version 5.5, integrated with the Ardent Tool pages)

Important: The FAQ documents linked down below are provided in their original form - for historical purposes. Expect broken links and outdated information!

Version 4.0 (HTML, multi-page, source) (20 Feb 1996)
Version 5.2 (plain-text, source) (01 Nov 1998)
Version 5.4 (plain-text enclosed in HTML, source) (15 Dec 1998)
Version 5.5 (plain-text, source) (07 Jan 1999)
Version 6.0 (HTML, latest, lacks some changes from the modified v5.6, source) (11 Jan 2002)

PS/2 Reference Guide, IBM Marketing 1989

PS/2 Configuration and Operating Information, dated 21 Jun 1989, written by David B. Whittle, IBM Marketing and Services Group.

PS2-REF6.TXT (ZIP) (the original archive?)
PS2REF89.TXT (ZIP) (seems to be slightly modified)

IBM FTP PCCBBS Contents, 2002 and 1999

Contains the list of files in the PCCBBS directory of ftp.software.ibm.com as of 07 Sep 2002. Useful for locating files not contained in the current ALLFILES.TXT but still stored and downloadable from the site.


An earlier ALLFILES.TXT, from 20 Apr 1999, shows files and directories removed from later listings, hence, not any more downloadable.

ALLF0499.TXT (ZIP) PCCBBS ALLFILES.TXT as of 20 Apr 1999.

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