RT Diagnostics

Diagnostic Programs Types
 Note: A flashing number in the LED while runing standalone diagnostics? Look HERE .

Service Request Numbers (SRNs)

Resident POST
    Stored in ROM on the planar. They run at system power-on. The resident POST programs check the system unit components needed to load programs from the fixed disk or diskette. See HERE for more info.

Loadable POST
    Load from fixed disk or diags diskette. They run after Resident POST. The loadable POST programs first sense the adapters and options installed in the system unit  and build an Installed Features List. Before any checkout routines are run, the installed features list is compared to the Configuration Record on the fixed disk. See HERE for more info.

    Note: Pressing Ctrl - Alt - Pause causes the Loadable POST programs to run.

Diagnostics Routines
   On the diagnostic diskettes.  The Problem Determination Guide directs the system user to run the Diagnostic Routines to check the system unit during problem determination. See HERE for more info.

   On the diagnostics diskette They provide utility functions such as exercising communications links, and displaying special information.The utility programs are used in a non-directed manner to provide control and information to the system user or service technician. See HERE for more info.

Advanced Diagnostics Routines
    on diagnostic diskettes Used to isolate failures to a FRU. The Advanced Diagnostics Routines do the same tests as the Diagnostics Routines plus additional tests that require action by the service technician. The additional tests may require the use of wrap plugs, keying certain patterns on the  keyboard, or answering questions about displayed information. See HERE for more info.

Installation Verification
     compares installed features list built by the Loadable POST programs to the configuration record on the fixed disk. See HERE for more info.

Two Digit Display Codes During Diagnostic Programs
   The following codes will flash at one second intervals while running the standalone diagnostic programs.

LED                Description
02         A read error occured while using the diskette drive.
99         A program check or a machine check occurred.
c6-xx    An undetermined error occurred.
c6-20    Out of memory space
              This can be caused byone of the following things on a system unit with 1MB memory:
                 Diagnostic programs were run following a utility program
                 Diagnostic programs run with the "Run Multiple Times" option selected.
                 Multiple diagnostic selections made

               Note:  To continue, insert RT PC Diagnostics 1 and press Ctrl-Alt-Pause.

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