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SRNs with a Procedure Number of 1, 2, 3, or 7

   When a problem is detected with system operation, the Problem Determination Procedures (PDPs) in the Problem Determination Guide are used to determine the cause and corrective action. If the PDPs determine the failure is in the hardware, the system user is given a Service Request Number (SRN) to record for use.

  The SRN is used to determine which FRU is needed to repair the system. The SRN contains from one to four Service Repair Action (SRA) numbers. Each SRA number represents a FRU or special repair action.

   The Problem Isolation Charts (PICs) in Section 3 use the SRA numbers to isolate the failure to a failing FRU. Appendix B contains an SRA to FRU Cross-Reference List to provide you the part number of the failing FRU.

   An SRN always contains a Source Number and at least one SRA. 

SRN Example

Source Number
   The left two digits of the SRN is the source number. The left digit (1 in the example) is the device. The right digit of the source number is the procedure that produced the SRN.

Device                            Procedure
1 - System unit              1 - Resident POST program
2 - Display                  2 - Loadable POST program
3 - Keyboard                 3 - Standalone diagnostic program
4 - Tape drive               4 - Licensed program product
5 - Printer                  5 - Support center
6 - Plotter                  6 - Problem determination procedure
7 - Expansion unit           7 - Device not found when diagnostic 
                                  programs loaded
8 - Mouse                    8 - Reserved
9 - Attached communications  9 - Reserved
0 - Reserved                 0 - Reserved
A - Tablet 
B - Dials Feature
C - LPFK Feature
E - Portable disk drive

Source Repair Action Number
   The three digit groups make up the SRA numbers. The left two digits of the SRA number is the FRU / PIC code (23 in the example). The right digit of the SRA number is the location number.

FRU / PIC code       Location
See SRA# Chart       1 - Adapter slot 1
or App B             2 - Adapter slot 2
                     3 - Adapter slot 3
                     4 - Adapter slot 4
                     5 - Adapter slot 5
                     6 - Adapter slot 6
                     7 - Adapter slot 7
                     8 - Adapter slot 8
                     9 - Reserved
                     0 - System board
                     A through R - Identifies system board slots, 
                                   drive positions, switch banks, or
                                   memory module positions.

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