RT Diagnostic Utilities

The Utility programs are on the RT PC diagnostics diskettes. The utilities are:
Format a fixed disk
Copy the diagnostics diskette
Exercise the Ethernet Network
Display the installed features list
Change the diagnostic test list
Format the fixed disks on the IBM 9332
Download microcode to the IBM 9332
Display and alter the Vital Product Data record on the IBM 9332 fixed disk

To Run the Utilities:


2. Choose Utilities on the FUNCTION SELECTION menu

3. Choose the type of utilities on the UTILITY SELECTION menu

Utility Types and Options

Fixed Disk Utilities
    Note: The Format Fixed-Disk utility erases all data on the fixed disk and reformats the fixed disk. Before using this utility, backup all data on the fixed disk being formatted.
   Use Format Fixed-Disk utility only when intermittent read or write errors have occured on the fixed disk or the diagnostic programs instruct you to use this utility. The Format Fixed-Disk utility formats the fixed disk and writes new addresses on it.

Diagnostics Diskette Copy Utility -
     Provides a program to copy the diagnostics diskettes. The utility does:
Message when source diskette is needed
Message when target diskette is needed
Warning message that data on the target diskette will be destroyed
Formatting of the target diskette
Copying of data from source diskette to the formatted target diskette

   You may have to change the source and target diskettes during the copying procedure. A message displays to inform you when to change diskettes.

Utilities for Use with ETHERNET -
     Provide a means to exercise the RT PC Baseband  Adapter and part of the Ethernet Network. The utility transmits a block of data  addressed to itself. The utility then checks the response of the adapter and the network status to determine if it is operating correctly. This utility works with either the wrap plug or with a functioning Ethernet Network.

Show installed Options Utility
     Displays the installed features list created by the Loadable POST programs. All IBM adapters and devices installed in the system unit and recognized by the Loadable POST program are displayed. Use this list to check the configuration of the system.

Show and Change Diagnostic Test List Utility
     Displays the diagnostic test list. Menus guide you in changing the list. Only options that are installed in your system can be added to the list.

IBM 9332 Utilities
       Download microcode to the IBM 9332 from a diskette
       Display and alter VPD record on the IBM 9332 fixed disk
       Format the fixed disk on the IBM 9332. This utility erases all data and formats the fixed disk.

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