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@8182.ADF Reply Video Adapter
@8182.ADF Reply Video Adapter (rename)
   Completely different. Different adapter?

Video Drivers Diskette 1/2
Video Drivers Diskette 2/2
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Reply.BIN Reply Video Adapter ROM BIOS ("02-10500")
   "CL-GD540x/542x VGA BIOS Version 1.20"

Win9x/NT have built-in drivers.
Win9x built-in driver can detect 2 MB of VRAM and provides 1024 x 768 16-bit mode.
NT4 driver detects only 1 MB even if additional VRAM has been installed.

Supports all systems with 386 and above.

Cirrus GD542x SVGA Adapters

Reply Video Board
Circuit around GD5426 and LM334
ADF Sections

Reply Video Board FCC ID IA3JH-05-03-65 [P] [P] [P]

C19 Capacitor 336/16K/221 ?
J1 Video Connector (HD-15)
U1 Cirrus CL-GD5426-80QC-A
U2,3 KM416C256J-7 or compatible
U4,5 DRAM solder pads
U6 LM334 Current Source
U14 GAL 16V8B

Circuit around GD5426 and LM334 (by T. Sunagawa)


Vertical 45Hz to 72Hz (87Hz i)
Horizontal 31.4kHz to 48kHz
75MHz dot clock
BitBLT Engine
Integrated Palette DAC and dual frequency clock synthesizer.

Experience (by T. Sunagawa)

> What resolutions, color depths and refresh rates does this card?
640 x 480 256/32K/64K/16M
800 x 600 16/256/32K/64K
1024 x 768 16/256/32K/64K
1280 x 1024 16

> How much video RAM does it have (I'd think 512 KB)?
   1MB standard. I added 2x 512 KB VRAM on it's vacant space. with this modification the card is capable to handle 65 K color in 1024 x 768 resolution but no improvement in it's operational speed.

> Any other comments on this card?
   A little bit faster than XGA-2. Requires 32 KB RAM space. Color image is slightly pale comparing to XGA-2. Win9x have driver for it (choose Cirrus 5426). If 1024 x 768 256C is enough for you then I recommend XGA-2, but if you need 65K color in 1024 x 768 then this card is the one to have though you need to do some soldering works.
   According to my friend NT4 handled his VRAM upgraded card just as with 1MB VRAM though it had 2 MB on it. I've not tested NT4 with my upgraded card.

AdapterId 8182 Reply Video Adapter (Lamest ADF I've seen)

      <card enable"> mem 0c0000h-0c7fffh

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