PS/2 Models 85 and 95

Types 8595, 9585, 9595, 9595A

Common for All Units

Common Devices
Power Supply
Operator/Indicator Panel

Model 85 [Type 9585]

X models (SCSI w/cache on-planar)
K, N models (F/W SCSI on-planar, POD and L2 cache upgradeable)

SHS52G9981 IBM PS/2 Server 85 HML
SHS61G1566 IBM PS/2 Server 85 Enhancements

Model 95 [Types 8595, 9595, 9595A]

95 XP Planar - G-M models (single serial / single parallel port, T0-T4 complex)
95A Planar - N-Y models (dual serial / dual parallel port, T4 complex only)

Processor Complex
Complex Identification (outlines)

Side Cover Fan

SHS15F2246 IBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 486 HMR
SHS85F1676 IBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 486 HMS
SHS10G6474 IBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 486 and 95 XP 486 HMS
SHS10G6475 IBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 486 and 95 XP 486 HMR

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