Reply TurboProcessor 60/65/80

ref367.exe Turbo/Power Boards 3.67 Reference Disk (zipped image)
131-80.EXE Model 60/65/80 TurboProcessor v1.31 (zipped files)
138-80.EXE Beta Model 60/65/80 TurboProcessor v1.38 (zipped files)
1_32DSK1.EXE Video Driver for 50/55/60/70/80 TurboProcessor Boards - Disk 1/2
1_32DSK2.EXE Video Driver for 50/55/60/70/80 TurboProcessor Boards - Disk 2/2

Model 60/80 TurboProcessor Manual (fits Model 65 SX as well, scan by David Beem)

TurboProcessor 60/65/80
TurboProcessor w/ Blue Lightning CPU

TurboProcessor 60/65/80 "MODEL 60/80 UPGRADE BOARD", "ASSY 0500340"

P/N 02M3308, 05003416 (no CPU/memory?)
P/N 02M3295, 05003417 DX2-66/0MB [P] [P] | [P]

F1 Keyboard fuse (3 A/250 V)
J1 40-pin IDE Connector
J2 Power supply connector
J3 Keyboard port
J4 40-pin floppy header
J5 Mouse port
J6 Parallel port
J7 DB25 serial port
J8 HDD15 video connector
J9 CPU bus clock select
J10 Speaker connector
J11 Clear CMOS Jumper
J14 2-pin jumper (audio related?)
P1 Pads for 8-pin header (?)
Q1 Pads for voltage reg. (BL?)
Q2 LT1117 voltage reg. (SynchroStream)
U1 02M3297 IBM 1993 PAL
U2 82077SL Floppy controller
U6 LT1109CS8-12 DC/DC Conv. (flash Vpp?)
U10 Lattice 02M3261 PAL
U13 Lattice 02M3260 PAL
U14 CAT28F010N-15 128Kx8 flash (BIOS)
U15 93C46D 1K EEPROM
U16 22.1184 MHz osc (UART)
U27 10G4672 I/O controller
U34? 485Turbocache Socket
U49 Lattice 02M3264 PAL
U52,60 Pads for SOJ sockets (video RAM)
U53,61 M514260-70J 256Kx16 RAM (video)
U57 Dallas DS1387 RTC+NVRAM
U58 Socket 2 ZIF
U65 LM334 current source (Cirrus)
U71 IMI SC422BXB PLL clock gen.
U75 Cirrus CL-GD5426-80QC
U78 CK5203 PAL
U79 Pads for IBM Blue Lightning (QFP-132)
U80 Pads for intel 486SX (QFP-196)
U82 02M3266 IBM 1993 PAL
U85 Pads for PAL (BL only?)
U86,87 Pads for TSSOP-56 (BL only?)
U93 50G6871 SynchroStream Controller
U94 Pads for PAL
U120 LM386 Audio op-amp (PC Speaker)
Y1 14.318 MHz xtal (clock gen., adapters)
Z1,2,5-8 32-bit MCA slot
Z3 32-bit MCA slot w/ AVE
Z4 16-bit MCA slot

J9 CPU bus clock select - up: 33 MHz, down: 25 MHz (the "up" position is closer to the CPU socket/top of the unit; thx Lionel)

J11 Clear CMOS Jumper - CMOS configuration is cleared by switching the jumper from one position to the other. The jumper remains in its new position until the next time you decide to clear CMOS.

U71 Instead of multiple discrete oscillators this planar uses a PLL clock generator (IMI SC422BXB) to synthesize all required system clocks from a single 14.318 MHz source (Y1). The only exception is the 22.1184 MHz UART clock that is generated by a dedicated oscillator (U16).

TurboProcessor w/ Blue Lightning CPU "MODEL 60/80 UPGRADE BOARD", "ASSY 0500340"

IBM FRU 71G2610 [P]

Notable differences:

  • soldered-in Blue Lightning CPU (U79)
  • slightly modified layout with one additional oscillator (below slots Z1 & Z2)
  • U86 & U87 populated (?)
  • U85 populated (PAL)
  • regulator Q1 populated (CPU core voltage?)
  • possibly different system firmware (POST/BIOS)
  • possibly different programming of some PALs

The rest of the board appears to be identical with the one shown above. UMMR has this variant.


  • 486DX/33 or 486DX2/66 processors (standard options at time of order); support for 487SX processor
  • Standard 4 MB of RAM, expandable to 128 MB
  • An integrated video controller with up to 1024x768 pixels with 256 colors, non-interlaced; or 1280x1024 pixels with 16 colors, interlaced. The controller is supported by 1 MB of dedicated video memory.
  • One serial port and one parallel port
  • Diskette drive interface that supports 1.44 or 2.88 MB diskette drives or tape backup unit
  • Integrated hard disk interface that supports a maximum of two ATA hard disk drives
  • PS/2-compatible keyboard and pointing device ports
  • Clock/calendar with integrated battery (10 years)
  • Seven full-length 32-bit Micro Channel expansion slots, including one with extended video and one 16-bit full-length Micro Channel expansion slot
  • Secondary Cache Module

Content created and/or collected by:
Louis F. Ohland, Peter H. Wendt, David L. Beem, William R. Walsh, Tatsuo Sunagawa, Tomáš Slavotínek, Jim Shorney, Tim N. Clarke, Kevin Bowling, and many others.

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