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IBM XGA Device Driver for Win 3.1,
SVGA BIOS Extension TSR Ver. 1.00 Release 05,
XGA BIOS Extension TSR Ver. 1.00 Release 05,
AutoCAD R10/386, R11, R12, AutoShade 2 w/Renderman, and 3D Studio v1.X and 2.X,
XGA Adapter Interface Device Driver for the DOS environment version 2.02

XGAUTIL.exe (zipped image)


This disables the P70 plasma display and places an installed XGA adapter into VGA mode if the XGA card has a display connected. The utility will not switch to the XGA card if the system board XGA has a display connected.

/u (undo) return to the plasma display.
/h or /? for help.


This selects the P75 plasma display as the primary VGA display and disables the VGA output on the Micro Channel installed XGA adapter.

/u (undo) return VGA output to the XGA adapter.
/h or the /? option for help.

XGAOPT.exe (zipped image)

Installs the updated (as of '92) SC.EXE, XGA/2, and SCSI, SCSI w/cache ADFs, plus updated *.dgs. For 5565, 5657, 70486, 7080, 7677, 90, 95, P70, P75. For any system with refdisks after 92/93, these files are probably redundant.

Limits of SC.EXE (for Model 70/80 and like systems)

WBST Clarke:
   As initially created, the Model 70/80 Reference & Diagnostics Diskette v1.12 only has SC.EXE (System Configuration utility) v2.1, which needs updating to at least v2.2.


Copy the files XGAF1NI.DGS and 8FDAM.DG$ to your backup copy of the 9533 Starter Diskette, overwriting the files of the same name. Use this modified Starter Diskette to run diagnostics on your machine.

XGAF1NI.DGS - XGA Diagnostic file
8FDAM.DG$ - DMQS Monitor Information

Other Files

xga210.exe (zipped image)
xga211.exe (zipped image)
xga212.exe (zipped image) Same as XGA2ADP, but files are dated '94.

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