Video Capture Adapter

@704E.ADF VCA/A adapter (NTSC composite)

vcpa.exe High Level Video Capture Card/A Application Programming Interface
   OS/2 1.3, Win3.0, and DOS. 8514A, MCGA, VGA8 video adapters Video Capture Adapter/A Option v1.10
videocap.txt Readme for

VCA_Option Video Capture Adapter/A Option v1.10 in *.rar format

189-101 ACPA, ACPA/A, and Video Capture /A For the IBM PS/2 [VCA 34F2785]
191-192 Enhancements To Audio / Video Multimedia Adapters From IBM [VCA 92F3380]

Multimedia presentation development using the Audio Visual Connection

Video Capture Adapter base Card
Video Capture Daughter Card
   U31 Acoustic delay line
S-Connector Cable Pinout
Primary I/O Cable Pinout (NTSC)
Primary I/O Cable Pinout (PAL) Warning! My best guess!
ADF Sections

Video Capture Adapter Base Card

J1 72 Pin Socket
U2 Xilinx XC2064-70 PC68C
U25 Xilinx XC3020-50 PC68C
U32 N82S181CA
U35 Xilinx XC2018-70 PC84C
U40 TI -2FML TMS27PC256
U42,70 Xilinx XC2018-70 PC68C
U46-52 TI TMS4461-12SDL (x6) TARAM
U53-69 TI TMS4461-12SDL (x17)

TARAM - Translation Address RAM
N82S181CA Fuse-Programmable PROM - On-Chip Address Decode

Video Capture Daughter Card

J1 Pads for 26 Pin Header
J2 72 Pin Header
J3 20 Pin Port
J4 S-VHS Port
U5 Brooktree BT101KPJ
U6 Xilinx XC2018-70 PC84C
U13-U15 CA3306E or MP7682KN
U22 Motorola MC1377FN
U27 Motorola TDA3330
U29 VTC (?) VA2706DJ
U31 Philips DL-750 361579-6
U32 Philips TDA2595
Y1 3.5795 MHz Crystal

CA3306E 6-Bit, 15 MSPS, Flash A/D Converter
MP7682KN CMOS, 6-Bit High-Speed A/D Converter
TDA2595 Horizontal combination
TDA3330 Philips TV Color Processor
VA2706DJ Virtual Training Co: Dual General Purpose Op Amp - SR 42V/us, Io +/-50mA
MC1377FN Video Decoder-Encoder Circuit - RGB/NTS encoder
Bt101KPJ Brooktree Triple 8-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter

Not shown (yet)
VA706POJ Hi-Speed, Fast Setting, Precision Op Amp
MX7533JCWE CMOS Low Cost 10 Bit Multiplying D/A Converter
ICT 93C46P 1,024 Bit Serial 5V CMOS EEPROM - Holds calibration data.
TTLSWGM-20 TTL Compatible Square Wave Generator, 20MHz

J1 could be an unimplemented VMC header that was used on the VCA (ISA bus) version. The MCA version can pull base video over the AVE connector, and would not need J1.

U31 Acoustic delay line Philips DL-750 361579-6

Tomáš Slavotínek:
   That thing is a delay line. Acoustic delay line to be more precise - commonly used in analog television (PAL) to "store" the last scan line. It's made of glass and each of the two cut corners has a piezo transducer on its edge. One transducer is used to generate an acoustic wave, and the other one is there to detect it. The wave bounces of the edges and is being directed by the special pattern created on the glass surface. It has to go all the way through the "maze" to reach the other transducer. It will get there but with a certain time delay, and that's what we are after. Length of the delay depends on the physical construction. It can act as a primitive memory with the appropriate support circuitry...

Video Capture Adapter/A Functional Diagram

Concurrent Engineering Techniques and Applications: Advances in Theory and Applications, page 303 ISBN: 1-12-012762-8

Video Capture Adapter/A

  • Enables user to capture high quality, photo-like images
  • Full frame capture from motion video in 1/30 seconds
  • Images can be manipulated and used in high quality presentations created with AVC
  • Uses RGB, NTSC (Composite Video) and Y/C (Super VHS)
  • Captures 65,536 colors with a resolution of 640 X 480 X 16 bits
  • Allows viewing live video during capture; the card is not required for general image presentation purposes
  • 614Kb dual-ported video RAM buffer
  • Image display modes live, memory, overlay, transparent, pixel

The Video Capture Adapter/A can capture, display and digitize high quality video images.  It supports Models 50, 55 SX, 60, 70 and 80 and is intended for use with the AVC program.  Ed. Also supported by Storyboard, Video IN, and Ultimedia Builder/2, among others.

The adapter accepts video input signals through a multi-pin connection on the adapter.  The on-board processor converts the analog signal to a digital format that can be manipulated, compressed and stored by software for later use.  Sophisticated detailed image processing techniques employed in the AVC Image Editor Components enable the user to alter the characteristics of the digitized image as outlined in Programming Announcement 289-333.  The video adapter also contains output connectors, for attachment to a monitor, which allow the user to view live or captured images during the capturing process.  The adapter display capability is not required to run presentations containing captured images.  The standard PS/2 hardware alone enables the complete display of images for authoring and presentation purposes.

The video adapter end-bracket contains a 20-pin connector. The cable supports in/out jacks to RGB, NTSC (Composite Video) and Y/C (Luminance/Chrominance) devices.  Y/C allows significantly higher quality image than NTSC.

2. The NTSC Primary I/O Cable has ten separate cables with RCA sockets on a 20-pin connector at the other end. The VCA/A PAL adapter has a Primary I/O cable with twelve separate cables which end in RCA sockets, with a 37-pin connector on the other end.

Enclosure on DB20 pin end of cable is JAE D05-20H-S.  JAE Connectors (Japan Aviation Electronics Industry) D-sub connector shell 20P Crimp pins for 24-30 AWG, D05-20-26P

Ferrite choke over all individual cables, 1" OD, 1/2" ID, 1" long, 1" from top of enclosure.

3. An S-Video Output Cable is also used by the diagnostic program for a Y/C Wrap Cable. This cable has an S-Connector at one end and two RCA plugs at the other end. The GREEN RCA plug (8) is the LUMA (Y) cable and the RED plug (9) is the CHROMA (C) cable.

S-Connector Cable Pinout

Pin Color Task
1 Red Y Gnd
2 Green C Gnd
3 Red Y Signal
4 Green C Signal

This cable is not included with the VCA/A PAL adapter because it has two extra cables on the Primary I/O cable which serve as LUMA and CHROMA output connections.

     4. Three 75 Ohm male RCA Terminators.

     5. A short cable with male RCA plugs at both ends which is used by diags in Wrap Tests for RGB and Composite Video. (VCA/A PAL adapter uses two of these M-M RCA cables.)

     6. Diskette with diags, related modules, @704E.ADF VCA/A (NTSC) and @70CE.ADF VCA/A (PAL).

Primary I/O Cable Pinout (NTSC)

NTSC composite - Leads 1-10 34F2796, page 3-5.

Short Leads 1-5
Composite Sync Out 1 11 Shield for Comp. Sync Out
Analog Blue Out 2 12 Shield for Analog Blue Out
Analog Green Out 3 13 Shield for Analog Green Out
Analog Red Out 4 14 Shield for Analog Red Out
NTSC Output 5 15 Shield for NTSC Output
Long Leads 6-10
Composite Sync In 6 16 Shield for Comp. Sync In
Analog Blue In 7 17 Shield for Analog Blue In
Analog Green or Luma In 8 18 Shield for An. Gr. or Luma In
Analog Red or Chroma In 9 19 Shield for An. Red or Chr. In
NTSC In 10 20 Shield for NTSC In

 If your RGB monitor lacks 75 ohm term, place RCA Terms on 2, 3, and 4. If RGB outputs aren't terminated, Y/C and Comp Video outputs will distort image brightness.

Primary I/O Cable Pinout (PAL)
Note: 34F2796 is the NTSC Install/Tech Ref, it has nothing on the PAL pinout.

Note: The PAL version uses a 37 pin connector? Gurgle... This pinout is VERY wrong!

Short Leads OS - IS
Comp Sync Out (OS) 1 11 Shield for Comp. Sync Out
Analog Blue Out (OB) 2 12 Shield for Analog Blue Out
Analog Green Out (OG) 3 13 Shield for Analog Green Out
Analog Red Out (OR) 4 14 Shield for Analog Red Out
Comp Video Out (OV) 5 15 Shield for Comp. Video Out
Comp Sync In (IS) 6 16 Shield for Comp Sync In
Long Leads IB - OY
Analog Blue In (IB) 7 17 Shield for Analog Blue In
Analog Green / Luma In (IG) 8 18 Shield for An. Gr. or Luma In
Analog Red / Chroma In (IR) 9 19 Shield for An. Red or Chr. In
Comp Video In (IV) 10 20 Shield for Comp Video In
Chroma Y/C Out (OC) 11 21 Shield for Chroma Y/C Out
Luma Y/C Out (OY) 12 22 Shield for Luma Y/C Out

 If your RGB monitor lacks 75 ohm term, place RCA Term plugs on OR, OG, and OB. If RGB outputs are not terminated, Y/C and Comp Video outputs will distort image brightness

34F2788 Video Capture Adapter/A (MICROCHANNEL)
34F2789 Video Input/Output Cable
34F2790 Video Y/C Cable (S-CONNECTOR)
34F2791 Video Wrap Cable
34F2792 Video Terminators (Three 75 Ohm RCA Plugs)
34F2794 Video Diagnostic Diskette

AdapterId 0704Eh "Video Capture Adapter/A"

Video Storage Address Select
  System memory addresses. D400-DBFF or D800-DFFF is recommended. At least 2 16k blocks are recommended for card memory to card memory operations.  If another choice must be made, try to use a selection with the most pages. The protect mode selection may be used if your operating system supports 'protect mode' such as OS/2. DOS does not support 'protect mode'."
   <"C0000-C3FFF">, D000-DFFF, D400-DBFF, D800-DFFF, D000-D3FF / D800-DBFF, D000-D3FF / DC00-DFFF, D400-D7FF / DC00-DFFF, D000-D3FF / CC00-CFFF, D000-D3FF / C000-C3FF, D400-D7FF / C000-C3FF, D400-D7FF / CC00-CFFF, D800-DBFF / C000-C3FF, D800-DBFF / CC00-CFFF, CC00-CFFF, D800-DBFF, F6000-FFFFF / CC00-CFFF
Note: Green addresses are two 16k windows

I/O Address Select
I/O port addresses. 5D00-5D0F is recommended
  <"5D00-5D0F">, 5D10-5D1F, 7F00-7F0F, 7F10-7F1F, DD00-DD0F, DD10-DD1F, FF00-FF0F, FF10-FF1F

Interrupt Channel Select
IRQ used to signal an event. Interrupt 3 is recommended
<"Interrupt 3 ">, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15

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