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IBM SVGA Adapter/A
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Also known as SVGA-NI Display Adapter/A. Is the ISO Display Adapter/A (39G3298) equivalent too?

Drivers & Software

Win3.11 drivers for SVGA Adapter/A 640x480 @ 256 colors, 800x600 @ 256 colors
Win3.11 drivers for 8525SX and Thinkpad 700C/720C 640x480 @ 256 colors

These drivers should support the PS/2 planar video of the 8540SX and the 8557SX as well as long as 512 KB video ram is installed and the VESA DOS TSR makes the resolutions (640x480 and 800x600) available to the driver.

Other test results are very appreciated since I could test with the SVGA Adapter/A only. Be careful with original IBM/PS2 tube monitors because a 800x600 resolution may damage them.

IBM SVGA Adapter/A FRU P/N 71G4877, FCC ID ANO92F0271 [P] [P]

L5, L9, L10 TDK ZJY-2P
U43-46 TC511665BZ-80 65Kx16 DRAM
U47 ICS ICS2494M
U50 AMD 39G6131
U60 OKI 85F0120
U61 TI 42G3410
Y1 F14.3H1 Xtal

U53 INMOS IMSG176 RAMDAC compatible with Brooktree Bt47x, see RAMDAC cross reference for other compatible parts.

This card is a basic framebuffer intended for use in server systems. It doesn't have its own ROM BIOS. It is supported as a generic SVGA adapter with 512 KB of VRAM. The SVGA refers only to the 640x480 resolution, NOT color depth. No specific Windows drivers exist. Or for that matter, OS/2 (VGA256).

AdapterId 90EE SVGA Adapter/A

Fixed Resources: I/O 3b0h-3bbh 3c0h-3dfh, Int 9

Video I/O Address
   I/O address range for display controller registers. Each adapter must have a unique address range.
     <"Instance 6: 2160h - 216Fh">, 1: 2110-211F, 2: 2120-212F, 3: 2130-213F, 4: 2140-214F, 5: 2150-215F, 7: 2170-217F, 0: 2100-210F

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