@80FD.ADF Ergo/MC Dual port ADF file for MVP-2/MC

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Based on content by William R. Walsh (original HERE).


STB Dual Ergo MC

P1,2 HDD-15 video connectors
U10,11 PALs
U15 STB 250-0012-001
U16,17 PALs
U20,21 "ERGO/MC 1.1" Video BIOS
U22,34 Samsung KDA0476CN-80 RAMDAC
U24,43 Tseng ET4000AX Video Accel.
U28-42 HYB514256BZ-70 256Kx4 DRAM
Y1 14.31818 MHz osc (color burst)

U15 STB 250-0012-001 - MCA bus interface? Also seen on the single-display ERGO.)

My outline does need some fine tuning. I'm working on it.

As for color capability, I have my doubts that it will do high or true color. The RAMDACs appear to be capable, but I have dim memories of someone telling me that only the ET4000/W32 or W32i chips supported high/true color.

All VRAMs and both RAMDACs are socketed. This card has all its VRAM sockets populated. Were these items intended to be upgradeable?

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