NEC Multisync Graphics Engine

@0F5F.ADF NEC Multisync Graphics Engine
@0F5F.ADF GSS MC1000
@0F5F.ADF GSS MC1000 - different version

Option Disk for NEC MGE
MGE General Specs
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NEC MGE / Eizo GC-40
ADF Sections

Based on content by William R. Walsh (original HERE).

Multisync Graphics Engine

JP1,2 Memory daughtercard conn.
JP3 Unknown, open on my adapter.
P1 Video Output (VGA connector)
Y101 36.0000 MHz xtal (640x480)
Y102 50.0000 MHz xtal (800x600)
Y103 64.0000 MHz xtal (1024x768)
U103,108,113,118 NEC 424256-10
U121 REF-02
U122 BUF-02
U123 CAS-02
U124 DEC-02
U133 BLNK-02
U134 BUSARB-02
U141 STATE-12
U? SLAV-02
U142 TI TMS34010FNL-50
U147 Chips P82C611 MCA Interface
U150 Brooktree BT471 RAMDAC

JP3 Open on my adapter. NEC says to remove this jumper if monitor displays with a green hue.

Between JP1 and 2 lies the adapter's main video memory section. The chips here are soldered NEC D41264C-12. I believe they represent the base 512K of VRAM.

What is the purpose of the resistor networks above U121-U124? Why are they socketed?
Note that the resistors are socketed with one hole left empty on the board mounted socket. If you need to replace them, be sure the leftmost position of the socket (with P1 facing RIGHT) is not populated.

This adapter does not provide its own base video. You'll need another card or onboard video for that.

Windows 95 Support

From the NEC Win95 FAQ:

Q: I plan to install Windows 95 on my PC. Will I be able to get new drivers for my NEC MGE-AT Graphics Card?

A: Since this line of video cards have been out of production for a number of years, NEC does not plan to develop Win 95 drivers for the MGE-AT video cards.

Capabilities / Limitations

Warning, folks! 256 colors MAX! (even with the memory upgrade). I have one with documents... Save your money..Strictly a CAD card.. 

   MGE-MCA 16 -  Displays 16 colors in Hi res. It will default in boot-up mode to standard 640 by 480 analog VGA, and also offers hi resolution modes of 800 by 600 and 1024 by 768 for software that is supported via device drivers. 

Resolutions: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 both I/NI
Memory Map: VGA - A000 - C7FF I/O  0x3C6 - 0x3C9
                         Hi Res - I/O  0x1CC - 0x1CF 0x1D0 - 0x1D8
Upgrade from 16 to 256 color with MGE-4A daughter board
Power Consumption:     MGE-AT  16 - 16 Watts @ +5 Volts (54.608 BTU/Hr) 

Video Connector Pinout

Pin Signal Pin Signal
1 Red 9 N/C
2 Green 10 Ground
3 Blue 11 Ground
4 Ground 12 N/C
5 Ground 13 H Sync
6 Red Gnd 14 V Sync
7 Blue Gnd 15 N/C
8 Green Gnd

ADF Sections 0F5F "Multisync Graphics Engine"

Enable/Disable Adapter
   Use the Enabled setting for normal use and disabled  if you are not using the adapter and enabling it causes a conflict with another device.
   <" Adapter Enabled " > ,  Adapter Disabled 

Hardware Registers
   The range of i/o addresses used. These include the 34010 host port registers and the
 command and status registers. These addresses cannot be used by another installed device.
    <"  BC0 to BCF ">, 7C0 to 7CF, FC0 to FCF, 13C0 to 13CF, 17C0 to 17CF, 1BC0 to 1BCF, 1FC0 to 1FCF

Color Palette addresses
   Color palette I/O addresses. If mapped to 3C6-3C9, it shadows the VGA color palette
    <"  3C6 to 3C9 ">, 7C6 to 7C9, BC6 to BC9, FC6 to FC9, 13C6 to 13C9, 17C6 to 17C9, 1BC6 to 1BC9, 1FC6 to 1FC9

Interrupt Level
    <" Channel 9 ">, 10, 11, 12

Pixel Clock Frequency
   64 MHz provides 1024 x 768, 50 MHz provides 800 x 600, 36 MHz provides 640x480
     <" 50 MHz ">, 64 MHz, 36 MHz

Bus Arbitration Level
   Determines the bus arbitration level for the 34010 bus master.
    <"Level 7">, 3, 1, 5

Horizontal Sync Polarity
   Sets the horizontal composite sync polarity for high resolution graphics modes.
     < Negative ">, Positive

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