MDSI Video Adapter

Micro Display Systems Inc.

@807F.ADF MDSI / JURDA 17-Zoll Video Adapter
   Fixed resources only
   Different name, single choice only, different address range
   More options (power on condition), different address range
@8080.ADF Control Systems Artist 10/16 VGA
   Possibly the same adapter - more info HERE.

GENIUS1.ZIP The Genius MCA(tm) Software Drivers 1.4 1/2
GENIUS2.ZIP The Genius MCA(tm) Software Drivers 1.4 2/2
   Zipped files only. Sourced from (archived)

Early MDSI Adapter (
MDSI Genius Display (

Genius MC Sale announcement (Computerworld, 9 May 1988)
Genius Monitor comparison (15", mono, 736x1008) (InfoWorld, 22 Feb 1988)

MDSI Adapter
Adapter ROM
Adapter ID Confusion

Photos and ROM dump provided by Ando Lilleleht. Thx!

MDSI Adapter [P] [P]

CP1 53.2160 MHz osc
CP3 59.8680 MHz osc
P1 DE9 Video connector
RP1 Pads for 5-pin header
SP1 "spare" position
U? LSI L1A3728 450040 MDSI *M*
U9 "deadbug" 74F174 w/ bodgewires
U10 DIP16 solder pads
U14,28,29,37 Am93L422PC 256x4 TTL RAM
U26,40 8Kx8 SRAM
U30-33 NEC µPD41264V-15 64Kx4 VRAM
U39 Adapter ROM
U46 Power device solder pads

U26,40 Motorola MCM60L64P12, Hitachi HM6264ALP-12, or compatible 8Kx8 SRAM

The rest of the board is filled with glue logic (74xx, PALs).

The (2) known samples were manufactured in 1988.

Adapter ROM

Device: 1x D27128A-1 16Kx8 EPROM

MDSI_440026 Not a video BIOS, contains only fonts.

Adapter ID Confusion

Ando Lilleleht said:
   It shows the POS ID of the adapter as 807F. However, when I scrolled through the adapter picture collection, I noticed that it looks exactly like the adapter with ID 8080 (Micro Display / Control Systems Artist 10/16 VGA).

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