ELSA XHR Winner/2

@EF7F.ADF Winner/2

all_xhr.zip DOS/Win3.x drivers for ELSA XHR cards including TIGA (CAD only?)

ELSA XHR Winner/2 1024: 1 MB RAM, 1280: 2 MB RAM [P]

No visible reference designators - the designators presented here are made up.

S1 HDD15 video connector
U1 F82C480 Graphics accelerator
U2 TLC34076-135FN "VIP" RAMDAC
U4 Pads for PLCC-32 (ROM?)
U5-12 TMS44C251DZ-10 256Kx4 DRAM (1024/1280)
U13-20 MT42C4256DJ-8 256Kx4 DRAM (1280 only)
X1 14.31 MHz xtal
Y1 40.0000 MHz osc (82C480)
Y2 ? MHz osc (RAMDAC?)

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