QUMC - Query Micro Channel

QMCD113.ZIP QUMC for DOS, Release 01.13 (06 Feb 2003)
QUMC155.ZIP QUMC for DOS, Unofficial beta release 01.55 (07 May 2005)

Content by Unal Z (original mirrored HERE). Edited by Major Tom.


QUMC identifies the Micro Channel adapters in your system, planar subsystems and the planar. QUMC will reconstruct and show the current system configuration. QUMC can be used on DOS, OS/2, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT.

QUMC for Windows NT requires the MCPOS driver to operate properly. MCPOS must be started prior to the invocation of the program. By contrast, QUMC for DOS is a standalone DOS program and does not require any additional drivers or utilities.

Release Notes

The 01.13 release reads and processes the extended POS bytes of the IBM PS/2 SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Adapter/A (8EFC Corvette). The default set of the planar POS bytes have been added to the output. The download package contains the DOS program, the ADF database and a full screen file viewer to view the output. Use the supplied batch file QUMC.BAT to run QUMC on DOS and conveniently browse the results.

The unofficial 01.55 beta release reads out and shows the planar POS bytes, it focuses on the planar configuration.

QUMC for Windows NT is included in the MCPOS package.

QUMC Options

QUMCs supports the command line option -a to print and search in QUMC's adapter list. The option directs QUMC to print resp. search only and not identify any adapters. MCPOS need not be started or installed to use this option.

The program name of QUMC for DOS is qmcdos while the program name of QUMC for Windows NT is qumcnt. The examples below use the Windows NT name of QUMC but they are also valid for the DOS version, i.e. you can use the same options on DOS.

  • Enter qumcnt -a to list all adapters.

  • Enter qumcnt -a <pattern>, to search for the string <pattern> (no regular expressions!) in the adapter descriptions. Enclose the input string in quotation marks if it contains spaces.

For example, qumcnt -a "ibm mem" will list all adapters containing ibm mem in their descriptions.

Currently, QUMC queries always 8 adapter slots regardless of their actual number, although once the planar has been identified, the number of actual slots could be taken from the planar ID list. This behaviour is intentional.

Known Problems

QUMCNT Beta Release does not query the BIOS machine ID and identify the machine model, submodel and revision.


  • Tim Clarke made invaluable contributions on subaddressing and extended POS topics.
  • Peter Wendt kindly provided the planar ID list.
  • David Beem enlightened the PS/2 interrupts discussion and the machine and Intel CPU IDs.

Sincere thanks!

The adapter ID list of QUMC has been initially based on QCONFIG v2.22 (Apr 25 1995) N Couch / J Muir, Copyright (C) IBM Corp. 1989, 1994. The adapter ID list has been since extended with a number of adapters not contained in the QCONFIG list.

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