IBM PS/2 Model 95 LED Panel Device Driver

PANEL.ZIP OS/2 device driver for Model 95 LED Panel

Content by Bob Eager (original HERE). Edited by Major Tom.

PANEL is an OS/2 device driver that provides access to the eight character LED display provided on the IBM PS/2 Model 95 (8595 and 9595) operator panel.

To install the driver, simply place the file PANEL.SYS in a convenient directory, then add the line:


to CONFIG.SYS, substituting for d:\path\ as appropriate. Then reboot.

To use the driver, simply write up to eight characters to the device PANEL$. If more are written, the excess are quietly ignored but appear to have been written. This makes it easier to use (say) the COPY command to write eight characters; the terminating CR-LF sequence is conveniently ignored. If fewer than 8 characters are written, the remaining characters on the panel are not altered.

The PANEL.ZIP file includes the following:

  • The PANEL.SYS device driver
  • The associated README.TXT file
  • Two simple test programs, complete with example source (in C)

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