SIT - Recognized Adapters

Information extracted from the SIT executable (ver. 1.10) by Major Tom.

001DDR-one SC306 Video Standards Converter
0425Pacific Image Superfax Adapter
04FFViking PS2 Display Controller
0503Kurzweil Discoverer SCSI Adapter
0F1FAHA-1640 SCSI Host Adapter
0FC7Wizard i860 Attached Processor
0FCCD-Link Ethernet Card
1185VEN-TEL 2400 modem
5022Online CDI-210S (Sony) CD ROM Controller
5023PCM Audio Record/Playback Unit
5025Online CDI-210H (Hitachi) CD ROM Controller
5028Emerald System SCSI Tape Adapter
5039Kurzweil Flatbed Scanner Adapter
503AKurweil Discover 7320 Optical Char Recognition Scanner
5084Creative Labs Soundblaster Adapter
50C1Data Translation 2901 Data Aquisition Board
5101AMS IOSIX Adapter (Serial/Parallel)
5125Tecmar QIC-60 QT-60, QT-90, QT-125 Tape Drive
5186Daitoh SCSI Interface Adapter
53233 Plus SCSI Adapter
5333National Instruments MC-GPIB IEEE-488 Interface
5349Invisible Network Model 200/A
5353National Instruments MC-DIO-32F
568BMaynStream QIC-02 Tape Adapter
568DMaynStream SCSI Tape Adapter
5818Ines IEEE488 Adapter
5C0FLand Computer SCSI Interface Adapter
5CC1Concord Communications MAP 3.0 Type 1410 Adapter
5CFFGammaFax CPMC Communications Adapter
5DEFAGA Micro Channel SCSI Adapter
5DFFGammaFax/MC Fax Communication Adapter
5EDFNational Instruments MC-MIO-16 Data Acquisition Card
5F77Future Domain Corp SCSI adapter
5FE3Qua Tech RS-422 Driver adapter
5FE5Qua Tech GPA-1000 Game port adapter
5FE8QUA TECH SP-1000 Parallel printer adapter
5FE9QUA TECH SP-1050 Serial/Parallel port adapter
6011Computer Logics LTD MicroLogic II Adapter
6014Standard Microsystems Corporation ARCNET-PS110
6018Gateway Communications G/Ethernet Controller
601FHewlett-Packard Scanner Interface Adapter
6029MetraByte UCDAS-8P6A Data Aquisition Board
6040Intel 2400B Modem 2
60423Com EtherLink/MC Ethernet Adapter
60C9Boca Research Bidirectional Parallel Adapter
60E5BOCA.MCA Serial/Parallel adapter
6147Micro Channel Compatible Key Card
6169AGCT Ltd. Micro Channel Game Card
6180LavaLink Dual Async Adapter
6181Lava Systems Parallel Adapter
61BFIntel SatisFAXtion Board
62FCThe Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
62FEThe Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
62FFThe Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
63B3CH Products Gamecard III
64FFThe Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
6600Ziatech GPIB adapter
67FDArtist 12MC Graphics Controller
6A03IMS B017 Transputer Module Motherboard
6A90DragonDictate Speech Board
6A93ISDN-S/2 Adapter
6AB4Mayze Systems Ltd - Syncro 24PS V26 bis Modem
6AB5Mayze Systems Ltd - Syncro 48PS V27 ter Modem
6AFBMiracom Keycard/PS Modem
6B0FSiemens BAM Adapter (FM9750 Emulator)
6B1BREDIO RAMPA Engineering Digital I/O Card
6B29Techland Sync Comms Adapter
6B80Dataflex Design MCA Biscom Modem
6B94CORE ESDI Fixed Disk Controller
6B95CORE ESDI Fixed Disk Controller
6BDBIBM PC Network Baseband Adapter/A
6BF8Serial Communications Card
6C06Sanyo CD-ROM Adapter
6C0FRoland MIDI Processing Unit - MPU-IMC
6C67OPTO 22 Isolated RS-485 Serial Port
6C68OPTO 22 Dual RS-485 Serial Port
6C69OPTO 22 Pamux 4 Adapter
6CBBDATEM dDCM800MC BITBUS Interface Adapter
6DACLogitech ScanMan, Hand-held scanner
6DE0UDS Sync-Up/2 9600 V.32 Modem
6DEDUS Robotics Courier 2400 eps Modem
6DD5Sync-Up 2/v.32 by Universal Data Systems
6DF1Emerald Technology, Inc. 3XPlus/2
6DF4Emerald Technology, Inc. 3XPlus/2 Rev. B
6E6CIBM Audio Capture & Playback Adapter/A
6E6EEICON Technology Single Port Communication Adapter Level 2
6E78IRMA2-MCA Adapter
6E79IRMA 3 3270 Coax Adapter
6E7CDCA Intelligent Comm Adapter
6EE7IMC Networks Corporation PCnic II Ethernet Controller
6F01Hayes 2400 bps Smartmodem Model 2400P
6F04Hayes Enhanced Serial Port Adapter
6F6FEICON Technology Single Port Communication Adapter Level 1
6F7EStreet Electronics 'ECHO' Speech Synthesizer
6FBBRacal-Vadic 2400/PS Autodial Modem
6FBFWATSON Board by Natural MicroSystems
6FC0Western Digital WD8003ET/A Ethernet Adapter
6FC1Western Digital WD8003ST/A Starlan Adapter
6FC9Applied Digital Parallel Adapter
6FCBPractical Peripherals PM2400 Internal Modem
6FD7CHI Communication Adapter
6FE4DigiBoard PS-COM/16
6FE5DigiBoard PS-COM/8
6FE6DigiBoard PS-COM/4
6FE9DigiBoard Open-Ender
6FEADigiBoard Open-Ender RS422
6FFCJovian Logic Corp. VIA
7000AST Advantage/2 286 0-8M memory adapter
7001AST Advantage/2 286 with Dual Serial Port Option
7002AST Advantage/2 286 with Serial & Parallel Port Option
7010Tecmar MicroRAM 386 Multifunction Board
7011Tecmar MicroRAM AD Multifunction Board
7012Ungermann-Bass PC3030 Ethernet Adapter
701ATrueScan Version: Calera Recongnition Systems Inc
7048EDSUN Memory board
7049EDSUN Memory board
704EIBM AVC Video Capture Adapter/A (NTSC)
7050AST RampagePlus/MC
7051AST RampagePlus/MC With I/O Pak/MC-S Option
7052AST RampagePlus/MC With I/O Pak/MC-SP Option
706FAOX Micromaster 386 Card
707EIrwin 4100MC Controller
7081AST Advantage/2 386 with Dual Serial Port Option
7082AST Advantage/2 386 with Serial & Parallel Port Option
7083AST Advantage/2 386 0-8M memory adapter
7086CRi 'Coherent Processor' Content Addressable Memory
708EKingston KTM-8000/286 Expansion Memory Adapter
708FKingston KTM-8000/386 Expansion Memory Adapter
70B0Intel Above Board MC32
70C4Excalibur EXC-1553 PS2/E card
70CEIBM Video Capture Adapter/A (PAL)
70D7AdLib MC Music Synthesizer Adapter
7154NetWare NE/2 NIC
7188Mountain QIC-02 Adapter
7283Bit3 MCA Adapter
7400MicroGate SV32 Modem - SDLC - 9600bps
7430Paragon Enhanced 80386 4-16MB Memory Expansion
76DAQUADMEG PS/Q Memory Adapter vR1 .. ENHANCED MODE (primary)
76DEQUADMEG PS/Q Memory Adapter vR1 .. ENHANCED MODE (secondary)
7788Above Board 2 Plus
7D7FOrchid Ramquest Extra 16/32 V1.1
7DF0SYSGEN PST100 Tape Adapter
7E76Overland Data 9 Track Tape Coupler Model XL/2
7EC0AccuLogic SIMMply RAM
7F7FPS/2 SBCA Communications Adapter
7FEBAdvanced Digital PC EXBUS
7FF9IOMEGA PC4 Host Adapter Board
7FFAIOMEGA PC4B-37 Host Adapter Board
8002AHEAD Systems Inc. VGA Enhancer-Z, Rev. A
8009Vermont Microsystems COBRA /2
800DPIXELWORKS PS/2 Ultra Clipper Graphics Subsystem V1.1
800FMicrocomp DR-one MultiVGA
8081Telesensory System Vista/2 Adapter
8088ATI 8514/Ultra Graphics Adapter
8099Number Nine Pepper PRO1024 MCA Graphics Adapter
80A9Intel Action Media i750 DS1 DVI Adapter
80B3M-Motion Video Adapter
80CBArlunya SC306 Standards Converter
80CCMicrofield T8/2 High Resolution Graphics Controller
80F8Matrox PG2-1281 Hi-res Graphics Controller
8102Colorgraphics Corp. Dual VGA/Microchannel
8484IBM 5080 Serial Link Adapter
8DF0IBM Image Adapter/A
8DF1IBM Image Adapter/A and Printer/Scanner Option
8DF2DSS and Sub card 2
8DF3DSS and Sub card 3
8DF4IBM Image Adapter/A
8DF5IBM Image Adapter/A and Printer/Scanner Option
8EFDIBM 7568 Industrial Computer SCSI adapter w/cache
8EFFIBM PS/2 SCSI Adapter with Cache
8F70IBM Realtime Interface Co-Processor Portmaster Adapter/A
8FDAIBM XGA-2 Video Adapter
8FDBIBM XGA Video Adapter
8FC4IBM Personal/370 Processor
8FC8IBM Token-Ring Network 16/4 Busmaster Server Adapter/A
8FCFIBM Remote 5250 Adapter/A
A980DVT/EVT Intel Action Media i750 DS1 DVI Adapter
D77FIBM 4755 Cryptographic Adapter
DDFFIBM ESDI Fixed Disk Controller
DE90IBM 5582 Printer/Scanner Adapter
DEFFIBM Multi-Protocol Communications Adapter
DF3FIBM IEEE488 Adapter/A
DF7FIBM 3363 Optical Disk
DF9FIBM Integrated Fixed Disk Controller
DFAFIBM 4250 Printer Adapter/A
DFBFIBM 6157 Streaming Tape Adapter Card
DFF6IBM 3890/XP Interface Adapter
DFFAIBM 1.2M 5.25 Inch Diskette Drive Adapter
DFFDIBM ST506 Fixed Disk Controller
E000IBM Token-Ring Network Adapter/A
E001IBM 16/4Mb Token Ring Adapter/A
E014IBM S/370 Channel Emulator/A
E016IBM 300/1200/2400 Internal Modem/A
E04EIBM High Speed Adapter/A
E04FIBM 3119 Scanner Adapter/A
E1FFIBM 3270 Connection Version B
E7FFIBM 3270 Connection Version A
EA10IBM Analog Input/Output Card
EAA8IBM Engineering Graphics Adapter
EAFFIBM 4 port serial adapter
ECCEIBM Display Adapter 1.10
ECECIBM Display Adapter 1.00
EDAFIBM P70 Plasma Display controller
EDFFIBM 300/1200 Baud Internal Modem
EECEIBM 4684 Device Channel
EEE7IBM Model 90 Planar Serial Port
EEFFIBM Dual Async Adapter
EF7FIBM Display Adapter 8514/A
EF8FIBM Extended Async Communication Adapter/A
EFB0IBM ISDN Interface Co-Processor/2 Model 2
EFCFIBM Store Loop Adapter
EFD4IBM PS/2 Adapter for Ethernet Networks
EFE0IBM ISDN Interface Co-Processor/2
EFE2IBM FAX Server Card
EFE5IBM PS/2 Adapter/A for Ethernet Networks
EFE6IBM Data Exchange Adapter for 9391 Model 14
EFEFIBM PC Network Adapter
EFF0IBM Realtime Interface Co-processor Multiport/2 or X.25 /2
EFF2IBM G3 Adapter/A
EFF5Ungermann-Bass NICps/2 Ethernet LAN Adapter
EFF6IBM Personal Pageprinter Adapter/A
EFF8IBM TTL Async Communication Adapter/A
EFFEIBM Display Adapter II 1.10
EFFFIBM Video Adapter-J 1.10
F000IBM Micro Channel Bus Adapter
F04FIBM 3117 Scanner Adapter/A
FA74IBM 7437 PS/2 Interface Adapter Card
F7CEIBM EMS Support Card (for PS/55 5530Zxx)
F7F7IBM Memory Expansion Adapter 2-8M 80286
F7FEIBM Extended Memory Adapter/A (2M or 0-8M)
FAFFIBM Memory Expansion Adapter 2-6M 80386
FCFFIBM Memory Expansion Adapter 2-8M 80386
FDDFIBM Enhanced Memory Adapter 80386
FEFEIBM Memory Expansion Adapter 1-2M 80286
FF7FBuilt In Features
FFAFBuilt In Features
FFCFIBM Store Loop Adapter
FFDEIBM Gearbox Model 800 0-16MB Extended Memory Adapter
FFF8IBM S36/38 Workstation Emulation Adapter
FFFEIBM External 360K Diskette Drive Adapter
0101p1840 ProNET-4 Network Adapter for PS/2
04DCOmninet/4 PS/2 Transporter
0803Madge MC Ringnode
0EFFNorthern Telecom Lanstar/MC Card
0FDFNI9210 Micro Channel Network Controller
5035Panasonic FX-RS505/RS506 Image Scanner Adapter
511FNetWorth, Inc. - v Series
5126Tecmar Floppy Tape Controller
5152Intel Micro Channel Connection CoProcessor
5156Intel Micro Channel Connection CoProcessor with Modem Option
5356TOPS FlashCard/MC LocalTalk Adapter
5500COREtape Controller
5607Cabletron Ethernet Board E3010-X
57DFDFI Handy Scanner HS-3000-II
57FEMicro Channel Tape Drive Host Adapter
5822Small 4 Port Chase Research Intelligent Serial I/O Controller
58234 Port Chase Research Intelligent Serial I/O Controller
58248 Port Chase Research Intelligent Serial I/O Controller
582516 Port Chase Research Intelligent Serial I/O Controller
5CECCEC PS<>488 GPIB Adapter
5CEDPS<>488 IEEE-488 Adapter from CEC (rev D)
5F60Tiara Local Area Networks LANcard/A-II ARCnet Adapter
5FE1MXI-1000 GPIB interface adapter
6001Tiara LanCard/E*MC TWISTED PAIR Adapter
601CMulti-Tech Systems MT224PS/ES
6060IDEAcomm 5251 4 LU short card
6092Rabbit RB78 Coax Adapter
609EMICROTEK MS-PS/2 Interface Adapter
60C2Boca Research Dual Async/Parallel Adapter
60D0Hayes JT Fax 4800P
6106Altera LP5 Logic Programmer
611BRaster Devices Controller
611FNetWorth, Inc. - EtherNext/MC Network Adapter
6205Excelan EXOS 215T Intelligent Ethernet Adapter
6221The ITI LinkUp COAX - 3270 Emulation Adapter
6247Lasergraphics RASCOL IV
6262p1800 ProNET-10 Network Adapter for PS/2
63CAHewlett Packard StarLAN-10 Adapter Rev 1.1
64B6Thomas-Conrad ARC-CARD/MC
6508PDIUC508 Micro Channel ARCNET Interface Adapter
655BWang Micro Channel Local Office Connection (MCLOC)
6612Evercom 24/2 Modem
6674DayStar LocalTalk/MCA AppleTalk Adapter - DayStar Digital
677FATTACHMATE - Advanced 3270 Adapter/2
678FBBS GPIB-3000
6AE7Dacom Asyncronous Modem Version 1.0
6B28Mainlan Network Adapter
6BBAInternal Ethernet Controller
6BBCInternal Synchronous Communications
6CECGAT PS2 Coprocessor
6D6DEICON TECHNOLOGY : Laser Printer Adapter / Micro Channel
6DD6Sync-Up 2/201
6DE1Sync-Up 2/T9628B
6DE2Fastalk 2/V.32
6DE3Fastalk 2/2400
6DE4Fastalk 2/1200
6DE5Sync-Up 2/V.22 bis
6DE6Sync-Up 2/201/212
6DE7Sync-Up 2/208/201
6DEFDigital Ethernet Micro Channel Adapter
6DF0Emerald Technology, Inc. 3XTwin/2
6EEESync-Up 2/Multi-Protocol Adapter
6FC2WD EtherCard PLUS 10T/A (WD8003W/A)
6FFFInteractive Images Touch Screen Adapter
7020Cumulus 2 Meg Expanded/Extended Memory Multifunction Adapter V1.0
7074Video Capture Adapter/A
7090AST-5251/11A Enhanced Adapter
7091AST-3270/CoaxIIA Adapter
7092AST-CC423/A Adapter
7401QIC80 Tape Drive Controller
7CECOS/RAM4 Memory Adapter
7CEDOS/RAM8 Memory Adapter, Capital Equipment Corp
7CEEOS/RAM32 Memory Adapter, Capital Equipment Corp
7F4FNCR SCSI Host Adapter Board
8080Control Systems Artist 10 MC
80AFCornerstone DualPage Hi-Res Monitor and Adapter
8888Metaphor WS2XP/MCA
8EF7IBM Gearbox Model 800 System Resource Card
8FFFIBM Gearbox Model 800 Processor Card
FCF0Serial/Parallel Adapter
0DE0XGA Display Adapter
8FD9IBM XGA Video Adapter
8FD8IBM XGA Video Adapter
0041EtherLink/MC 32 (PN 3C527)
0063RAC/M** IX
0100NCR 16/4 Token Ring Adapter/MC
0611Hercules Graphics Station MC
081812-Bit 16-Channel Analog to Digital Converter Board
081912-Bit 8-Channel Digital to Analog Converter Board
081A32-Bit Photocoupler I/O-Board
5047(IC640WMI920) GE Fanuc Series 90 Work Station Interface
5073Bi-Tech 2300 Smart SCSI Interface
5077Rabbit RB77 Remote Communications Adapter
51FFETen Laser Printer Controller
5278RPTI-NET 1000M (R1000M-001/3)
56CED-Link** (DN-300)
582FEDS 424 PCMAC Tape Drive Adapter for the IBM* PS/2*Computers
5F51IDEAcomm** 5250/Remote Gateway
5FD7Pentax** IQ Scan** Interface Card for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
6061IDEAcomm** 3278/DFT Gateway
608EMultifunction HYPERAM MC 32/16
60DFRabbit RB74 Remote Communications Processor
612DDaynaTALK**MC LocalTalk** Interface Card
613DRabbit RB75 Remote Communications Processor
61675136-SD-M Direct-Link** Interface Card
616AWide Area Network Interface Co-Processor (WNIC)
616CA-Bus Data Acquisition and Control Adapter
61A2Digital Audio Playback Adapter
61C4LanWay** TR 16/4 for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
61C7AVM ISDN-Controller B1 for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
61D6MSA Multi-Serial Adapter
61E1MC2450MNP - 2400 Baud Modem with MNP** or MC2450 - 2400 Baud Modem
61E8LASAT PSM96Prestige or PSM96Plus or PSM24Prestige
61EBFAXPRO** 1402-IO
61ECFAXPRO** 6000-PP
61FDIntelliPort** Cluster Controller PSCC and C16 RemoteCluster
6213C1000 IDE Hard Drive Adapter
621DVideoWindows for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
621FHP C1753A ScanJet IIc Interface Kit
6253Touchscreen Controller Model E271-2202 for Accutouch** Touchscreen
626CMS1553MC MIL-STD1553 Adapter Card for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
6293Rabbit RB62 Coaxial Communications Adapter
62F0Advanced Image Processor 2 for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
62F4Memorex Telex 6508 SSI LINK-MC Adapter
6320MCL-920 Digital I/O and Counter Card
6343LANtastic** 2 MBps MC Adapter
6348MCL-948 IEEE-488 Interface Card
63FENCR** 796 Terminal Emulator
642FPS2000 OCR Reader Adapter Card
6442NCR ISDN Personal Computer Terminal Adapter/MC
6449NCR ISDN Data Terminal Adapter/MC
651BRacore 802.5 Token-Ring
6578Exchange Series** Sync Interface Adapter
657EDFL 104 Multi Function I/O Adapter
65D4Howtek Scanner Parallel Interface
65F1ShineLink 3270 Terminal Emulator (LCS-8848/II)
65F2ShineNet LAN Card (LCS-8834-II)
65F3Shine Modem Card (LCS-8824B/II)
6688MC-8 Intelligent Multi-Serial Controller
6688MC-8 Intelligent Multi-Serial Controller
67673270 Coax Adapter/MC**
6769Hardlock on Card for IBM* PS/2* Computers
6785S/485 RS-422/485 Serial Adapter
678DMSP/4 Four-Channel Serial + Parallel Adapter
6790MSI-QSA/2 - Quad Serial Adapter
6791MSI-SA/2 - Serial Adapter
6792MSI-PA/2 - Parallel Adapter
6793MSI-PSA/2 - Parallel/Serial Adapter
6794MSI-DDA/2 - Dual RS-422/485 Differential Serial Adapter
6796MSI-DPA/2 - Dual Parallel Adapter
679FMSI-GPIB/2 - General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB/IEEE 488) Adapter
67B0LANtastic** AE-2 MC Ethernet** Adapter
67C0MS/2 Dual RS-232 Serial Adapter
67C1MAS/2 Dual Asynch/Synch Adapter
67EAIRIScom III Coax Adapter for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
67FEARTIST 16 MC** Graphic Controller
6954MicroCAT** Measurement Coprocessor
69DCCorNet Adapter
69DDTokenNet 1000
69E7COMLIB 2 - Synchronous/Asynchronous Adapter for Library Applications
69EBVoicecard 2000
69ECIF-330 9-channel Counter/Timer Board
69F0Phase 1 Adapter for IBM* P/S* Computers
69F25250 60 Cal Emulation Card Mod. 3M50
69F8DX-6600 Tape Drive Controller
69F9ibex** ISC-Intelligent Serial Communication Adapter
6A0AIF-800 Universal (E)EPROM Programmer
6A14NCR WaveLAN** Network Interface Card
6A15SAKHR** Arabic ROM Card (Model AX35MC)
6A2D9100 Kit for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
6A3CT.D.T. Single Pad Karte Synchron MC
6A40Microeye Picturebook Adapter
6A47Scanner Interface Mod. CT 1020 for the Micro Channel* Architecture
6A48Connection Board for Expansion Chassis Mod. CT 971
6A4APE 117 Smart Card Security Device
6A4EIX22 Data/Fax Modem for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
6A51Terminal Emulation Adapter
6A59AC-2060 ESDI Controller
6A5AMainLan Ethernet Adapter
6A62PSP400 Cryptographic Module
6A65PCX.21 P/A Multi-protocol Communication Adapter
6A76IF-120 Optocoupler Card
6A77IF-140 32 bit Digital I/O, 16 bit Counter
6A78IF-230 Multifunction Card
6A79IF-450 Intelligent RS422/RS485/RS232-Interface
6A7AIF-600 Reed Relay Card
6A7BDual Channel Printer Port Adaptor
6AC2SNM 12 PS Modem
6AC3SNM 16 Modem
6AC6MC-SIO-4 Serial Input/Output Communications Card
6ACBMC-PIO-48 Programmable Input/Output Card
6ACFModem Fonico R.C. Sysnet SMF-22
6B2CTurbo Image Accelerator
6B4DPCX.21 N/A Multi-protocol Communication Adapter
6B8FM6520 ARCNET** 4-port Internal Active Hub Master Controller
6B9ATechnology Concepts CCB
6B9BSpecialix SI Family
6BA7T.D.T. Single Pad Karte Asynchron MC
6BBEM6060 Serial/Parallel Printer Adapters
6BBFM6600 Ethernet** Adapter
6BC0M6620 Ethernet** Adapter with Boot PROM Option
6BC1M6550 16-bit ARCNET** Adapter
6BFDPCX.21 /A Multi-protocol Communication Adapter
6C07Image Scanner Adapter Kit IK-2
6C3AModConnect MC-984 Programmable Controller, AM-0984-MCO
6C3BModConnect SM-85 MODBUS PLUS** Communication Adapter, AM-SM85-000
6C7CPhaser Two Model 50+
6CC7CCS7 Attachment for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
6CFDOPTIPAC** Series 250 for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
6DEBMultiCom 5250/Model #PS5250 or PSG 5250/Model #PSG5250
6E7ELinkUp** 3270 M/Coax Platform
6F0ACAMAC Interface (Model 2928-Z1A)
6F4BRTI**-220 Analog Input/Output Expansion Board
6F4DRTI**-217 High Density Digital Input/Output Board
6F4ERTI**-205 Multifunction Analog and Digital Input/Output Board
6F4FRTI**-204 Analog Input and Digital Input/Output Board
6F5BRTI**-222 Analog Output Expansion Board
6F6BAccuSpec**/MC Acquisition Interface
6FADCodeNet** 8320/8322 Fiber Optic / 8321 FOIRL Ethernet** Network Interface Card
6FB3SCS-MC Communications Co-Processor
6FBEX-LINK** File Accelerator/2**
6FECDigiCHANNEL** C/X System for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
7007HYPERAM MC 32/16
704FMulti-Protocol Communication Adapter/MC
7055KF-9250 High Performance Document Processor or KF-9200-2001
705F4MB Memory Expansion Card
7064AW-RCP (Register Communications Processor)
7069Dual Asynchronous Card
706CLV-6010 Corvette Display Adapter
006EEnhanced MicroMASTER** 386
7071PACSTOR** SCSI Host Adapter for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
708DSCSI Host Adapter for IBM* PS/2* Computers with Micro Channel* Bus
70D0KTM-16000/386 Magic RAM
70D8RAMXtender MC-16 Memory Expansion Board
70DECompex ENET-16MC/U
7130NCL 600 SCSI Host Adapter
7180Parity + Plus** Model P32110
7181Parity + Plus** Model P16110
7200SyncLink** Communications Card
7201Unified Serial Adapter
7222Bullet Modem Model #PS2400M
7226Bullet Modem Model #PS9696M
72F1(DAYI) Chinese-Input Interface Card
72F7ETen Chinese Font Card
72FCQIC-02 Tape Adaptor (LCS-6818/II)
7803PS Multiport Adapter
780CAD/DA 110 Card for the IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
781ERaster Image Processor Mod. CT 5177 for Micro Channel* Architecture
7823EMA/Extra Memory Adapter
7825IB-232-MC16-Ultimate RAM System
7826IB-232-MC32-Ultimate RAM System
7E7FSIMMply-RAM for the IBM* PS/2* Computers
7F00Compex ANET-16/MC or ANET Network Adapter
7F3FNCI** 4700 Banking Card/MC**
7FD8Koax 3270 MC Adapter
8007Page Manager/2 Series 7 or Series 12 or Page Manager 100
8010Microeye IC Video Digitiser
8016ATRIS QUATTRO/20 or ATRIS/20 or NEFTIS/20 Display Adapter
8028DVA-4000 for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
803BSPEA Graphiti Flash 1-GS/HE or SPEA Graphiti Flash 1-P
8044Paradise 8514/A Plus**
8051egs-VGA for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
8052Liberty MC Graphics Board
8054GS80B for IBM* PS/2* Computers with Micro Channel* Architecture
8055GS16B for IBM* PS/2* Computers with Micro Channel* Architecture
8057Microeye Video Output Board
8058Frame Buffer and H.R. Monitor Mod. CT 820 for Micro Channel* Bus
8060High Resolution Graphic Board
8067TV Tuner for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
807BKF-9200 Document Display System
80ABATC-1148 Flat Panel Display Adapter
80ACPageView** for IBM* PS/2* Computers with Micro Channel* Bus
80ADSilverView** for IBM* PS/2* Computers with Micro Channel* Bus
80C9SilverView** for IBM* PS/2* Computers with Micro Channel* Bus
80C3ARTIST XJS MC** Graphic Controller
80C4ARTIST TI16 MC** Graphic Controller
80E7Nth Engine** 330 Display Controller
80FCPowergraph Ergo-VGA/MC
8100VGA Eagle and VGA Eagle-CV
810EDrawingCard** for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
8115Master Graphics CADcelerator
8117SORAC** VideoCapture S0-212
8118VGA/PAL-MC Video Conversion Card
8119VGA/NTSC-MC Video Conversion Card
8127Stone Multivideo Multiuser Terminal Adaptor
8174Ultra Clipper** Rainbow
8175Quad VGA for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
90EESVGA Adapter/A
8FBBIBM RAID Controller
8EFCIBM PS/2 SCSI-2 Adapter

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