QCONFIG - Recognized Planars

Information extracted from the QCONFIG executable (PC DOS J7.0/V update C) by Major Tom.

DCFFPS/55 Model 5545-T
DEFEPS/2 Model 77
DFFEPS/2 Model 76
DFFFPS/2 Model 70 16/20 MHz
E0FEPS/2 Model 57 25 MHz (Type 9557)
E0FFPS/2 Model P75 33 MHz
E1FEPS/2 Model 56 25 MHz (Type 9556)
E2FEPS/2 Model 57 20 MHz
E3FEPS/2 Model 53 486SLC2 (Type 9553)
E3FFPS/2 Model 65 16 MHz
E4FEPS/2 Model 95 2S/2P
E5FEPS/2 Model 90 2S/2P
E6FEPS/2 Model 56 20 MHz
E6FFPS/55 Model 5535-S
EE7CPS/2 Model 76i/77i/76s/77s
F0FCPS/55 Model 5530-U2/V2
F0FDPS/55 Model 5530-U1/V1
F0FEPS/55 Model 5530-U0
F1E8ThinkPad 720
F1E9ThinkPad 720C
F1EAThinkPad 700 SLC2
F1EBThinkPad 700C SLC2
F1ECThinkPad 700C
F1EEThinkPad 700
F1EFPS/55 Model CL57
F1FEPS/2 Model N51
F1FFPS/55 Model 5551-V0/V1
F2FFRicoh Mytool-0
F3FFPS/2 Model 70 16/20 MHz
F4FFPS/2 Model P70 20 MHz
F5FEPS/55 Model 5530-T1
F5FFPS/2 Model 55 LS
F6FFPS/55 Model 5530-T0
F7FFPS/2 Model 60 10 MHz
F9FEPS/55 Model 5561
F9FFPS/2 Model 70 25 MHz
FBFFPS/2 Model 50/55
FCFFPS/2 Model 70 25 MHz
FDFEPS/55 Model 5551-V2
FDFFPS/2 Model 80 20 MHz
FEDCPS/55 Model 7551-N3/Y3
FEDEPS/55 Model 5551-N3/Y3
FEDFPS/2 Model 85
FEE8PS/55 Model 5530-L
FEE9PS/55 Model 5551-L/R
FEFFPS/2 Model 80 16 MHz
FF1FPS/55 Model 5530-Z0 286
FF2FPS/55 Model 5530-S0
FF4FPS/55 Model 5530-S1
FF6FPS/2 Model 90
FF85PS/55 Model 7551-W/Y
FF86PS/55 Model 5551-W/Y
FF87PS/55 Model 5530-W
FF9FPS/2 Model 95
FFAFPS/2 Model P70 16 MHz
FFDCPS/2 Model 85
FFDFPS/2 Model 85
FFEEPS/55 Model 5551-S1/T1
FFF2PS/55 Model 5541-T
FFF6PS/55 Model 5502-T0
FFF9PS/2 Model 80 25 MHz
FFFAPS/55 Model 5551-S0/T0
FFFCPS/55 Model 5571-T
FFFDPS/55 Model 5571-S

Content created and/or collected by:
Louis Ohland, Peter Wendt, David Beem, William Walsh, Tatsuo Sunagawa, Jim Shorney, Tim Clarke, Kevin Bowling, Tomáš Slavotínek, and many others.

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