QCONFIG - Recognized Machines

Information extracted from the QCONFIG executable (PC DOS J7.0/V update C) by Major Tom.

Please note that the list below represents the static data stored within the QCONFIG binary. Some of this data is not used as-is but additional processing/on-the-fly checks are done by the QCONFIG code to pinpoint a particular machine, CPU, and slot configuration more accurately.

The Unk. column is used only as a part of the mouse detection code (checked against 500h) and a couple of other places (always checked against 0). The exact meaning of this data is currently unknown. Almost all PS/2 and PS/55 machines are ≥ 500h except for Models 25 386SX & 30 386SX (why?). If you have any clue what these values mean, let us know.

# of SlotsUnk.
FFhFFh0IBM PCIntel 80884.77 MHzPC 8-bit54101h
FFh00h0IBM PCIntel 80884.77 MHzPC 8-bit54101h
FEhFFh0IBM XTIntel 80884.77 MHzPC 8-bit54201h
FEh00h0IBM XTIntel 80884.77 MHzPC 8-bit54201h
FBhFFh1IBM XT-089Intel 80884.77 MHzPC 8-bit54201h
FBh00h1IBM XT-089Intel 80884.77 MHzPC 8-bit54201h
FBh00h2IBM XT-089Intel 80884.77 MHzPC 8-bit54202h
FDhFFh0IBM PCJrIntel 80884.77 MHzPC 8-bit00301h
FDh00h0IBM PCJrIntel 80884.77 MHzPC 8-bit00301h
F9hFFh0IBM PC ConvertibleIntel 80884.77 MHzPC 8-bit00101h
F9h00h0IBM PC ConvertibleIntel 80884.77 MHzPC 8-bit00101h
FAhFFh08086 Family MachineIntel 80868 MHzPC 8-bit20501h
FAh01h0IBM PS/2 Model 25Intel 80868 MHzPC 8-bit22501h
FAh00h0IBM PS/2 Model 30Intel 80868 MHzPC 8-bit43502h
FAh30h0IBM Restaurant TerminalIntel 80868 MHzPC 8-bit43502h
FAhFEh0IBM PCradio 9075Intel 8018610 MHzPC 8-bit43502h
FChFFh080286 Family MachineIntel 2860AT 16-bit87402h
FCh00h0IBM ATIntel 2866 MHzAT 16-bit87401h
FCh00h1IBM AT-239Intel 2866 MHzAT 16-bit87402h
FCh01h0IBM AT-339Intel 2868 MHzAT 16-bit87403h
FCh02h0IBM PC XT Model 286Intel 2866 MHzAT 16-bit87203h
FCh04h0IBM PS/2 Model 50Intel 28610 MHzMCA 16-bit43511h
FCh04h2IBM PS/2 Model 50Intel 28610 MHzMCA 16-bit43511h
FCh04h3IBM PS/2 Model 50ZIntel 28610 MHzMCA 16-bit43511h
FCh04h4IBM PS/2 Model 50ZIntel 28610 MHzMCA 16-bit43511h
FCh05h0IBM PS/2 Model 60Intel 28610 MHzMCA 16-bit87521h
FCh06h0IBM PC 7552-140Intel 28610 MHzMCA 16-bit87521h
FCh06h1IBM PC 7552-540Intel 28610 MHzMCA 16-bit87521h
FCh06h2IBM PC 7552-540 (16M)Intel 28610 MHzMCA 16-bit87521h
FCh08h0IBM PS/2 Model 25/286Intel 28610 MHzAT 16-bit22501h
FCh09h0IBM PS/2 Model 30/286Intel 28610 MHzAT 16-bit43503h
FCh0Ah0IBM PS/55 Model 5530-Z 286Intel 28610 MHzMCA 16-bit43511h
FCh0Bh0IBM PS/1Intel 28610 MHzAT 16-bit00481h
FCh81h0IBM PS/55Z Model 5510-Z 286Intel 28612 MHzAT 16-bit43503h
FCh81h1OEM MachineIntel 38620 MHzAT 16-bit87450h
FCh82h1OEM MachineIntel 38620 MHzAT 16-bit87450h
F8hFFh0386 or above MachineIntel 3860AT 16-bit43500h
F8h00h0IBM PS/2 Model 80Intel 38616 MHzMCA 32-bit87551h
F8h01h0IBM PS/2 Model 80Intel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit87551h
F8h02h0IBM PS/55 Model 5571-SIntel 38616 MHzMCA 32-bit86551h
F8h04h0IBM PS/2 Model 70Intel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit43541h
F8h05h0IBM PC 7568-1xx (GEARBOX 800)Intel 38625 MHzMCA 32-bit97559h
F8h06h0IBM PS/55 Model 5571-TIntel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit86551h
F8h07h0IBM PC 7561/2Intel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit87551h
F8h07h1IBM PS/55 Model 5551-TIntel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit53541h
F8h07h2IBM PS/55 Model 5551-TIntel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit53541h
F8h07h3IBM PS/55 Model 5551-TIntel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit53541h
F8h07h4IBM PS/55 Model 5551-TIntel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit53541h
F8h09h0IBM PS/2 Model 70Intel 38616 MHzMCA 32-bit43541h
F8h0Ah0IBM PS/55 Model 5551-SIntel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit53541h
F8h0Bh0IBM PS/2 Model P70Intel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit32542h
F8h0Ch0IBM PS/2 Model 55 SXIntel 386SX16 MHzMCA 16-bit43531h
F8h0Dh0IBM PS/2 Model 70Intel 38625 MHzMCA 32-bit43541h
F8h0Eh0IBM PS/1 486SXIntel 486SX20 MHzAT 16-bit43483h
F8h0Eh40hIBM PS/V 486SXIntel 486SX20 MHzAT 16-bit43483h
F8h0Eh42hIBM PS/V 486SXIntel 486SX20 MHzAT 16-bit43483h
F8h0Eh44hIBM PS/V 486SXIntel 486SX20 MHzAT 16-bit43483h
F8h0Eh46hIBM PS/V 486SXIntel 486SX20 MHzAT 16-bit43483h
F8h0Eh48hIBM PS/V 486SXIntel 486SX20 MHzAT 16-bit43483h
F8h0Fh0IBM PS/1 486DXIntel 48633 MHzAT 16-bit43483h
F8h0Fh40hIBM PS/V 486DXIntel 48633 MHzAT 16-bit43483h
F8h0Fh42hIBM PS/V 486DXIntel 48633 MHzAT 16-bit43483h
F8h0Fh44hIBM PS/V 486DXIntel 48633 MHzAT 16-bit43483h
F8h0Fh46hIBM PS/V 486DXIntel 48633 MHzAT 16-bit43483h
F8h0Fh48hIBM PS/V 486DXIntel 48633 MHzAT 16-bit43483h
F8h10h0IBM PS/55 Model 5551-V0Intel 38625 MHzMCA 32-bit53541h
F8h11h0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 48625 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h12h0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h13h0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 48633 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h14h0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 48625 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h15h0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h16h0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 48633 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h17h0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h19h0IBM PS/2 35 or 40 SXIntel 386SX20 MHzAT 16-bit33505h
F8h1Ah0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h1Bh0IBM PS/2 Model 70 (486)Intel 48625 MHzMCA 32-bit43541h
F8h1Ch0IBM PS/2 Model 65 SXIntel 386SX16 MHzMCA 16-bit87532h
F8h1Dh0IBM PC 7568-Cxx (GEARBOX 800)Intel 48625 MHzMCA 32-bit97559h
F8h1Dh1IBM PC 7568-Cxx (GEARBOX 800)Intel 48625 MHzMCA 32-bit97559h
F8h1Dh10hIBM PC 7568-Dxx (GEARBOX 800)Intel 486DX225 MHzMCA 32-bit97559h
F8h1Eh0IBM PS/2 Model 55 LSIntel 386SX16 MHzMCA 16-bit43531h
F8h1Fh0IBM ValuePoint 486Intel 486SX0AT 16-bit55490h
F8h23h0IBM PS/2 L40 SXIntel 386SX20 MHzAT 16-bit33504h
F8h25h0IBM PS/2 Model 57 SLCIBM 386SLC20 MHzMCA 16-bit55533h
F8h26h0IBM PS/2 Model 57 SXIntel 386SX20 MHzMCA 16-bit55533h
F8h28h0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 48650 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h29h0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 48650 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h2Ah0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 48650 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h2Bh0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 48650 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h2Ch0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 486SX20 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h2Dh0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 486SX20 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h2Eh0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 486SX20 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h2Fh0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 486SX20 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h30h0IBM PS/1 386SXIntel 386SX16 MHzAT 16-bit00482h
F8h33h0IBM PS/2 Model 30 386SXIntel 386SX20 MHzAT 16-bit00482h
F8h34h0IBM PS/2 Model 25 386SXIntel 386SX20 MHzAT 16-bit00482h
F8h36h0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 486DX233 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h37h0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 486DX233 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h38h0IBM PS/2 Model 57 SLC2/3IBM 486SLC225 MHzMCA 16-bit55533h
F8h39h0IBM PC 750 (MCA)Intel Pentium90 MHzMCA 32-bit44561h
F8h39h0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 1)Intel 486DX225 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h3Ch0IBM PC/NoteIntel 386SL25 MHzUnknown0040Bh
F8h3Fh0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 486DX225 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h40h0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 486DX225 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h41h0IBM PS/2 Model 77Intel 486SX33 MHzMCA 32-bit55545h
F8h42h0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 486DX233 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h43h0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 486DX233 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h44h0IBM PS/2 Model 95 ServerIntel 486DX233 MHzMCA 32-bit87581h
F8h45h0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel Pentium60 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h46h0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel Pentium60 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h47h0IBM PS/2 Model 95 ServerIntel Pentium60 MHzMCA 32-bit87581h
F8h48h0IBM PS/2 Model 85Intel 486SX33 MHzMCA 32-bit87552h
F8h49h0IBM ValuePoint 325TIBM 386SLC25 MHzAT 16-bit55490h
F8h4Ah0IBM ValuePoint 425SXIntel 486SX25 MHzAT 16-bit55490h
F8h4Bh0IBM ValuePoint 433DXIntel 48633 MHzAT 16-bit55490h
F8h4Eh0IBM PS/2 Model 295Intel 48633 MHzMCA 32-bit87589h
F8h50h0IBM PS/2 Model P70Intel 38616 MHzMCA 32-bit32542h
F8h52h0IBM PS/2 Model P75Intel 48633 MHzMCA 32-bit54543h
F8h56h0IBM PS/2 Model CL57 SXIntel 386SX20 MHzMCA 16-bit43533h
F8h57h0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 486SX25 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h58h0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 486SX25 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h59h0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 486SX25 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h5Ah0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 486SX25 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h5Bh0IBM PS/2 Model 90 XPIntel 48625 MHzMCA 32-bit43561h
F8h5Ch0IBM PS/2 Model 95 XPIntel 48625 MHzMCA 32-bit87571h
F8h5Dh0IBM PS/2 Model N51 SLCIBM 386SLC16 MHzMCA 16-bit32534h
F8h5Eh0IBM ThinkPad 700IBM 486SLC25 MHzMCA 16-bit3040Ah
F8h5Eh40hIBM ThinkPad 700CIBM 486SLC25 MHzMCA 16-bit3040Ah
F8h5Eh42hIBM ThinkPad 700CIBM 486SLC25 MHzMCA 16-bit3040Ah
F8h5Fh0IBM ThinkPad 710TIBM 486SLC25 MHzAT 16-bit3040Ah
F8h60h0IBM ThinkPad 720IBM 486SLC225 MHzMCA 16-bit3240Ah
F8h60h40hIBM ThinkPad 720CIBM 486SLC225 MHzMCA 16-bit3240Ah
F8h60h41hIBM ThinkPad 720CIBM 486SLC225 MHzMCA 16-bit3240Ah
F8h61h0IBM ThinkPad 750Intel 486SL33 MHzPCMCIA3240Ah
F8h62h0IBM ThinkPad 750CeIntel 486DX225 MHzPCMCIA3240Ah
F8h63h0IBM ThinkPad 360Intel 486SX33 MHzPCMCIA3240Ah
F8h64h0IBM ThinkPad 755Intel 486DX225 MHzPCMCIA3240Ah
F8h65h0IBM ThinkPad 340IBM 486SLC225 MHzPCMCIA2140Ah
F8h66h0IBM ThinkPad 370CIntel 486DX225 MHzPCMCIA2240Ah
F8h67h0IBM ThinkPad 345CIntel 486DX225 MHzPCMCIA1140Ah
F8h80h0IBM PS/55 Model 5570-VIntel 38625 MHzMCA 32-bit86551h
F8h80h1IBM PS/2 Model 80Intel 38625 MHzMCA 32-bit87551h
F8h80h2IBM PS/2 Model 80Intel 38625 MHzMCA 32-bit87551h
F8h81h0IBM PS/55 - 5502Intel 38625 MHzMCA 32-bit87551h
F8h82h0IBM PS/55 Model 5541-TIntel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit42541h
F8h83h0IBM PS/55 Model 5530-S1Intel 386SX20 MHzMCA 16-bit42541h
F8h84h0IBM PS/55 Model 5535-SIntel 386SX16 MHzMCA 16-bit31541h
F8h85h0IBM PS/55 Model 5545-TIntel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit42541h
F8h87h0IBM PS/2 Model N33SXIntel 386SX20 MHzMCA 16-bit43551h
F8h88h0IBM PS/55 Model 5530-T0Intel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit42541h
F8h8Ch0IBM PS/55 Model 5530-S0Intel 386SX16 MHzMCA 16-bit42541h
F8h8Dh0IBM PS/55 Model 5551-V1 486Intel 48625 MHzMCA 32-bit53541h
F8h8Eh0IBM PS/55 Model 5551-V2Intel 38625 MHzMCA 32-bit75541h
F8h8Fh0IBM PS/55 Model 5530-U1/V1/V2IBM 386SLC20 MHzMCA 16-bit53541h
F8h90h0IBM PS/55 Model 5561-W1 487SXIntel 48625 MHzMCA 32-bit64571h
F8h91h0IBM PS/55 Model 5551-V2 486Intel 48625 MHzMCA 32-bit75541h
F8h92h0IBM PS/55 Model 5561-W2Intel 486DX225 MHzMCA 32-bit64571h
F8h93h0IBM PS/55 Model 5561-W0Intel 48625 MHzMCA 32-bit64571h
F8h94h0IBM PS/55 Model 5561-Y0Intel 48633 MHzMCA 32-bit64571h
F8h95h0IBM PS/55 Model 5530-T1Intel 38620 MHzMCA 32-bit42541h
F8h96h0IBM PS/55Z Model 5530-SIntel 386SX20 MHzMCA 16-bit42541h
F8h97h0IBM PS/55 Note N33SXIntel 386SX16 MHzAT 16-bit32551h
F8h99h0IBM PS/2 Model N51 SXIntel 386SX16 MHzMCA 16-bit32534h
F8h9Ah0IBM PS/55 Model 5530-U0Intel 386SX20 MHzMCA 16-bit42541h
F8h9Bh0IBM PS/55 Model 5551-W1/5530-W1Intel 486SX20 MHzMCA 32-bit64571h
F8h9Ch0IBM PS/55 Model 5551-W1/5530-W1 487SXIntel 48620 MHzMCA 32-bit64571h
F8h9Dh0IBM PS/55 Model 5551-W2/5530-W2Intel 486DX220 MHzMCA 32-bit64571h
F8h9Fh0IBM PS/55 Model 5561-W1Intel 486SX25 MHzMCA 32-bit64571h
F8hA0h0IBM ThinkPad 550BJIBM 486SLC225 MHzPCMCIA3240Ah
F8hA1h0IBM PS/55 Note C23V/M23VIntel 386SX25 MHzPCMCIA2140Ah
F8hA1h1IBM PS/55 Note C23V/M23VIntel 386SX25 MHzPCMCIA2140Ah
F8hA1h3IBM ThinkPad 320IBM 486SLC225 MHzPCMCIA2140Ah
F8hA2h0IBM ThinkPad T22SXIntel 386SX16 MHzPCMCIA3240Ah
F8hA3h0IBM PS/55 Model 5561-N1Intel 486DX233 MHzMCA 32-bit64571h
F8hA4h0IBM PS/55 Model 5581-N1Intel 486DX233 MHzMCA 32-bit86571h
F8hA5h0IBM ThinkPad 220Intel 386SL16 MHzPCMCIA1140Ah
F8hA6h0IBM PS/55 Model 5561-N0Intel 486DX233 MHzMCA 32-bit64571h
F8hA7h0IBM PS/55 Model 5551-Y/NIntel 486SX33 MHzMCA 32-bit64571h
F8hA8h0IBM PS/V Model S3Intel 48633 MHzAT 16-bit44483h
F8hA9h0IBM PS/55E Model 5538-Y/ZIntel 48633 MHzPCMCIA2140Ah
F8hA9h40hIBM PS/55 Model 5535-YIntel 48633 MHzPCMCIA2140Ah
F8hAAh0IBM PS/V Model 2408 VisionIBM 486SLC225 MHzAT 16-bit32483h
F8hAAh40hIBM PS/V Model 2408 VisionIBM 486SLC233 MHzAT 16-bit32483h
F8hABh0IBM ThinkPad 330CIBM 486SLC225 MHzPCMCIA2140Ah
F8hACh0IBM ThinkPad 555BJIBM 486SLC225 MHzPCMCIA3240Ah
F8hADh0IBM PS/55 Model 5551-L/R, 5530-LIntel 486SX33 MHzMCA 32-bit53571h
F8hAEh0IBM ThinkPad 230Intel 486SX33 MHzPCMCIA3240Ah
F8hAFh0IBM PC 720 (MCA)Intel 486DX233 MHzMCA 32-bit32561h
F8hB0h0IBM PS/2 Model 76i/77i/76s/77sIntel 486SX33 MHzMCA 32-bit55545h
F8hB3h0IBM ThinkPad 350/350CIntel 486SL25 MHzPCMCIA1140Ah
F8hB3h0IBM ThinkPad 425/425CIntel 486SL25 MHzUnknown0040Ah
F8hB4h0IBM PS/2 Model 85Intel 486DX233 MHzMCA 32-bit87552h
F8hB9h0IBM PS/2 Model 53 SLC2IBM 486SLC225 MHzMCA 16-bit33533h
F8hE2h0Reply Model 6x/80 upgradeIntel 48633 MHzMCA 32-bit88450h
F8hF2h30hReply Model 32Intel 38620 MHzMCA 16-bit54450h
F8hF6h30hMemorex TelexIntel 38620 MHzMCA 16-bit43450h
F8hF7h0IBM PS/2 50/55 upgrade (32G3280/3283)IBM 486SLC225 MHzMCA 16-bit43531h
F8hFDh0IBM Processor Complex (with VPD)Intel 4860MCA 32-bit43500h
E1h00h0IBM PS/55 5530 LaptopIntel 38616 MHzAT 16-bit00551h


  1. Sourced from the PC DOS 2000 build of the QCONFIG utility.

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