QCONFIG - Recognized Adapters

Information extracted from the QCONFIG executable (PC DOS J7.0/V update C) using the /A switch.

001DDR-one SC306 Video Standards Converter
0024ACCTON RingPair 4/16 Token-Ring Adapter
002DMadge 16/4 Ringnode
0038YARC u785+ Coprocessor
003ASTD PSX/386/486 LO_MEMORY Master Card
00413Com EtherLink 32 Ethernet Adapter
004ENCR SCSI Host Adapter
0050Cabletron 4/16 Mbps Token Ring Adapter
0051Thomas-Conrad TC4046
0063RAC/M IX
0069Network Peripherals FDDI Adapter
006CThomas-Conrad TC5046 16/32 bit Ethernet Adapter
006EAox MicroMaster 386 32 bit
006FAox MicroMaster 486
0074Madge 16/4 32 Ringnode
0086Orchid Pro II v2.0/HiColor
008EMC Master v2.2
00C4Racore 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter
00C5Racore 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter
0100NCR 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter
0101p1840 ProNET-4 Network Adapter
0130Proteon p1892 4/16 Mbps Token Ring Adapter
01B2Cogent E/MASTER III 32-bit Ethernet Adapter
01BBNCR 3360 SCSI SubSystem
0202Proteon p1890 4/16 Mbit/S Token Ring Adapter
03013514 External Disk Array Adapter
0425Pacific Image Superfax Adapter
04DCOmninet/4 Transporter
04FFViking Display Controller
0500CORE CNT-MCK Fixed Disk Adapter
0503Kurzweil Discoverer SCSI Adapter
05FFViking 1600 Display Controller
0611Hercules Graphics Station
0616Jones Futurex Encryption Adapter (Model 526)
0700Proteon p1892 4/16 Mbps Token Ring Adapter
0708BusTek BT-640A SCSI Host Adapter
0709Storage Dimensions SDC3211F 32-bit FAST SCSI Host Adapter
07F4NCR SCSI Host Adapter
0800DR-one Multiple Display Adapter
0803Madge Ringnode
0808BICC ISOLINK IEEE 802.3 Network Adapter
080EMadge Ringnode (2nd generation)
081812-Bit 16-Channel Analog to Digital Converter Board
081912-Bit 8-Channel Digital to Analog Converter Board
081A32-Bit Photocoupler I/O-Board
0A84Olicom 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter
0A85Token Ring Adapter
0DE0XGA Display Adapter
0EFFNorthern Telecom Lanstar Card
0F1FAdaptec AHA-1640 SCSI Host Adapter
0F5FMultisync Graphics Engine
0FC7Wizard i860 Attached Processor Adapter
0FCCD-Link Ethernet Card
0FDFNI9210 Network Controller
1185VEN-TEL 2400 modem
3420POWERPORT 2 game adapter
3DB3M-Motion Adapter
500ABus QIC 02 Adapter
5017MetraByte uCDAS-16G A/D, D/A & Digital I/O Interface
501CDT2901/05: Data Translation Analog/Digital I/O Adapter
5022Online CDI-210S (Sony) CD ROM Controller
5023PCM Audio Record/Playback Unit
5025Online CDI-210H (Hitachi) CD ROM Controller
5028Emerald System SCSI Tape Adapter
502EIDT FAME 9 Track Tape Coupler
5035Panasonic FX-RS505/RS506 Image Scanner Adapter
5039Kurzweil Flatbed Scanner Adapter
503AKurzweil Discover 7320 Optical Char Recognition Scanner
5047GE Fanuc Series 90 Work Station Interface
5061PlusTek SCANPLUS Colour Scanner Adapter
506CIntel Visual Edge
5073Bi-Tech 2300 Smart SCSI Interface
5075AMS MULTI-IO-10 Adapter
5076CNet ARCnet CN190/2 NIC
5077Rabbit RB77 Remote Communications Adapter
5078AMS Multi-Serial Adapter
507FAMS MULTI-IO-10 Adapter
5080Chi NineTrack Tape Controller
5082Storage Plus Inc. SCSI Host Adapter
5084Creative Labs Sound Blaster Adapter
508CTrantor T228 SCSI Host Adapter
508ETrantor T260 SCSI Host Adapter
50A1Professional DG/LAN Controller
50C1Artisoft Inc. LANtastic Voice
50CD200E NIC
50D21Mb/s - 500Kb/s Tape Controller - H/W Data Compression
50D4QIC02 Tape Controller - H/W Data Compression
5101AMS IOSIX Adapter (Serial/Parallel)
5103Creative Labs Soundblaster Pro
5108Procom Technology, Inc. PIRA 55
5116NCR Business Audio with FM Synthesis
511FNetWorth, Inc. - v Series
5124Emerald Systems SCSI-HAC Tape Adapter
5125Tecmar QIC-60 QT-60, QT-90, QT-125 Tape Drive
5126Tecmar Floppy Tape Controller
5127Tecmar QIC-02 Host Adapter w/Data Compression
5128Tecmar SCSI Host Adapter
5130Tecmar HDE+ SCSI Host Adapter
5152Intel Connection CoProcessor
5156Intel Channel Connection CoProcessor w/Modem Option
5186Daitoh SCSI Interface Adapter
51FFETen Laser Printer Controller
5260AT&T PC/PBX Interface Adapter
5278RPTI-NET 1000M (R1000M-001/3)
5323Cumulus SCSI Adapter C5640B
5327Emerald Systems SCSI-HAC Tape Adapter
5333National Instruments GPIB IEEE-488 Interface
5347Invisible Ethernet
5348Invisible Network Model 300
5349Invisible Network Model 200
5353National Instruments DIO-32F
5356TOPS FlashCard LocalTalk Adapter
53FFCORE SCSI Host Adapter
5500COREtape Controller
5502CORE CNT-MCF Tape Controller
5600Cabletron Ethernet Board E3020
5601Cabletron Ethernet Board E3020-X
5602Cabletron Ethernet Board E3030
5603Cabletron Ethernet Board E3030-X
5604Cabletron Ethernet Board E3040
5605Cabletron Ethernet Board E3040-X
5606Cabletron Ethernet Board E3010
5607Cabletron Ethernet Board E3010-X
5608Cabletron Systems E3100 Series Ethernet Adapter w/ 16K RAM
5609Cabletron Systems E3100-X Series Ethernet Adapter w/ 64K RAM
5666Scanner Adapter GSII
568BMaynStream QIC-02 Tape Adapter
568DMaynStream SCSI Tape Adapter
56AFICOT Multiprotocol Adapter
56CED-Link (DN-300)
56EAD-Link Ethernet Card DE-320CT
5756Alloy FTC500 Tape Adapter
57DFDFI Handy Scanner HS-3000-II
57FETape Drive Host Adapter
5818Ines IEEE488 Adapter
58224 Port Chase Research Intelligent Serial I/O Controller
58234 Port Chase Research Intelligent Serial I/O Controller
58248 Port Chase Research Intelligent Serial I/O Controller
582516 Port Chase Research Intelligent Serial I/O Controller
582FEDS 424 PCMAC Tape Drive Adapter
583DSCSI Adapter (#1D3C)
5C04JBCC Diskette Adapter
5C0FLand Computer SCSI Interface Adapter
5C1CIRMAtrac - DCA Token Ring Adapter
5C1DIRMAtrac Token-Ring Adapter/Convertible
5CC1Concord Communications MAP 3.0 Type 1410 Adapter
5CCCIOtech Personal 466 Interface
5CECCEC PS<>488 GPIB Adapter
5CEDPS<>488 IEEE-488 Adapter from CEC
5CFFGammaFax CMPC Communications Adapter
5D59Scientific Solutions DAS-1612
5DFFGammaFax Fax Communication Adapter
5EDFNational Instruments MIO-16 Data Acquisition Card
5F2FTape Drive Host Adapter
5F51IDEA Minicom serial controller
5F60Tiara Local Area Networks LANcard/A-II ARCnet Adapter
5F77Future Domain SCSI Adapter
5FA6Flagstaff Engineering Disk Controller
5FAAFlagstaff Engineering Tape Controller
5FCBIomega PC4B/HD SCSI Host Adapter Board
5FD6ALICE Processor
5FD7Pentax SB-X4301 Scanner Interface Card
5FD8Qua Tech ES-2000/ES-3000 Eight Asynchronous RS-422/RS-485
5FE1MXI-1000 GPIB interface Adapter
5FE3Qua Tech RS-422 Driver Adapter
5FE5Qua Tech GPA-1000 Game port Adapter
5FE6DS-1000 Dual Asynchronous RS-232
5FE8QUA TECH SP-1000 Parallel printer Adapter
5FE9QUA TECH SP-1050 Serial/Parallel port Adapter
5FECQua Tech QS-2000 Quad port asynchronous RS-4225
6001Tiara LanCard/E TWISTED PAIR Adapter
6002Tiara LanCard/E 10BT (AUI/10BaseT UTP) Adapter
6011Computer Logics LTD MicroLogic II Adapter
6014Standard Microsystems Corporation ARCNET-PS110
6018Gateway Communications G/Ethernet Controller
601CMulti-Tech Systems MT224PS/ES
601FHewlett-Packard Scanner Interface Adapter
6020Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 2 MB Memory Multifunction Adapter
6021Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 4 MB Memory Multifunction Adapter
6022Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 6 MB Memory Multifunction Adapter
6023Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 8 MB Memory Multifunction Adapter
6024Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus Memory Multifunction Adapter
6028I.C.S. UCDIO-24 Parallel Port Interface
6029MetraByte UCDAS-8PGA Data Acquisition Adapter
602AMetraByte uCCOM-422 RS-232/422 Communications Interface
6038DEST Corp. Scanner Controller
6040Intel 2400B Modem
60423Com EtherLink Ethernet Adapter
6043Multi-Tech 3270 Emulation Adapter
6054Kronos RS-485 Comm/Key Adapter 6600133-001
605FTiara Computer Systems LANCARD A/II ARCNet Adapter
6060IDEAcomm 5251 4 LU short card
6061IDEAcomm 3278/DFT Gateway
6073Datacopy MicroFax FAX Adapter
6077Periscope Model I
608DHyperam 32/16 SIMM
608EHyperam 32/16 MF
6092Rabbit RB78 Coax Adapter
609BMetraByte UCDISO-8 Control Input & Relay Output Interface
609EMICROTEK MS-PS/2 Interface Adapter
60C2Boca Research Dual Async/Parallel Adapter
60C6Allen-Bradley Company, Inc. 1784-KT2
60C9Boca Research Bidirectional Parallel Adapter
60D0Hayes JT Fax 4800P
60DFRabbit RB74 Remote Communications Processor
60E5Boca Research Serial/Parallel Adapter
60E7MicroWay mW1167-M70/80 w/3167
60E9Future Domain MCS700 SCSI-2 Adapter
60EDMDCB/2 & FDCB/2 Disc Coprocessor Board
60FEDatapoint MicroChannel RIM IV Adapter
6103SCANCAD 128
6106Altera LP5 Logic Programmer
610FAMS IOSIX-6 Adapter
611BRaster Devices Controller
611ECorel LS2000
611FNetWorth, Inc. - EtherNext Network Adapter
6127Future Domain MCS-700 SCSI Adapter
612DDaynaTALK LocalTalk Interface Card
613ADialogic VR/81, VR/41 Voice Recognition Adapter
613DRabbit RB75 Remote Communications Processor
6145UCPIO-24 High Current Parallel Port Interface
6147Micro Channel Compatible Key Card
614ECLI 5250e Adapter
61675136-SD-M Direct-Link Interface Card
6169AGCT Ltd. Game Card
616AWide Area Network Interface Co-Processor (WNIC)
616CA-Bus Data Acquisition and Control Adapter
616FAMS IOSIX-1 Adapter
6175InfoChip Systems 105 Data Compression Coprocessor
617BWall Data Datagate/Coax
617EComputone PS8 8-port Controller
617FAMS IOSIX-2 Adapter
6180LavaLink Dual Async Adapter
6181Lava Systems Parallel Adapter
61A2Digital Audio Playback Adapter
61AFAMS IOSIX-9 Adapter
61B2SCSI Fixed Disk Controller
61BFIntel SatisFAXtion Adapter
61C4LanWay TR 16/4
61C7AVM ISDN-Controller B1
61C8SMC EtherCard PLUS (SMC8013EP)
61C9SMC EtherCard PLUS (SMC8013WP)
61D6MSA Multi-Serial Adapter
61DFATTACHMATE - Asynchronous SNA Adapter
61E1Cardinal Internal Modem
61E8LASAT PSM96Prestige or PSM96Plus or PSM24Prestige
61FDIntelliPort Cluster Controller PSCC and C16 Remote Cluster
61FETelebit Trailblazer Plus Internal Modem
6205Excelan EXOS 215T Intelligent Ethernet Adapter
6213Custom Computer Systems IDE Fixed Disk Adapter
6217Everex Speedlink Ethernet Adapter
621FHP ScanJet IIC Adapter
6221The ITI LinkUp COAX - 3270 Emulation Adapter
6226Asante Technologies EtherPaC Ethernet Adapter
6232LaserMaster WinPrinter Controller
6237LANSprint High Speed Printer Controller
6247Lasergraphics RASCOL IV
6250DataTrac/MTC-16 Half-Inch Tape Drive Controller
6253Touchscreen Controller Model E271-2202 Accutouch Touchscreen
6262p1800 ProNET-10 Network Adapter
6263Arco Electronics AC-1070 IDE Controller
626CMS1553 MIL-STD1553 Adapter
627AKingston Technology Data Master
627C3Com 3C529 Network Adapter
627D3Com 3C529-TP Network Adapter
6283NCR 53C400 SCSI Host Bus Adapter (HBA)
628BIntel EtherExpress Network Adapter
628DDigital Ethernet Adapter
6293Rabbit RB62 Coaxial Communications Adapter
629FReply AT IDE Drive Adapter
62B1AT&T Intelligent PC ISDN Board
62E9IBM 14.4 Data/Fax Modem
62F0Advanced Image Processor
62F4Memorex Telex 6508 SSI LINK Adapter
62FCThe Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
62FEThe Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
62FFThe Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
6300ProModem 2400
630ADialogic D/81, D/41 Voice Processing Adapter
631FHewlett-Packard ScanJet II Interface Adapter
6320MCL-920 Digital I/O and Counter Card
6343LANtastic (tm) Artisoft Inc. 2Mbps Network Adapter
6348MCL-948 IEEE-488 Interface Card
6361Arnet Corporation, Smartport Communications Adapter
63B3CH Products Gamecard III
63CAHewlett Packard StarLAN-10 Adapter
63FENCR 796 Terminal Emulator
63FFLocal 5250 Adapter
6405IDE Controller for Model 60 & 80
642FPS2000 OCR Reader Adapter
6442NCR ISDN Personal Computer Terminal Adapter
6449NCR ISDN Data Terminal Adapter
64B6Thomas-Conrad ARC-CARD
64B7Thomas-Conrad TCNS
64FARTI HiLink5 multiprotocol communications adapter
64FFThe Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
6508PDIUC508 ARCNET Interface Adapter
6509PDuC8025 TRN Interface Adapter
650BPUREDATA PDuC8023 Ethernet
651BRacore Token-Ring Adapter
655BWang Local Office Connection
6571Keithley Instruments Series 500 Interface
6578Exchange Series Sync Interface Adapter
657DCONTROL HOSTESS 550 Four Port Serial Adapter
657EDFL 104 Multi Function I/O Adapter
65ACISAC 3200
65D4Howtek Personal Color Scanner
65F1ShineLink 3270 Terminal Emulator (LCS-8848/II)
65F2ShineNet LAN Card (LCS-8834-II)
65F3Shine Modem Card (LCS-8824B/II)
6600Ziatech GPIB Adapter
6612Evercom 24 Modem
6674DayStar LocalTalk AppleTalk Adapter - DayStar Digital
6688MC-8 Intelligent Multi-Serial Controller
66C0POWERPORTS 8/16/32
675FMemorex Telex Universal/1472 /3270 Coax Adapter
67673270 Coax Adapter
6769Hardlock Double Double Face Card
677FATTACHMATE - Advanced 3270 Adapter
6784NEOTECH DUAL RS-422/RS-485 SERIAL Adapter
6785S/485 RS-422/485 Serial Adapter
678DMSP/4 Four-Channel Serial + Parallel Adapter
678FBBS GPIB-3000
6790MSI-QSA - Quad Serial Adapter
6791MSI-SA - Serial Adapter
6792MSI-PA - Parallel Adapter
6793MSI-PSA - Parallel/Serial Adapter
6794MSI-DDA - Dual RS-422/485 Differential Serial Adapter
6796MSI-DPA - Dual Parallel Adapter
6797NeoTech Dual Bidirectional Parallel Adapter, PM102
679FMSI-GPIB - General Purpose Interface Bus (IEEE 488) Adapter
67B0Artisoft LANtastic AE Ethernet
67C0MS Dual RS-232 Serial Adapter
67C1MAS Dual Asynch/Synch Adapter
67E1Star Gate ACL Adapter
67E7KRAFT G/3+ Adapter
67EAIRIScom III Coax Adapter
67F8Star Gate PLUS 8 Adapter
67FDArtist 12 Graphics Controller
67FEArtist 16 Graphic Controller
67FFFormwriter Adapter/Print Controller
6954MicroCAT Ceasurement Coprocessor
69DCCorNet Adapter
69DDTokenNet 1000
69E7COMLIB 2 - Sync/Async Adapter for Library Applications
69EBVoicecard 2000
69ECIF-330 9-channel Counter/Timer Adapter
69F0Phase 1 Adapter
69F25250 60 Cal Emulation Card Mod. 3M50
69F8DX-6600 Tape Drive Controller
69F9ibex ISC-Intelligent Serial Communication Adapter
69FFARC 500 LAN card
6A03IMS B017 Transputer Module Motherboard
6A0AIF-800 Universal (E)EPROM Programmer
6A12OST RNIS Adapter
6A13XYNOX Modem
6A14NCR WaveLAN Network Interface Card
6A15SAKHR Arabic ROM Card (Model AX35)
6A22RM Ethernet Adapter
6A2D9100 Kit
6A3CT.D.T. Single Pad Karte Synchron
6A40Microeye Picturebook Adapter
6A41Evaluator Channel 1
6A47Scanner Interface Mod. CT 1020
6A48Connection Board for Expansion Chassis Mod. CT 971
6A4APE 117 Smart Card Security Device
6A4EIX22 Data/Fax Modem
6A51Terminal Emulation Adapter
6A59AC-2060 ESDI Controller
6A5AMainLan Ethernet Adapter
6A62PSP400 Cryptographic Module
6A65PCX.21 P/A Multi-protocol Communication Adapter
6A76IF-120 Optocoupler Card
6A77IF-140 32 bit Digital I/O, 16 bit Counter
6A78IF-230 Multifunction Card
6A79IF-450 Intelligent RS422/RS485/RS232-Interface
6A7AIF-600 Reed Relay Card
6A7BDual Channel Printer Port Adapter
6A8DQuattro Modem
6A90DragonDictate Speech Adapter
6A93ISDN-S/2 Adapter
6AB4Mayze Systems Ltd - Syncro 24PS V26 bis Modem
6AB5Mayze Systems Ltd - Syncro 48PS V27 ter Modem
6AC2SNM 12 Modem
6AC3SNM 16 Modem
6AC6SIO-4 Serial Input/Output Communications Card
6ACBPIO-48 Programmable Input/Output Card
6ACFModem Fonico R.C. Sysnet SMF-22
6AE0SCSI Fixed Disk Controller
6AE2Polytel Super Keycard
6AE7Dacom Asynchronous Modem
6AFBMiracom Keycard/PS Modem
6AFDSKNET Ethernet Adapter/G
6B06Cristie SCSI Adapter
6B0FSiemens BAM Adapter (FM9750 Emulation)
6B1BREDIO RAMPA Engineering Digital I/O Card
6B28Mainlan Network Adapter
6B29Techland Sync Comms Adapter
6B2CXIONICS XIP-D Image Processor
6B4DPCX.21 N/A Multi-protocol Communication Adapter
6B74La Commande Electonique LCE 1245 Modem Adapter
6B76Network Designers Ltd Garnet Card
6B78Network Designers Ltd ONYX Card
6B80Dataflex Design Biscom Modem
6B84NCPe Multiboard
6B8FM6520 ARCNET 4-port Internal Active Hub Master Controller
6B94CORE ESDI Fixed Disk Controller
6B95CORE ESDI Fixed Disk Controller
6B9ATechnology Concepts CCB
6B9BSpecialix SI Family
6BA7T.D.T. Single Pad Karte Asynchron
6BA9HEMA Transputer Adapter
6BBAInternal Ethernet Controller
6BBBBARR/6BBB Synchronous Communications Adapter
6BBCInternal Synchronous Communications
6BBEM6060 Serial/Parallel Printer Adapters
6BBFM6600 Ethernet Adapter
6BC0M6620 Ethernet Adapter w/Boot PROM Option
6BC1M6550 16-bit ARCNET Adapter
6BDBIBM PC Network Baseband Adapter
6BF2Carte Modem KORTEX
6BF3ESP ELETTRONICA SILLARO Adapter serial ports
6BF8Serial Communications Card
6BFDPCX.21 /A Multi-protocol Communication Adapter
6BFFTorus Ethernet Adapter
6C01JBCC Magnetic Card Reader Adapter
6C06Sanyo CD-ROM Adapter
6C07ImagetScanner Adapter Kit IK
6C0FRoland MIDI Processing Unit
6C3AModConnect 984 Programmable Controller
6C3BModicon SM85/Modbus Plus Adapter
6C67Opto 22 Isolated RS-485 Serial Port
6C68Opto 22 Dual RS-485 Serial Port
6C69Opto 22 Pamux 4 Adapter
6C7CWarp Speed - Phaser Two - Light Pen Port
6C7EJovian Logic Corp. SYLVIA
6CBBDATEM dDCM800 BITBUS Interface Adapter
6CC7CCS7 Attachment
6CECGAT Coprocessor
6CFDOPTIPAC Series 250
6D6DEICON TECHNOLOGY Laser Printer Adapter
6D78Memorex Telex 3270 Coax Adapter
6DACLogitech ScanMan
6DBBMulti-Tech Systems MT224ES7
6DD4FasTalk V.32/5/V.32/42b
6DD5Sync-Up v.32
6DD6Sync-Up 201
6DE0Sync-Up 9600 V.32 Modem
6DE1Sync-Up T9628B
6DE2Fastalk V.32
6DE3Fastalk 2400
6DE4Fastalk 1200
6DE5Sync-Up V.22 bis
6DE6Sync-Up 201/212
6DE7Sync-Up 208/201
6DEBMulti-Tech Systems MT1432ES
6DEDUS Robotics Courier 2400 eps Modem
6DEFDigital Ethernet Adapter
6DF0Emerald Technology, Inc. 3XTwin
6DF1Emerald Technology, Inc. 3XPlus
6DF4Emerald Technology, Inc. 3XPlus
6E03Contex SCSI Adapter
6E6CIBM Audio Capture & Playback Adapter
6E6EEICON Technology Single Port Communication Adapter
6E78IRMA2 Adapter
6E79IRMA 3 3270 Coax Adapter
6E7ADCA Link
6E7CDCA Intelligent Comm Adapter
6E7DDCA Smart Alec 5250/90
6E7ELinkup M/COAX
6EBEApplied Creative Technology Systemizer MSC
6EC6SMC TokenCard Elite (8115T)
6EDDU.S. Robotics Courier Modem
6EE7IMC Networks Corporation PCnic II Ethernet Controller
6EEESync-Up Multi-Protocol Adapter
6EF1DCA 10NET Coaxial LAN Adapter
6EF2DCA 10NET 10BASE Twisted Pair LAN Adapter
6EF8IRMA 3t 3270 Coax Adapter
6EFFCLEO SIB (Synchronous Interface Board)
6F01Hayes 2400 bps Smartmodem Model 2400P
6F04Hayes Enhanced Serial Port Adapter
6F0ACAMAC Interface (Model 2928-Z1A)
6F4BRTI-220 Analog Input/Output Expansion Board
6F4DRTI-217 High Density Digital Input/Output Board
6F4ERTI-205 Multifunction Analog and Digital Input/Output Board
6F4FRTI-204 Analog Input and Digital Input/Output Board
6F5BRTI-222 Analog Output Expansion Board
6F6BAccuSpec Acquisition Interface
6F6FEICON Technology Single Port Communication Adapter
6F7EStreet Electronics 'ECHO' Speech Synthesizer
6FADCodeNet 8320/8322 Fiber Optic / 8321 FOIRL Ethernet Adapter
6FB0VBX200 by Natural Microsystems
6FB3SCS Communications Co-Processor
6FB4STACKER 16 - Data Compression CoProcessor Card
6FB5Reply On-Board Serial/Parallel Adapter
6FB9Attachmate 19.2Kb SLDC Adapter
6FBBRacal-Vadic 2400 Autodial Modem
6FBEX-LINK File Accelerator
6FBFVBX100 by Natural Microsystems
6FC0Western Digital WD8003ET Ethernet Adapter
6FC1Western Digital WD8003ST Starlan Adapter
6FC2WD EtherCard PLUS 10T (WD8003W)
6FC9Applied Digital Parallel Adapter
6FCBPractical Peripherals PM2400 Internal Modem
6FD7CHI Communications Adapter
6FDBNational Instruments DIO-24 Digital I/O Interface
6FDDICC/Intercom Adapter
6FE4DigiBoard COM/16
6FE5DigiBoard COM/8
6FE6DigiBoard COM/4
6FE9DigiBoard Open-Ender
6FEADigiBoard Open-Ender RS422
6FF0Arnet Corporation, Multiport Communications Adapter
6FF1STB Serial/Parallel Adapter
6FF3Micro-Integration COAXXSYS Adapter
6FFCJovian Logic Corp. VIA
6FFFInteractive Images Touch Screen Adapter
7000AST Advantage 286 0-8M
7001AST Advantage 286 w/Dual Serial Port Option
7002AST Advantage 286 w/Serial & Parallel Port Option
7003AST RampagePlus 386
7005AST RampagePlus 386 w/Serial & Parallel Port Option
7007Hypertec Hyperam 32/16 Memory Card
7010Tecmar MicroRAM 386 Multifunction Board
7011Tecmar MicroRAM AD Multifunction Board
7012Ungermann-Bass PC3030 Ethernet Adapter
7016BOCA Research Model 50/60 Memory Expansion Board
701ATrueScan Version: Calera Recognition Systems Inc.
7020Cumulus 2 Meg Expanded/Extended Memory Multifunction Adapter
7025CuRAM 32 Plus Extended Memory Multifunction Adapter
7027Cumulus CuPORT-SSP 2 Serial 1 Parallel Port Adapter
7048EDSUN Memory board
7049PIICEON Memory Board w/ROM
704EIBM AVC Video Capture Adapter (NTSC)
704FMulti-Protocol Communication Adapter
7050AST RampagePlus
7051AST RampagePlus w/I/O Pak/S Option
7052AST RampagePlus w/I/O Pak/SP Option
7055Kofax Image Products Document Processor
705F4MB Memory Expansion Card
7064AW-RCP (Register Communications Processor)
7069Dual Asynchronous Card
706AMonolithic Systems JustRAM/8 Memory Board
706CCorvette Display
706FAox Micromaster 386 Card
7071PACSTOR SCSI Host Adapter
7074Video Capture Adapter
707EIrwin 4100 Controller
7081AST Advantage 386 w/Dual Serial Port Option
7082AST Advantage 386 w/Serial & Parallel Port Option
7083AST Advantage 386 0-8M memory Adapter
7086CRi 'Coherent Processor' Content Addressable Memory
708DSCSI Host Adapter
708EKingston KTM-8000/286 Expansion Memory Adapter
708FKingston KTM-8000/386 Expansion Memory Adapter
7090AST-5251/11A Enhanced Adapter
7091AST-3270/CoaxIIA Adapter
7092AST-CC423/A Adapter
7093AST-CC832/A Adapter
70B0Intel Above Board 32
70C3High Speed Comms Adapter
70C4Excalibur EXC-1553 card
70C9Twinax Work Station Emulation Adapter
70CEIBM Video Capture Adapter (PAL)
70D0Kingston KTM 16000/386 Memory Expansion Adapter
70D1Above Board
70D4Kingston KTM 609/16 Memory Expansion Adapter
70D7AdLib Music Synthesizer Adapter
70D8RAMXtender 16 Memory Expansion Board
70DCZ-Com 16-bit Memory Expansion Adapter
70DECompex ENET-16/U
7130NCL 600 SCSI Host Adapter
7154NetWare NE NIC
7180Parity + Plus Model P32110
7181Parity + Plus Model P16110
7188Mountain QIC-02 Adapter
71B0Cumulus CuPORT-P Parallel Port Adapter
71D0Kingston 64MB Memory Expansion Adapter
71D4Kingston Technology DataCard 16
7200MicroGate SyncLink Communications Card
7201Unified Serial Adapter
7283Bit3 Adapter
72F1(DAYI) Chinese-Input Interface Card
72F7ETen Chinese Font Card
72FCQIC-02 Tape Adapter (LCS-6818/II)
7300MicroGate SyncLink Modem Card
7322the super pink board
73ECAIC HBA SCSI Device Controller
73FFOmniTel Encore 2400 Internal Modem
7400MicroGate SV32 Modem - SDLC - 9600bps
7401Mountain Computer MACH2 Streaming Tape Drive Adapter
7411Quadboard Multifunction Adapter (primary ID)
7422Quadboard Multifunction Adapter (secondary ID)
7430Paragon Enhanced 80386 4-16MB Memory Expansion
7491Tecmar MicroRAM SC Extended Memory Adapter
74FDNCR 3421 SCSI Controller
7561Alert Technology Serial Adapter
75FFTrantor SCSI Host Adapter
76DAQUADMEG PS/Q Memory Adapter (primary)
76DEQUADMEG PS/Q Memory Adapter (secondary)
777DElite 16/2-386 Memory Expansion Adapter
7788Above Board 2 Plus
77FBEverex 4 Megabyte Memory Adapter EV-136
77FFAlloy HI-2 PC Expansion Bus Interface Card
7800RED 8514A Graphics Accelerator, design by ACF REINSA & EDC
7803PS Multiport Adapter
780CAD/DA 110 Card
781ERaster Image Processor Mod. CT 5177
7823EMA/Extra Memory Adapter
7825IB-232-16-Ultimate RAM System
7826IB-232-32-Ultimate RAM System
7878SR32BMCI 32 Bit Memory/IO Adapter
7A7ABoca Research BOCARAM PLUS Memory Expansion Board
7B7FLegend RAMaster 2/8
7C36Contex Scanboard
7CECOS/RAM4 Memory Adapter
7CEDOS/RAM8 Memory Adapter, Capital Equipment Corp.
7CEEOS/RAM32 Memory Adapter, Capital Equipment Corp.
7CEFOS/RAM32plus Memory Adapter, Capital Equipment Corp.
7D7FOrchid Ramquest Extra 16/32
7DDEMountain 16 Bit SCSI Host Adapter
7DF0SYSGEN PST100 Tape Adapter
7DF1SYSGEN PSH200 SCSI Host Adapter
7E76Overland Data 9 Track Tape Coupler Model XL
7E7FAccuLogic SIMMply RAM
7EC0AccuLogic SIMMply RAM
7EE4Anchor PS24 Modem Adapter
7EFFThe Coax Connection
7F00Compex Inc. ANET Adapter
7F01ProCom Technology Inc. SCSI Enabler
7F3FNCR 4700 Banking Card
7F4CNCR 53C94 SCSI Controller
7F4DNCR 3421 SCSI Controller
7F4FNCR SCSI Host Adapter
7F7D2400 baud internal modem
7F7FSBCA Communications Adapter
7F99DigiCHANNEL 4i or 8i
7F9ARS-422 DigiCHANNEL 4i or 8i (32K Memory Window)
7F9CDigiCHANNEL EM Adapter
7FAEXTEND Renaissance Expansion Board
7FBEFTG PXL-480 HI-RES Lightpen Board
7FCEQUA TECH SmartLynx ESI-1000
7FD8Koax 3270 Adapter
7FE9DigiBoard Open-Ender DOS
7FEADigiBoard Xi DOS RS422
7FEBAdvanced Digital PC EXBUS
7FECCSM Inc. SCSI Host Adapter
7FF9IOMEGA PC4 Host Adapter
7FFAIOMEGA PC4B-50 SCSI Host Adapter
7FFEMicro to Mainframe Product
8000AHEAD System VGA Enhancer
8002AHEAD Systems Inc. VGA Enhancer-Z
8007Vermont Microsystems Page Manager, Model 2xx
8009Vermont Microsystems COBRA
800DPIXELWORKS Ultra Clipper Graphics Subsystem
800FMicrocomp DR-one MultiVGA
8010Microeye IC Video Digitiser
8016ATRIS QUATTRO/20 or ATRIS/20 or NEFTIS/20 Display Adapter
8025ELSA XHR Spectra Video-Board
8027ELSA XHR Alpha Video Board
8028VideoLogic DVA-4000
8029Datagraph Pixelstar
803BSPEA Graphiti Flash 1-GS/HE or SPEA Graphiti Flash 1-P
8044Paradise 8514 Plus Video Adapter
8048Sigma Designs' L-VIEW
8052Liberty Graphics Board
8053Rasterex (Int.) a.s, Light Graphics Board
8057Microeye Video Output Board
8058Frame Buffer and H.R. Monitor Mod. CT 820
8060High Resolution Graphic Board
8067TV Tuner
8069miroMAGIC Grafikcontroller
8077Periscope 1
807BKF-9200 Document Display System
8080Control Systems Artist 10
8081Telesensory System Vista Adapter
8085Truevision TARGA+
8088ATI 8514/Ultra Graphics Adapter
8089ATI Graphics Ultra Video Accelerator (VGA Enabled)
808AATI Graphics Ultra Video Accelerator (VGA Disabled)
8099#9GX Graphics Adapter
809A#9GXi Graphix Coprocessor
80A5Cornerstone SinglePage XL Display
80A6Cornerstone High Res Adapter
80A9Intel Action Media i750 DS1 DVI Adapter
80ABATC-1148 Flat Panel Display Adapter
80AESigma Designs' L-VIEW w/VGA Emulation
80AFCornerstone DualPage Hi-Res Monitor and Adapter
80B3IBM M-Motion Video Adapter
80B7Radius SVGA MultiView
80C3ARTIST XJS Graphic Controller
80C4ARTIST TI16 Graphic Controller
80C5ARTIST 10000 Series
80C7ARTIST 10001 Series
80CASigma Design's MultiMode 120
80CBArlunya SC306 Standards Converter
80CCMicrofield T8 High Resolution Graphics Controller
80E6RasterOps Colorboard 1024
80E7Nth Engine 330 Display Controller
80E8Matrox MG-104/108-M Adapter
80ECMatrox MGA Video Adapter
80EEILLUM-16 Video Graphics Board
80F2Tseng Labs ET4000 VGA Adapter
80F8Matrox PG2-1281 Hi-res Graphics Controller
80FCPowergraph Ergo-VGA
8102Colorgraphics Corp. Dual VGA
8110Radius TPD/PC
8115Master Graphics CADcelerator
8117SORAC VideoCapture S0-212
8118VGA/PAL Video Conversion Card
8119VGA/NTSC Video Conversion Card
8127Stone Multivideo Multiuser Terminal Adapter
8128SPEA - HiLite
812ENCR 3250/3355 HPG Video Adapter (w/o ROM)
812FLaser Video Interface
8174Ultra Clipper Rainbow
8175Quad VGA
8176MVGA Multi-VGA Video Adapter
8484IBM 5080 Serial Link Adapter
8888Metaphor WS2XP
8DF0IBM Image Adapter
8DF1IBM Image Adapter w/Printer/Scanner Option
8DF2DSS and Sub card 2
8DF3DSS and Sub card 3
8DF4IBM Image Adapter
8DF5IBM Image Adapter w/Printer/Scanner Option
8DF6IBM Image-I Adapter
8EF4IBM FDDI Network Adapter
8EF5IBM Ethernet Busmaster Adapter
8EF7IBM Gearbox Model 800 System Resource Card
8EF8IBM Expansion Unit SCSI Controller
8EFCIBM Fast SCSI-2 Adapter
8EFDIBM 7568 Industrial Computer SCSI Adapter w/cache
8EFFIBM SCSI Adapter w/Cache
8F70IBM Realtime Interface Co-Processor Portmaster
8F82IBM SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Streaming-Raid Adapter
8F93IBM ServerGuard Adapter
8FA0IBM LANStreamer 32 Network Adapter
8FA2IBM Auto LANStreamer Network Adapter
8FA4IBM LANStreamer 16 Network Adapter
8FA8IBM EtherStreamer 32 Network Adapter
8FAAIBM Dual LANStreamer 32 Network Adapter
8FBBIBM SCSI-2 Raid Adapter
8FC4IBM Personal/370 Processor
8FC8IBM Token-Ring 16/4 Busmaster Server Adapter
8FCFIBM Remote 5250 Adapter
8FD6IBM Personal Audio Adapter
8FD7IBM W4 Adapter
8FD9IBM XGA Video Adapter
8FDAIBM XGA-2 Display Adapter
8FDBIBM XGA Display Adapter
8FDEIBM Japanese Voice Adapter
8FEBIBM Mwave WindSurfer Communications Adapter
8FFBIBM Gearbox Model 800 486 Processor Card
8FFFIBM Gearbox Model 800 386 Processor Card
901EIBM DBCS Plasma Display Adapter
90EEIBM SVGA Display Adapter
90EFIBM Display Adapter
90FDIBM Planar VGA/LCD Adapter
917AIBM SVGA-CL28 Adapter
917BSVGA Adapter
A980DVT/EVT Intel Action Media i750 DS1 DVI Adapter
C1FFIBM Hi Speed Parallel Adapter
CC06ELSA XHR Spectra Video-Board
D77FIBM 4755 Cryptographic Adapter
DDCDIBM Sync/Async V.32 Internal Modem Adapter
DDFFIBM ESDI Fixed Disk Controller
DE90IBM 5582 Printer/Scanner Adapter
DEFFIBM Multi-Protocol Communications Adapter
DF3FIBM IEEE488 Adapter
DF7FIBM 3363 Optical Disk
DF9FIBM Integrated Fixed Disk Controller
DFAFIBM Print Service Adapter
DFBFIBM 6157 Streaming Tape Adapter
DFE8IBM Integrated Hard Disk and Controller
DFF4IBM Wireless LAN Adapter
DFF6IBM 3890/XP Interface Adapter
DFFAIBM 1.2M 5.25 Inch Diskette Drive Adapter
DFFDIBM ST506 Fixed Disk Controller
E000IBM Token-Ring Adapter
E001IBM 16/4Mb Token Ring Adapter
E00FComputer Lab International Token Adapter
E014IBM S/370 Channel Emulator
E016IBM 300/1200/2400 Internal Modem
E04EIBM High Speed Adapter
E04FIBM 3119 Scanner Adapter
E1FFIBM 3270 Connection B
E400Martin Speech Accelerator Card
E401IBM VoiceType Dictation Adapter
E7FFIBM 3270 Connection A
E8FCIBM Infrared Communiations Adapter
E9FFExpansion Unit Model 002
EA10IBM Analog Input/Output Card
EAA8IBM Engineering Graphics Adapter
EAFFIBM 4 port serial Adapter
ECCEIBM Display Adapter 1.10
ECECIBM Display Adapter 1.00
ECFFIBM 5250 Emulation Adapter
EDAFIBM P70 Plasma Display controller
EDDEIBM Japanese OCR Processor Card
EDFFIBM 1200/2400 Baud Internal Modem
EECEIBM 4684 Device Channel
EECFIBM 4684-300 Device Channel
EEE7IBM Model 90 Planar Serial Port
EEFFIBM Dual Async Adapter
EF7FIBM 8514 Display Adapter
EF8FIBM Extended Async Communication Adapter
EFB0IBM ISDN Interface Co-Processor Model 2
EFCDIBM Wide Area Connector (WAC) Adapter
EFCFIBM Store Loop Adapter
EFD4IBM Ethernet Adapter
EFD5IBM Ethernet Adapter
EFD8DBCS Display Adapter/J
EFD9Planar DBCS Font ROM
EFDCIBM ActionMedia II Display Adapter
EFE0IBM ISDN Interface Co-Processor
EFE1Modem Adapter (300/1200/2400)
EFE2IBM FAX Server Card
EFE5IBM Ethernet Adapter
EFE6IBM Data Exchange Adapter for 9391 Model 14
EFEFIBM PC Network Adapter
EFF0IBM Realtime Interface Co-processor Multiport or X.25
EFF2IBM G3 Adapter
EFF5Ungermann-Bass NICps Ethernet LAN Adapter
EFF6IBM Personal Pageprinter Adapter
EFF8IBM TTL Async Communication Adapter
EFFEIBM Display Adapter II
EFFFIBM Video Adapter-J
F000IBM Bus Adapter
F04FIBM 3117 Scanner Adapter
F7CEIBM EMS Support Card (for PS/55 5530Zxx)
F7F7IBM Memory Expansion Adapter 2-8M 80286
F7FEIBM Extended Memory Adapter (2M or 0-8M)
FA74IBM 7437 Interface Adapter
FAB7KHEOPS Etebac card
FAFFIBM Memory Expansion Adapter 2-6M 80386
FBFFBuilt in Features
FCF0Serial/Parallel Adapter
FCF4VISION LOGIC Game Port Adapter
FCFFIBM Memory Expansion Adapter 2-8M 80386
FDDEIBM Enhanced Memory Adapter 80386 w/ROM
FDDFIBM Enhanced Memory Adapter 80386
FE92IBM System/370 Channel Adapter
FEFEIBM Memory Expansion Adapter 1-2M 80286
FF7FBuilt In Features
FFAFBuilt In Features
FFCFIBM Store Loop Adapter
FFDEIBM Gearbox Model 800 0-16MB Extended Memory Adapter
FFE0IBM LAN Adapter for Ethernet
FFF7Future Domain SCSI Adapter
FFF8IBM S36/38 Workstation Emulation Adapter
FFFEIBM External 360K Diskette Drive Adapter

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