Troubleshooting Map

These are the most common causes, based on experience. If you have a different error code, it will be in the errors during POST section.

Does the system power up?
   Did you get more than one beep? (One beep is all correct) See Beep Codes
   Is the system totally dead? See Dead System for hints See Troubleshoot
     85-K/N or 95A? Is JMP6 set? (up by op panel on both planars) See JMP6
     56/57 or 76/77? Install the case cover if removed.
See Sec. switch
Does anything appear on the screen?
   Screen in monochrome (not connected during boot, bad cable)
   Blank screen (is pin in cable bent over?)  
   Text on screen wrong color (pin bent)  
Does an error occur during POST?
   Multiple Errors? See Multi-Error
   Errors 163, 165 Config lost. (Low battery, exiting setup improperly)  
   Errors 000095XX through 028331XX See General Errors
   Errors 0037, 0096, 0104, 0112, 0206 See SCSI Errors
     Improper cabling, termination, IDs, adapter not fully seated See SCSI Layout
   Errors I999XXX (IML systems only - 76/77/85/90/95/500/700/720) See IML Errors
Does the system refuse to accept refdisk?
   Do other floppies work? (If not, check type for known problems)
   Do you have the correct one?  
   Did you create it correctly? See Create Refdisk
   Do you have a Type 4 complex based system? (05 and up needed) See BIOS Updates
Adapter not recognized
   Did you correctly add ADF to Refdisk? See Copy ADF
   Did you do a cold boot to re-run System Programs?  
   Is the adapter fully seated? (can also cause odd run-time errors)  
Hard-drive not recognized or recognized incorrectly
   Not recognized at all? Check the data and power cables.  
   Is the drive capacity >1 GB? See SCSI >1 GB
Hard-drive doesn't spin up
   Check the power cable  
   SCSI drives: Is the "delayed start" jumper set?
   (Disable it or check the SCSI adapter)
   Older drives may have a "stiction" problem See Known Prob.
No Bootable Device Found
   Check SCSI Devices in setup See Set SCSI Dev.
   Check selectable drive startup See Startup Seq.
   Active Partition on boot drive?  
Cannot Access CDROM
   Properly terminated and proper ID? See SCSI Layout
   Under DOS? See CD Install
   Does CD support parity? (required on IBM controllers)  
Other issues
   You might also want to check "Known Problems" See Known Prob.

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