PS/2 Family Overview

Models 25 - 40 feature 8- or 16-bit ISA bus and 8086, 286, or 386SX CPU.
Models 50 - 65 feature 16-bit MCA bus and 286, 386SX, 486SLC2, or 486SLC3 CPU.
Models 70 - 95 feature 32-bit MCA bus and 386DX, 486SX/DX/DX2/DX4, or Pentium CPU.

8525Model 25All-in-OneISA 8 or 16-bit8086, 286, 386SX
8530Model 30Desktop (D1, D1B)ISA 8 or 16-bit8086, 286
8533Model N33 SXNotebookISA 16-bit386SX
8535Model 35Desktop (D3)ISA 16-bit386SX
8540Model 40Desktop (D4)ISA 16-bit386SX/SLC
8543L40SXLaptopISA 16-bit386SX
8550Model 50, 50ZDesktop (D2)MCA 16-bit286
8551Model N51NotebookMCA 16-bit386SX/SLC
8554CL57LaptopMCA 16-bit386SX
8555Model 55SXDesktop (D1B)MCA 16-bit386SX
8560Model 60 Tower (T1)MCA 16-bit286
8565Model 65SXTower (T1)MCA 16-bit386SX
8570Model 70Desktop (D2)MCA 32-bit386, 486
8573Model P70, P75LuggableMCA 32-bit386DX, 486DX
8580Model 80Tower (T1)MCA 32-bit386DX
9533PS/2 ESmall Fprt. (SF)ISA 16-bit486SLC2
9553Model 53Desktop (D1C)MCA 16-bit486SLC2
9556Model 56Desktop (D3)MCA 16-bit386SX/SLC, 486SLC2/SLC3
9557Model 57Desktop (D4)MCA 16-bit386SX/SLC, 486SLC2/SLC3
9576Model 76Desktop (D3)MCA 32-bit486SX/DX2/DX4
9577Model 77Desktop (D4)MCA 32-bit486SX/DX2/DX4
Model 90Desktop (D5)MCA 32-bit386DX, 486SX/DX/DX2, Pentium
9585Model 85Tower (T2)MCA 32-bit486SX/DX
Model 95Tower (T2)MCA 32-bit386DX, 486SX/DX/DX2, Pentium

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