TTL Async Adapter

@EFF8.ADF TTL Async Adapter

TTL Async Adapter

TTL Async Adapter P/N 94X0836 "TTL ASYNC CARD", Japanese design [P] [P]

F1 Fuse for 5 V supply
J1 Female DE9 connector
U15 NS8250AN / INS8250AN UART
Y1 1.8432 MHz osc

The rest of the card is filled with through-hole 74xx logic.

All adapters I've seen had the same exact assortment of bodge wires on the solder side (see here).

Note: As the name implies, the I/O signals use TTL levels (0-5V) - not RS-232 compatible!

This adapter can be found in many PS/55 5560 machines where it was used to interface with the CADAM keypad (older version).

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