ESCON Adapter/A

Netfinity to S/390 Connectivity using ESCON
Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON) Implementation Guide 1996 Fiber version of ESCON

Augusta (single-slot) ESCON adapter

ESCON Fiber Adapter P/N 46H9562 or 07H6528, dated 96/24 [P] [P] [P]

P1 Fiber port
U2 13H6107 "Brighton" Memory ctrl.
U4 34G1521 "Miami" MCA iface
U5 i960CF-25 CPU
U6 PQ26H3510
U12 72-pin SIMM socket
U19 50.0000 MHz osc
U20 11G2921
U21 40.0000 MHz osc
U25,26 HM514260CZ7

U12 My SIMM is a PNY, sticker says 09G9647 1x40 - 80. 4 MB ECC for RS/6000?

U6 variants - 46H9562 has a thin chip, while 07H6528 has a BGA chip about 3/4 the size, but with a unmarked flat aluminum plate about 1/8" thick as a heat sink. No fins.

P1 variants - 46H9562 has a Siemens V23806-A1-M10 P/N 03G9459, while 07H6528 has a HP QFBR-533 P/N 03G9459.

46H9558 dates - 76H9562 has a date of 9601 on the microcode, while 07H6528 has 9715.

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