UMAX Vista S8
Envisons ENV8800S

The UMAX VISTA series can use the [much better] MagicScan. But if you want, you can run the bundled VistaScan software. Envisions ENV8800S is a rebadged VISTA S8.

I bought a Envisions ENV8800S as my first scanner, and all of the early image capture was done on it, then edited on PhotoShop 4. HP SCSI scanners of the ScanJet 6100 class are very well built, but the bundled software sucks.

HP does not support hardware over 10 years old, and Internet Archive blocks access to the period HP support site.

MagicScan v4.3 Windows 95/98/NT3.5/NT4.0
MagicScan v4.5 Windows 3.1+/95/NT 3.5+ (?)
MagicScan v4.71 Windows 98/2000/Me/XP

VistaScan v3.81 Windows 95+ / NT 4.0 +

A few scanning tips
Umax MagicScan 4.2
Umax VistaScan 3.5

If you are installing your UMAX scanner without the "UDS-11" card, you can choose to install MagicScan / VistaScan using the Adaptec WinASPI layer.

Adaptec WinASPI 4.71a2 NT4/98

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