Reply TurboProcessor 50/70

ref367.exe Turbo/Power Boards 3.67 Reference Disk (zipped image)
119-70.exe TurboProcessor BIOS v1.19 Flash - Model 70 (zipped files)
124-70.exe TurboProcessor BIOS v1.24 Flash - Model 70 (beta) (zipped files)
140-50.exe TurboProcessor BIOS v1.40 Flash - Model 50/55/70 (zipped files)

Reply TurboProcessor 50/70 ASSY P/N 61G3500 [P]

F1 KB/mouse fuse
J1 HDD15 video connector
J2 DB25 serial port
J3 Parallel port
J4 Pads for 2-pin header
J5 Mouse port
J6 Keyboard port
J7 Fan connector
J8 Pads for 2-pin header
J9 Power supply edge connector
J11 3-pin jumper (password clear?)
J12 Speaker connector
J13 Pads for 2-pin header
J14 Floppy Riser slot
J15 40-pin IDE header
J16 Pads for 2-pin header
U6 LT1141CS
U10 Cirrus CL-GD5426-80QC
U13 14.31818 MHz osc (adapters)
U15 10G4672 I/O controller
U16,19 KM416C256AJ-7 or compatible
U18 22.1184 MHz osc (UART)
U20 Dallas DS1387 RTC+NVRAM
U25 CSI CAT28F010N-15 flash BIOS
U28-30 72-pin SIMM socket "MEM1-3"
U33 96F7690
U36 50.0000 MHz osc (CPU)
U37 50G6950 IBM 486SLC2/50
U39 math co-pro socket
U47 LM386 Audio Op-Amp (PC Speaker)
U53 82077SL Floppy controller
U59 LT1109-12 DC/DC Conv. (Flash Vpp)
Y1 24 MHz xtal? (FDD?)
Z1,2 16-bit MCA slot
Z3 16-bit MCA slot w/ AVE
Z4 16-bit HDD Adapter slot

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