RS/6000 SCSI Adapters

4-1 31G9729 SCSI SE High-Perf. Internal/External I/O Controller
   FRU 51G9425 FC (2828, 2835) Microcode 8d77
4-2 11H2447 SCSI-2 Differential High-Perf. Ext. I/O Controller
   FRU 43G0176 / 11H2447 FC (2420) Microcode 8d77
4-4 11H4779 SCSI-2 SE High Perf. Int /Ext I/O Controller (PLCC)
   FRU 52G5484 / 52G7509 / 11H4779 FC (2410, 2831)
4-6 11H7660 Differential SCSI Fast/Wide (Empty PLCC Socket)
   FRU 65G7315 / 11H3599 / 11H7660 FC (2416)
4-7 11H3600 SCSI Fast/Wide (Empty PLCC Socket)
   FRU 52G4034 / 11H3600 FC (2415)
4-C 52G3380 Enh. Diff. SCSI Fast/Wide Adapter (No PLCC socket)
   FRU 52G3380 FC (2412); 61G3809; 40H2842 used in 9072 SP systems; 06H7274
??? 84F8014 Looks like single can Spock?

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