Turboways 155 ATM

@8F67.ADF "ATM Adapter Platform"
C8F67.ADF Description Program for @8F67.ADF
DEV285.DGS Diag. file for @8F67.ADF?
@8F64.ADF "ATM Adapter Platform"
C8F64.ADF Description Program for @8F64.ADF (missing or never existed?)
DEV286.DGS Diag. file for @8F64.ADF?
@8F7F.ADF "ATM Adapter Platform"
C8F7F.ADF Description Program for @8F7F.ADF
DEV170.DGS Diag. file for @8F7F.ADF?
   ARTIC960 Co-Processor Platform Adapter

195-215 TW 155, 100, 25 ATM Provide More Choices for ATM Servers and Workstations
195-304 IBM TURBOWAYS 155 and 25 Mbps ATM Adapters
196-089 TURBOWAYS 155 ATM Connectivity Over Copper Wiring

TURBOWAYS ATM Adapters Bookshelf

ATM155TC.EXE  TW155 MC Driver for NW TR File Svr - ver. 1.10
ATM155EC.EXE  TW155 MC Driver for NW Ethernet File Svr  v1.10
ATM155NT.EXE  TW100/155 MC NW TR File Svr Driver - v1.3
ATM155NE.EXE  TW100/155 MC NW Ethernet File Svr Driver - v1.3
ATM155OP.EXE  TW100/155 MC Option Diskette - ver. 1.60

ATM155OI.EXE   TW155 MC OS/2 CIP Driver - ver. 2.02
ATM155OC.EXE  TW155 MC OS/2 LEC Driver - ver. 2.02
ATM155OS.EXE  TW155 MC OS/2 Driver - ver. 1.30

Installing TW155 MC NetWare LAN Emulation Driver
Installing TW155 MC OS/2 Classical IP Driver
Installing TW155 MC OS/2 LAN Emulation Driver

ATM Adapter Developer Diskette Full?

Turboways 155 MC MMF Adapter

F1 Littelfuse 10 A
P1 Pads for 10-pin header
P3 FDDI port
P6 Pads for 2-pin header
S1 Pads for 2-pin header
U1 i960 (?)
U2,3 HY534256AJ-70
U4,5 TC514260BJ-70
U7 42H4144
U8 42H4145
U12,13,26,27 MCM6205DJ15
U17 38H6462
U21,23 SDT 72221
U25 Transwitch SARA-R
U32 Transwitch SARA-S
U33,39 SDT 72421
U34 PMC S/Uni-155-Lite
U35 Actel TPC1010AFN-068C
U36 13H6107 "Brighton" Memory ctrl.
U37,51 D4516161G5
U41 34G1521 "Miami" MCA iface
U42,43,49,50 HM5241605TT-15
U44 Xilinx XC401OD -5
VR1 LT1086 CM-3.3
Y2 KF538A xtal? osc?
Y3 25.000 MHz osc

TranSwitch SARA-R TXC-05601-BCPQ
TranSwitch SARA-S TXC-05501-BCPQ

TranSwitch SARA Chipset Technical Manual
Differences Between the "A" and "B" Versions of the SARA Chipset

Busmaster 80 MB/sec
Wrap Plug 16G5609
Cables 62.5 micron multi-mode Fiber-optic

BIOS level 1.2 or greater is required for installation on a model 9595 in order to avoid any problems while running the system set-configuration routine.

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