AIX for PS/2 X Windows User's Guide

AIX X-Windows User's Guide - Table of Contents

PREFACE         About This Book
 PREFACE.1      Who Should Read This Book
 PREFACE.2      How to Use This Book
   PREFACE.2.1  Highlighting
   PREFACE.2.2  Quick Reference Boxes
   PREFACE.2.3  For Japanese Locale Users
 PREFACE.3      Related Publications

1.0            Chapter 1.  Getting Started with X-Windows
   1.1                  CONTENTS
   1.2              About This Chapter
   1.3              Starting X-Windows
    1.3.1              Additional Information
    1.3.2              Menu Selection
   1.4              Moving a Window
   1.5              Resizing a Window
   1.6              Opening a Clock Window
   1.7              Hiding and Showing a Window
   1.8              Opening an AIX Shell Window
   1.9              Circulating a Window
   1.10             Canceling a Window
   1.11             Stopping the Server
   1.12             Using Other Functions

2.0            Chapter 2.  AIX X-Windows Commands
   2.1                  CONTENTS
   2.2              About This Chapter
   2.3              General Information
    2.3.1              Command Defaults
    2.3.2              Geometry Specification
    2.3.3              Keyboard Specification
    2.3.4              Color Specification
    2.3.5              Display Specification
   2.4              Syntax Diagrams
    2.4.1              Example of a Syntax Diagram
   2.5              aixterm
    2.5.1                The COPY, PASTE, and RE-EXECUTE Functions
    2.5.2                Menu Usage
    2.5.3                Scrollbar
    2.5.4                HFT Emulation Summary
    2.5.5                VT102 Emulation Summary
    2.5.6                .Xdefaults Keywords
   2.6              aixwm
    2.6.1                Menu Modes
    2.6.2                Selection Methods
    2.6.3                Window Manager Command Menu
    2.6.4                Set
    2.6.5                Tools
    2.6.6                The Tools Menu Controller
    2.6.7                The Tools Menu File
    2.6.8                .Xdefaults Keywords
   2.7              keycomp
    2.7.1                Keycomp Source File
    2.7.2                Keycomp Source File Items
    2.7.3                Keycomp Source File Control Statements
   2.8              X
   2.9              xclock
    2.9.1                .Xdefaults Keywords
   2.10             xhost
   2.11             xinit
   2.12             xopen
    2.12.1               .Xdefaults Keywords

3.0            Chapter 3.  Customizing X-Windows
   3.1                  CONTENTS
   3.2              About This Chapter
   3.3              Changing X-Windows Defaults
     3.3.1              Creating the Default File
     3.3.2              Specifying Global Defaults
     3.3.3              Specifying Defaults for A Command
   3.4              Logging into AIX X-Windows Automatically
   3.5              Modifying the Window Manager Tools Menu
   3.6              Keyboard Mapping
   3.7              Tuning System Parameters for X-Windows
     3.7.1              ptys              Kernel pty Customization              System pty Customization
     3.7.2              Processes
     3.7.3              X Server malloc Space
   3.8              Using AIX X-Windows on a Remote System
     3.8.1              A Sample Remote X-Windows Session              More Detailed Information

A.0            Appendix A.  Installing AIX X-Windows
   A.1              Installing AIX RT X-Windows, Version 2.1
   A.2              Operating from the AIX Shell or Usability Services
   A.3              Installing X-Windows from the AIX Shell
     A.3.1              More Detailed Information
     A.3.2              Installing X-Windows
     A.3.3              Installing Fonts
     A.3.4              Installing All of the X-Windows Programs
     A.3.5              Installing Example X-Windows Programs
   A.4              RT Installation Requirements for Remote Usage
   A.5              Installing AIX PS/2 X-Windows, Version 1.1
     A.5.1              More Detailed Information
     A.5.2              Installing Sample X-Windows Programs
   A.6              PS/2 Installation Requirements for Remote Usage

B.0            Appendix B.  X-Windows Messages
   B.1              Messages Created by the aixwm Command
   B.2              Messages Created by the keycomp Command
   B.3              Messages Created by the X Command
   B.4              Messages Created by the aixterm Command
   B.5              Messages Created by the xclock Command
   B.6              Messages Created by the xhost Command
   B.7              Messages Created by the xinit Command
   B.8              Messages Created by the xopen Command

BACK_1         Glossary

INDEX          Index

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