RT PC Processor Board

186-006 6150 RT PC Models 020,025,A25. 6151 RT PC Model 010
186-174 6151 RT PC Model 015 and Additional RT PC Features
188-029 6150 RT PC Model T25 (TEMPEST)

RT PC Processor Board Model 032 P/N 79X3453, no FRU, HMS says P/N 79X3766

M1 6336207
M2 6336204
M3 6298252
M4 6298518
M5 6298189
M6 6299092
M7 6298514
M8 6298514
Q1,2 Motorola TIP115
U23 79X3456
U24 79X3458
U34 79X3460
U35 79X3462
Y1  23.5294 MHz osc

Original image from Rick Ekblaw.

uc is 6100 Microcode

The "metal cans" at positions M1 and M2 had large heatsinks over them. Has a couple of "yellow wires" on the back.

The standard 032 processor in the original models of the RT had the following features:

* 170 Nanosecond processor cycle time.
* 16  32-bit general purpose registers
* 16  32-bit system control registers, including:
  - countdown timer register
  - exception control registers
  - interrupt request buffer register
  - instruction address register
* 118  2 and 4 byte instructions with storage, branch, control, and integer math,
  including multiply and divide step instruction.
* Memory Managment Unit with translation look-aside buffers, and address translation
 - 40-bit virtual address.
 - 256 Megabyte memory segments.
 - Multiple independent virtual address spaces.
 - address space size of 4 gigabytes.
 - demand paging.
 - page size of 2048 or 4096 bytes.
 - Memory protection.
 - Real memory addressability of up to 16 Megabytes.
 - Hardware assist for load real address

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