IBM 6094-020 LPFK

Lighted Program Function Keyboard

IBM LPFK on a Serial Port (6094-020 - RS-232 version)
liblpfk -- IBM LPFK driver library

Key Switches


The 6094 Lighted Program Function Keyboard (LPFK) Model 020 is an application aid device that allows the user to preprogram application functions to be initiated by the striking of either a single lighted key or a combination of lighted keys. The LPFK is a separate desktop unit consisting of 32 keytops in which bright and easily viewed indicators are imbedded. The keyboard indicator lights can be turned on and off under processor or host application control.

Intended primarily for the RS/6000 line but usable with PS/2 or PC/XT/AT as well. Typically used for CAD/CAM applications.


Not all LPFKs are Model 6094-020. There were at least three IBM branded versions of the keypad:

  • P/N 39F8226, Model 6094-020, FCC ID ANO6094020 - An international version with a 8-pin mini-DIN RS-232/power interface. (w/ a permanently attached cable; beige or black w/ an oval IBM logo; wide LED light pipes)
  • P/N 48G9995 - A Japanese variant with an integrated power supply and a DE9 RS-232 interface. (w/ a removable cable; a C13 mains socket on the back, a power switch on the side, and a power LED on the top; a trap door to access IC sockets at the bottom; beige w/ an oval IBM logo; wide LED light pipes) [P] [P] [P] [P]
  • P/N 79F1028 - A Japanese variant with a DE9 TTL serial/power interface (w/ a permanently attached cable; beige w/ a square IBM logo; narrow LED light pipes). This version can be seen in the 5560-N brochure (the application used is MICRO CADAM/2 version 2.2 - CAD/CAM software for OS/2). Connects to the TTL Async adapter. [P] [P] [P]

A Helix branded USB variant was manufactured for IBM Japan under the name "MICRO CADAM Helix Function Keyboard USB". [P] [P] [P]

Key Switches

The 6094-020 uses ALPS rubber dome (!) switches.

The Japanese version has yellow Alps SCKL switches (SKCLFM = Green LED fitted?)

Tatsuo remembers (about the Japanese variants; edited):
   SKCLFM is Single Key switch, Yellow stem, Linear action, with a green LED installed. Basically, main switches are brown color stem, tactile. Tactile (and clicky) switches are coded as SKCMxx. But there is no room for a LED in the SKCM. LED can coexist only with Linear action switch. FYI, the old version came with green stem switches.

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