AHA206 - Adaptec AHA-1640 Windows SCSI Miniport Driver

AHA206.ZIP Adaptec AHA-1640 Windows 95/98 SCSI Miniport Driver (Jun 2006)

Content by Unal Z (original mirrored HERE). Edited by Major Tom.


AHA206 is a SCSI miniport driver for the Adaptec AHA-1640 MCA SCSI host adapter and enables the successful operation of AHA-1640 on Windows 98SE running on a Pentium CPU. The driver is available only on this site, no affiliation with Adaptec.

AHA206 is a dedicated AHA-1640 driver with the benefits of the MCA Programmable Option Select (POS) concept. Adapter configuration is obtained from the AHA-1640 POS registers, any resource settings in the AHA-1640 Windows device panel are ignored and do not affect the correct operation of the AHA206 miniport driver.

Release Notes

The AHA206 package contains two separate sets of drivers for use on Win95 and Win98SE. Unzip the compressed files by preserving and recreating the original directory structure. For PKUNZIP on DOS, use the command line option -d.

The Adaptec AHA-1640 miniport driver has been also fixed and runs successfully in the combination MCA SCSI + Pentium + Windows 98SE.

For more info about the 206 Series SCSI miniport drivers please go HERE.


Complementary testing services have been provided by William R. Walsh.

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