SPOCK206 - Windows IBM SCSI Miniport Driver

SPOCK206.ZIP Windows 95/98 IBM SCSI Miniport Driver (Jun 2006)
SPOCK2NT.ZIP Windows NT IBM SCSI Miniport Driver

Content by Unal Z (original mirrored HERE). Edited by Major Tom.


SPOCK206 is a high performance SCSI Miniport Driver for the IBM MCA SCSI host adapters and planar SCSI subsystems. SPOCK206 improves the disk transfer rates by 60% or more over the original Windows NT Spock driver and up to 15% over the Windows 95/98 Spock miniport driver.

SPOCK206 runs successfully on Windows 98SE in the presence of a Pentium CPU and supports the following IBM SCSI host adapters:

There is a special installable version of SPOCK206 that transforms the LED display panel of PS/2 Server 95 to a driver status message monitor. This original invention has been extremely useful and time saving in the driver development phase.

SPOCK206 successfully passed the Microsoft Block Compatibility Test contained in the Windows 95 DDK, MSDN Collection.

Release Notes

The 206-series SCSI miniport drivers of MCABase enable the successful operation of Micro Channel SCSI host adapters under Windows 98SE on a Pentium CPU.

The I/O Supervisor of Windows 98SE rejects the combination of a Micro Channel SCSI host adapter and a Pentium CPU in the system. The original Windows SCSI miniport drivers fail to initialize and fall back to real, DOS mode. This has been observed and verified for IBM, Adaptec and NCR Micro Channel SCSI host adapters. Windows 98SE on a 486 class CPU or Windows 95 on a Pentium CPU do not exhibit this erratic behaviour. SPOCK206 fixes this problem.

The SPOCK206 package contains two separate sets of drivers for use on Win95 and Win98SE. Unzip the compressed files by preserving and recreating the original directory structure. For PKUNZIP on DOS, use the command line option -d.

The Windows NT miniport driver is available in a separate package.


I would like to express my best thanks to all testers at comp.sys.ibm.ps2.hardware for their invaluable work, and especially to William R. Walsh, Louis Ohland and Jim Shorney. Charles Lasitter has kindly honored the driver programming efforts with a donation to Doctors Without Borders, sincere thanks.

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