PS/2 Models P70 and P75

Type 8573 (Luggables)

8573 P70 (386DX-16/20, 2+1 MCA slots, DBA-ESDI)
8573 P75 (486DX-33, 4+1 MCA slots, SCSI)

8573 Common Devices (case, plasma display, connectors...)
8573 Power

The P70 Project by Jim Shorney (P70 and P75 Stuff)
5545 Keyboard Disassembly by Tatsuo (8573 keyboard w/ JP layout)

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Louis F. Ohland, Peter H. Wendt, David L. Beem, William R. Walsh, Tatsuo Sunagawa, Tomáš Slavotínek, Jim Shorney, Tim N. Clarke, Kevin Bowling, and many others.

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