8530-286 Planar

mod30286.exe Model 30-286 Starter Disk v1.02 (zipped image)
adv30286.exe Model 30-286 Advanced Diagnostics v1.00 (zipped image)
adv30286_v102.zip Model 30-286 Advanced Diagnostics v1.02 (thx to Frank de Jong)

SHS64F3988 IBM PS/2 Model 30 286 HMR
SHS15F2192 IBM PS/2 Model 30 286 HMS

189-035 PS/2 MODEL 30 286 (8530-E01)
189-091 PS/2 MODEL 30 286 (8530-E0R)
189-013 PS/2 MODEL 30 286 (8530-E2R)
188-145 PS/2 MODEL 30 286 (8530-E21)
188-146 PS/2 MODEL 30 286 (8530-E01)

8530 Power

8530-286 Planar
8530-286 Planar FRU P/N 34F0046 (37F6654), P/N 33F8700
System Firmware
   ROM Images
J13 - Clear Password
Error Message 8602

8530-286 Planar (schematics)

F1 Fuse
J1 Mouse Port
J2 Keyboard Port
J3 Parallel Port
J4 HDD15 Video
J5 DB25 Serial Port
J6 ISA Bus Riser Connector
J7 Power Supply Connector
J9,10 Dual 30 pin SIMM slots
J11 Hard-disk drive connector
J12 Diskette-drive connector
J13 Password-override
J14 Power-supply connector
SP1 Speaker
Y1 14.318 MHz xtal
Y2 25.175 MHz osc
Y3 28.32200 MHz osc
Y4 20.000 MHz osc
Y5 48.0 MHz osc
ZM1 287-10 NPU Socket
ZM11 30F9580 BIOS Even
ZM12 30F9579 BIOS Odd
ZM14 SLA6140J1P 72X8206
ZM18 15F6864
ZM19 NEC D765AC-2
ZM21,22 4ea OKI M41464-12
ZM23 Inmos IMSG171P-35
ZM27 Motorola MC1488P
ZM28,29 NS DS1489AN
ZM31 8509232
ZM33 Intel 8042 / 8742
ZM35 Dallas DS1287
ZM36 286-10 CPU

8530-286 Planar FRU P/N 34F0046 (37F6654), P/N 33F8700

Same as above, except for:

ZM14 27F4094 DISKGA
ZM47-ZM54 64Kx4 DRAM (Video)

This version of the board is very similar to the 8525-286 Planar.

System Firmware (POST & BIOS)

Firmware stored in EPROM.

ROM Images

Old Planar

30F9580 / 30F9579 - 25 Aug 1988, rev. 0, 2x 27C512 (ZM11 / ZM12)

New Planar

27F4092 - 25 Aug 1988, rev. 0, TC531024P-15 (ZM46), same as above, only combined
33F5381 - 28 Jun 1989, rev. 2, TC531024P-15 (ZM46)
33F5540 - same parameters and contents as above

J13 - Clear Password

To disable the power-on password, move the J13 jumper to the unused position.

Error Message 8602 (H036143)

When the 4717 is attached directly to a PS/2 Model 30 - 286, shipped after August 1, 1989, an 8602 post error message may be displayed and the 4717 will not work. This is due to a change made to the Model 30-286 planar board which grounded pin 2 of the pointing device port.

Order (no charge) RPQ # S82021 to receive an interposer cable that will correct this problem. The interposer cable is P/N 31F6759.

Note: This situation may apply to other system units such as 8557.

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