Error Codes 160 - 199

Symptom / ErrorFRU / Action
0001 60XX
System Board ID not recognized.
Possible system board failure
1. Run Advanced Diagnostics
0001 61XX
Caution! The lithium battery in your computer presents a fire, explosion or severe burn risk.
Use of another battery could result in ignition or explosion of the battery. For some tips about batteries look HERE.
1. Battery
2. Complex (90/95)
3. System Board
4. Bus Adapter
0001 62XX
Be sure all devices are powered-on.
Check Enable/Disable settings.
Configuration changed ? If so, run Automatic Configuration.
1. Any Device
2. Battery 
0001 63XX
Date and time error
1. Set Date and Time
0001 6000 / 0001 6400
0001 6500 / 0001 6700
0001 6900
If setting configuration, date and time does not solve the problem, see Devices List
1. Set Configuration, Features
2. System Board 
0001 66XX
Adapter-busy. Reseat all adapters
1. Run Advanced Diagnostics
0001 67XX
Clock is not working correctly
1. Set Features. Set date and time
0001 68XX
Real time clock error.
This is not always a hardware failure.
Also see: 'Real-Time Clock Problems'.
1. Run Advanced Diagnostics
0001 69XX
Processor configuration error.
Run AutomaticConfiguration, then verify that the processor configuration information is correct before replacing FRUs
1. Processor Board
2. System Board
0001 70XX
ASCII console setup conflict error.
The serial port is disabled
1. From Set Configuration, select Change Configuration, and enable the port
0001 71XX
(90/95 - Rolling bit test failure on CMOS shutdown address byte)
1. Battery
2. Complex (90/95)
3. System Board
4. Bus Adapter
0001 72XX
(90/95 - Rolling bit test failure on NVRAM diagnostic byte)
1. System Board
0001 73XX
Possibly a weak battery
(90/95 - Bad CMOS/NVRAM checksum)
1. Set Configuration / Features
0001 74XX
If the configuration has been changed, run AutoConfig. Otherwise run Advanced Diags.
Check SCSI Device Default Settings 
1. Any Device
2. System Board
3. Bus Adapter
0001 75XX
Security error. The system board EEPROM failed
1. System Board
0001 76XX
Security error.
The covers were removed without using the key. The tamper evident switch was tripped
1. Start system from RefDisk (or server image) and reconfigure system
2. Security Switch Assembly
3. System Board
0001 77XX / 0001 78XX
Security error. Passwords corrupted.
Reset Passwords
1. System Board
0001 79XX
System error log might be full
(90/95 - NVRAM Error Log contains maximum log entries, clear system error log)
1. Go into log and note errors. Clear the log, then run Advanced Diags 
0001 81XX
The computer requires a network adapter for remote IPL or a hard disk drive ID of LUN 0 for IML, neither of these were detected
1. Run Automatic Configuration
2. Network Adapter
3. Hard Disk Drive
4. System Board
0001 82XX
Privileged access password (PAP) data is corrupted. To restore it, move jumper JMP2 to position '0' write enabled.
Information only
0001 83XX
Wrong password entered
1. Enter Privileged access password (PAP) instead of power-on password
0001 84XX
Power-on password corrupted
1. User must reset the password
0001 85XX
Selectable startup sequence corrupted
1. Run Select Startup Sequence utility.
Reset user's chosen startup sequence
0001 86XX
Security error, Hardware failed
1. Run Advanced Diagnostics
2. System Board
0001 87XX
Vital Product Data (VPD) error. System serial number information corrupted
1. Select Set system identification (from RefDisk, System Partition or server image) and type the system serial number. If problem remains, suspect system board
0001 88XX
Vital Product Data (VPD) error
1. Run Automatic Configuration
0001 89XX
The wrong password was entered 3 times. Clear the system error log and restart the system
Information only
0001 90XX System Board
0001 91XX
82385 cache test failed
1. Run Advanced Diagnostics
0001 94XX 1. System Board Memory
2. Memory Riser Card (90)
3. Memory Module Kit
0001 99XX
User indicated configuration is invalid
1. Run Flash Update Utility
   (9553-xBx Only)
2. System Board
0001 XXXX
not listed above
1. Planar / Complex (90/95)
2. 486DX33 Upgrade (70/80)
3. Any Adapter
4. Bus Adapter

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