Solaris 2.6

Add ADFs to master File 
Disk Configuration Assistant (DCA) for Solaris 2.6 on Microchannel
DD.exe extractor for DCA

  Unzip and the one file unzips to 1,474,560 S26_MU3M.3
  Type dd [path]S26_MU3M.3 a: and hit enter. It creates a nice boot disk for Solaris 2.6

@0708h "BusLogic 32 Bit Bus Master MCA-to-SCSI Host Adapter (v1.40)"
@0F1Fh "AHA-1640 SCSI Host Adapter"
@6042h "3Com EtherLink/MC Ethernet Adapter"
@60E9h "IBM Personal System/2 SCSI-2 Adapter/A"
@6127h "Future Domain SCSI Adapter"
@61C8h "EtherCard PLUS Elite/A (8013EP/A)"
@61C9h "EtherCard PLUS Elite 10T/A (8013WP/A)"
@627Ch "3Com 3C529 Network Adapter"
@627Dh "3Com 3C529-TP Network Adapter"
@628Bh "Intel EtherExpress(tm) MC Network Adapter"
@6e6ch "ACPA/A"
@6FC0h "WD EtherCard PLUS/A (WD8003E/A or WD8003ET/A)"
@6FC1h "WD StarCard PLUS/A (WD8003ST/A)"
@6FC2h "WD EtherCard PLUS 10T/A (WD8003W/A)"
@80ECh "Matrox MGA Video Adapter (V0.02)"
@8EFCh "IBM PS/2 SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Adapter/A"
@8EFEh "IBM PS/2 SCSI Adapter"
@8EFFh "IBM PS/2 SCSI Adapter w/Cache"
@8F82h "IBM SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Streaming-RAID Adapter/A"
@8FA0h "IBM LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter "
@8FA2h "IBM Auto LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter"
@8FA4h "IBM LANStreamer MC 16 Adapter "
@8FA8h "IBM EtherStreamer MC32 Adapter"
@8FBBh "IBM RAID Controller"
@8FD6h "IBM Personal Audio Adapter/A"
@8FDAh "XGA-2 Display Adapter/A"
@8FDBh "XGA Display Adapter/A"
@90EEh "SVGA Adapter/A"
@917bh "SVGA Adapter"
@DEFFh "IBM Multi-Protocol Communications Adapter"
@E001h "3Com 3C629 TokenLink III 16/4 16-Bit Micro Channel Network Adapter"
@EEFFh "IBM Dual Async Adapter"
@EFEFh "PC Network Adapter "
@effdh "IBM VGA Adapter"

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