IBM PS/2 (Model 70 486) - Technical Specifications

IBM Personal System/2 Model 70 486

* 386 version shown

Inside the 8570*

General information
Machine type: 8570
Announce date: January 10, 1990

Excerpt from the original announcement letter;

"The Personal System/2(R) Model 70 486 (8570-B61 and 8570-B21), with a 25MHz i486(TM) 32-bit microprocessor, enhances the PS/2(R) family of systems by offering a new level of advanced performance in a desktop unit. The Model 70 486 includes a 25MHz i486 32-bit microprocessor that features an internal memory cache controller, an internal 8KB memory cache and an internal floating-point processing unit to perform the functions of an external 80387 math co-processor."

System characteristics
Microprocessor: Intel 80486 (32 bit, "DX" processor)
Clock speed: 25 MHz
Coprocessor: n/a
Type of BUS: 16/32-bit Micro Channel (1 16-bit, 2 32-bit slots)
Total number of expansion slots: 3 (desktop case)
Ports: PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, serial, parallel, VGA

Min/Max on system board: 2/8MB (expandable to 16MB with memory options)
Type of memory:
RAM: DRAM (PS/2 72-pin SIMM) 80ns parity checked (4 sockets)
ROM: 128kb
Cache: 8kb L1, 0kb L2

Physical description
Power supply: 132w, 110-220VAC auto sense
Weight: 9.5 Kg (21 lbs.)
Dimensions (HxWxD): (140 x 360 x 420mm)

Mass storage
Drive bays: 3 ( 3.5" half-height (2 accessible))
Floppy Disk
Size: 3.5 inch half-height
Capacity: 1.44MB
Hard disk
Size: 3.5 inch half-height
Capacity: 60MB, 120MB,
Access time: 27ms, 23ms
Interface: ESDI

Display type: Optional Analog CRT
Graphics modes supported: Integrated VGA Display adapter

320x200, 256 colours
640x480, 16 colours

Type: 101 key enhanced

Operating system: IBM PC DOS Versions 3.30 or higher, OS/2 1.0SE or higher, AIX PS/2

Various memory, diskette drive, hard drive, monitor, and keyboard configurations including;
8570-B61 - System Unit 486-25, 2MB, 60MB, 1.44, 101 keyboard
8570-B21 - System Unit 486-25, 2MB, 120MB, 1.44, 101 keyboard

2-8MB 80386 Memory Expansion Option (#5211) (6450605)
1MB Memory Module Kit (85ns) (#5212)(6450603) -- supported on the 2-8MB 80386 Memory Expansion Option
2MB Memory Module Kit (85ns) (#5213)(6450604) -- supported on the 2-8MB 80386 Memory Expansion Option
2MB Memory Module Kit (80ns) (#5214) (6450608) -- supported on the 8570-A21/A61/B21/B61 system board
80386 Memory Expansion Kit (#3064) (6450372)
80386 Memory Expansion Option (#3019) (6450367)
4MB Memory Module Kit (#3933) (34F2933) -- supported on the Enhanced 80386 Memory Expansion Option Kits
1.44MB Diskette Drive (#3057) (6450353)
Mouse (#8770) (6450350)
5.25-inch External Diskette Drive Adapter/A (#8760) (6450245)
5.25-inch Diskette Adapter/A (#1007) (6451007)
3119 Adapter/A (#5442) (94X2415)
6157 Tape Drive Adapter (#4160) (92X1458)
Display Adapter 8514/A (#4054) (1887972)
8514 Memory Expansion Kit (#4081) (1887989)
Dual Async Adapter/A (#1014) (6451013)
Image Adapter/A (#4324) (07F4400)
Image Adapter/A Memory Expansion Kit (#3231) (07F4406)
Image Adapter/A Printer/Scanner Option (#1632) (07F4402) -- requires ImagePlus Workstation Program
The IBM 3270 Connection (#2000) (25F8448)
IBM System 36/38 Work Station Emulation Adapter (#6279) (69X6279)
PC Network Baseband Adapter/A (#1223) (1501223)
PC Network Adapter II/A (#1222) (1501222)
PC Network Adapter II/A - Frequency 2 (#5647) (96X5647)
PC Network Adapter II/A - Frequency 3 (#5648) (96X5648)
IBM Token-Ring Network Adapter/A (#4790) (69X8138)
Token-Ring Network Trace and Performance Adapter/A (#5774) (96X5774)
Token-Ring Network Adapter/A - Remote Program Load (#8881) (25F8887)
Token-Ring Network 16/4 Adapter/A (#1133) (16F1133)
300/1200 Internal Modem/A (#0349) (6450349)
300/1200/2400 Internal Modem/A (#1755) (94X1755)
Multi-protocol Adapter/A (#3043) (6451003)
IBM Realtime Interface Co-Processor Multiport/2 (#6263 or #6247) (09F1897 or 16F1820) and related features
IBM Realtime Interface Co-Processor Portmaster Adapter/A(#6360 or #6364 or #6368) (53F2601 or 53F2604 or 53F2607) and related features
IBM X.25 Interface Co-Processor/2 (#6401) (16F1858) and related features
IBM Personal Pageprinter Adapter/A (#7002) (75X8267)
IBM Display Station Emulation Adapter/A (#7743) (92X0743)
InfoWindow Attachment Kit (#4239) (83X9239)
Wizard Adapter (#3462) (34F3062)
Wizard Memory Expansion (#3461) (34F3061)
Leased Line Modem (#1862) (26F1862)
S/370 Channel Emulation Adapter/A (#3206) (06F3160)

Plus many more IBM and 3rd party adapter cards...
Note: Options may not be available from IBM.

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