PS/2 Server 95 - Technical Specifications (9595-3NG, 3NT)

Server 9595 3Nx (486 dx2 33/66 mhz, array)


16MB std (2 x 8MB, 70ns) / 256MB ECC, 64MB parity max / 8 sockets
ECC memory standard.
Memory must be installed in matched pairs.
ECC memory:
8MB simm: 92G7208. fru: 92F0098 (Withdrawn)
16MB simm: 92G7209. fru: 96F9100 (Withdrawn)
32MB simm: 92G7210. fru: 73G3136 (Withdrawn)

Standard Device Interface and Standard Devices
Standard hard drive by model type:
9595-3NG: 3x540mb
9595-3NT: 3x1G
Micro Channel SCSI-2 Fast/Wide RAID 32 bit adapter (no external port)

Hot Swap SCSI Hard Drives
F/W 1.0GB 70G9743 fru: 71G5040 - (Withdrawn)
need tray pn:94G3346 - (Withdrawn)
F/W 1.12GB 94G3052 fru: 76H0957 - (Withdrawn)
need tray pn: 94G3346 - (Withdrawn)
F/W 2.25GB 07h0387 FRU: 76H0958 - (Withdrawn)
need tray pn: 94G3346 - (Withdrawn)

Supported Internal Devices
SCSI CD-ROM and Tape Devices (no tape mounting kit required)
4/10gb 4mm 5.25": 74g8631. fru: 16g8456 (includes Novaback Backup software for DOS, Windows, and OS/2)
Supported Software (4/10g):
Sytos Plus for DOS: 61g1442. fru: none
Sytos Plus for OS/2: 61g1443. fru: none
ArcServ for Novell: call Cheyenne at 1.800.243.9462
4x internal CD-ROM: 06H7648. fru: 88g4921 - (Withdrawn)
requires kit D, pn 70G9207 . frus:CD-ROM Bezel 64F0138, Hot Plug Rack (Tray) 61G3527, Cable Adapter (converter) 71G2552 - (Withdrawn)

SCSI Controllers
Micro Channel 32 bit SCSI-1 w/512KB cache: 70G8497. fru: 85F0063 - (Withdrawn)
Micro Channel SCSI-2 F/W: 70G8498 fru: 92F0160
Micro Channel SCSI-2 RAID: 70G9263 fru: 06H3059 - (Withdrawn)

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