PS/2 Server 85 - Technical Specifications (9585-0X6, 0X9, 0XA, 0XD, 0XF, 0XG, 0XT)

Server 9585 0Xx (486 sx 33 mhz, non-array)

System Disks
reference: rf9585a.exe, version 1.11, 12/9/93
diagnostics: rd9585a.exe, version 1.11, 3/17/94
BIOS: postbios.exe, version 1.11

8MB std (2 x 4mb, 70ns) / 64MB max / 8 sockets
Parity memory standard, but can use EOS. Do no mix EOS and parity.
Parity memory need not be installed in matched paris, but better system performance will result if it is.
The EOS memory for this machine has been withdrawn.
EOS memory must be installed in matched pairs.
Parity memory:
4MB parity simm: 92G7200. fru: 92F0105 (Withdrawn)
8MB parity simm: 92G7202. fru: 64F3606

Standard Device Interface and Standard Devices
Standard hard drive by model type:
9585-0X6: 104mb
9585-0X9: 160mb
9585-0XA: 208/212mb
9585-0XD: 320mb
9585-0XF: 400mb
9585-0XG: 540mb
9585-0XT: 1G
Integrated SCSI-1 32 bit adapter with 512KB cache & cable

Hard Drives for 8595
HD mounting kit required to install additional drive

Kit for a single drive 06H7939 comprised of 2 FRUs:
     64F0141 Tray
     92F0255 Bezel Shields / EMC Spring

SCSI Hard Drives
fast 1G: 70g8492. fru: 92F0428 (Withdrawn)
fast 1.08G: WD94G3187 fru: 06H6416 (Withdrawn)
Fast 1.27G: 75H8974 FRU: 07H0390 (Withdrawn)
Note: Announcement lists all 9585's and 9595 1NG, 1NT, 0PT, and 0QT as being supported.
Fast 2.16G: 07H1124 FRU: 07H1118 (Withdrawn)
Note: Announcement lists all 9585's and 9595 1NG, 1NT, 0PT, and 0QT as being supported.
fast 2G: 70G8493 fru: 92F0440 (Withdrawn)
fast 2.25G: 94G3054 fru: 06H3370 (Withdrawn)
fast 4.51G: 94G3196 fru: 76H0956 (Withdrawn)
fast 5.31G: 94G3787 fru: 06H6749 (Withdrawn)
F/W 1.12G: 07H0386 fru: 76H0957 (Withdrawn)
F/W 2G: 70G8494 fru: 92F0407 (Withdrawn)
F/W 2.25G: 07h0387 fru: 76H0958 (Withdrawn)
F/W 4.51G: 07h0384 fru: 76H0959 - (Withdrawn)
F/W 5.31G: 94G3059 fru: 06H5710 (Withdrawn)

Supported Internal Devices
SCSI CD-ROM and Tape Devices (no tape mounting kit required)
4/10gb 4mm 5.25": 74g8631. fru: 16g8454 (includes Novaback Backup software for DOS, Windows, and OS/2)
Supported Software (4/10g):
Sytos Plus for DOS: 61g1442. fru: none
Sytos Plus for OS/2: 61g1443. fru: none
ArcServ for Novell: call Cheyenne at 1.800.243.9462
4x internal CD-ROM: 06H7648. fru: 88g4921 - (Withdrawn)
requires kit A, pn 6451145

SCSI Controllers
Micro Channel 32 bit SCSI-1 w/512KB cache: 70G8497 fru: 85F0063 - (Withdrawn)
Micro Channel SCSI-2 F/W: 70G8498 fru: 92F0160
Micro Channel SCSI-2 RAID: 70G9263 fru: 06H3059 - (Withdrawn) (Must boot to onboard SCSI)

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