Micro Channel Redemption

I once was lost, but now I'm found, I was blind, but now I see...

Louis F. Ohland, some time in the past:

I started in February 1992 with a 386DX-40, 172 MB IDE, 5 MB of RAM, and a 512 KB SVGA card. And shortly after I got my system, it went stupid from Michelangelo. In the next few years, I upgraded with a new case, new motherboard, a P150 Cyrix, 64 MB of RAM, a gig or so IDE drive, and a 2 MB Matrox Millennium.

One day in 1995, I was wandering in a small computer shop (also my ISP) and I saw a strange form. So clean, so logical, so... RIGHT. I bought that 8595-0KF and shortly thereafter an 8590-0G9. And then they blurred.

In the 8595, I found a computer where pulling drives was simply removing the tray. Opening the case was done with fingers only. Adapters installed and replaced without tools. SCSI devices as a matter of course. Built like a brick outhouse.

Nowadays, I watch the multi-GHz systems with incredibly huge and complex "operating systems" on them. My little rocket will never get above P200MMX with 256 MB of ECC, but it's paid for and it works. Relentlessly.

This site is an outgrowth of asking how to get a 1,024 MB drive to work with my -xKx complex. Peter H. Wendt from Germany sent two upgrade complex BIOS chips. After I installed one, I never looked back. This site is a return to all those that helped me with parts, experience, and waiting for my screams of frustration to subside into sobbing...

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