Network Equipment

3com 3500 Corebuilder
3com 3C35004 System Processor
3com 3C35210 100base TX Module
3com 3C35410 FDDI MMF Module

3com NETBuilder II
NETBuilder II
Netbuilder FDDI Module
Netbuilder II CEC Console Port

CISCO 3640
Cisco 3640 Multiservice Platform
NM-CE-BP-40G-K9 Content Engine Network Module
NM-1FE1R2W 1FE, 1TR, 2 WIC Network Modules

DEC VN Switch 900EX

3172 Interconnect Controller
4033 LAN Connection External LAN adapter for printers
8226 RJ45 Connect MAU
8227 Access Point
8228 MAU (includes Setup Aid)
8229 LAN Bridge

Radisys EXM Bus
Radisys EXM Bus Modules (EXM and FDM)
Radisys EPC-2x CPU Modules (21, 22, 23, 24, 25?, 26, 26A, 27)

Xircom Pocket Adapters (parallel port attatched)
Multiplexor (cable from parallel port to twin DB25 ports)

IBM Token Ring Cabling

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