Logitech ScanMan Adapter

@6DAC.ADF Logitech ScanMan Adapter
@6DAC.ADF Logitech ScanMan+ Adapter (Different adapter revision? More IRQ options)
@6DAC.ADF Logitech ScanMan256 Adapter (Different name)

scanman.zip Support software - 4x 1.44MB floppy (from Jelte W. Roelfsema)

Based on content by William R. Walsh (original HERE).

Logitech ScanMan Adapter

Logitech ScanMan MCA Adapter

U1 Cypress CY7C186-45PC
U2 15.000000MHz
U8 G P S QGA20010BW
U9 Logitech 36066-00 DIP
U11 Chips P82C612
LN1,2 Unknown
LN3-8 Solder Pads
JMP1 Unknown (closed on my)

I believe this is a 256 greyscale hand scanner. It looks like this is supported under Windows 3.1x and Windows 95. It may also work in DOS.

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