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Welcome to the gender-bender, heart's in a blender side of IBM. Numbers may change over the years, due to Engineering Changers, addition of more supported machines, price changes, mere whims, whatever. So, you may find an unknown P/N that looks like it might work, but it isn't listed.

  Documentation of PS/2 stuff ranges from real early (1987) to very late (1995-ish), and during that time, IBM updated the P/Ns to reflect new models, updated parts, and deleted obsolete / outdated P/Ns.

So, for a "missing" P/N, search the internet, ask a question on, compare the closest match... IBM used a FRU / OPT combination, where the FRU and OPT P/Ns differed by one or two (say 53G3996 / 53G3997). Sometimes, the FRU and OPT are the same.

Note: FAIK, IBM used every possible combination of FRU / OPT / MKT / MFR P/Ns just to confuse us. You may see one or more stickers, and the numbers may be clearly identified as "FRU"... or maybe not.

Where, what is different ...

FRU P/N : Field Replaceable Unit - part number (Spare Part).
     This is the smallest part a technician is allowed/can replace.

     A FRU package will be shipped without any supporting material.

  Ordering SIMM memory with the OPT P/N - you may receive two SIMMs
   (depends on machine type, e.g. 64MB SIMM OPTION memory = 2x 32MB SIMMs.)

         Otherwise if you use the FRU P/N, only one SIMM will be received (1x 32MB), this is because a FRU is defined for repair actions, and normally, two SIMMs at the same time will not be defect.

         If you order a PCMCIA modem-card and use the FRU P/N, you will not receive any cable, adapter, software and setup/installation manual with this FRU package.

     RULE for FRU P/Ns - a FRU-part should/cannot be used for machine/option upgrades.

OPT P/N : OPTION part number
     A Customer (end-user) will receive an OPTION package (OBI - Options By IBM)
    There is no special knowledge needed for OBI installation.
    A step by step, detailed instruction is included in the User's Guide.

Such an OPTION-package will include:
         Warranty Certificate Registration sheet
         User's Guide Installation, setup and test instructions
         Software Diskette and/or CD-ROM with driver and/or software needed
         Hardware part(s) Mounting material - cable, bezel, screws ... 

MKT P/N : MARKETING part number  
     This MKT P/N can define a MACHINE or OPTION upgrade package.
    There is some special knowledge needed for installation - however,  installation instructions are included

Such a package can include:
         Warranty Certificate Registration sheet
         Installation/test instructions
         Hardware part(s)

MFG P/N : MANUFACTURE part number  
     Such (rare) MFG P/N can not be used for parts order.
     (The MFG P/N is only known/used for machine production, in plant's.)

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